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[e][h]Falco Mango
Mango in top 8 at GENESIS 6
Player Information
Joseph Marquez
December 10, 1991 (1991-12-10) (age 28)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
Mang0, Scorpion Master
The Kid, The GOAT
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Captain Falcon
Project M
Captain Falcon
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Pound 3 Revival of Melee GENESIS Pound 4 Revival of Melee 4 The Big House 2 Zenith 2013 EVO 2013 Revival of Melee 7 Get On My Level 2014 MLG Anaheim 2014 Kings of Cali 4 EVO 2014 The Big House 4 Press Start Battle Arena Melbourne 7 Paragon Los Angeles 2015 DreamHack Austin 2016 WTFox 2 Super Smash Con 2016 The Big House 6 Royal Flush 2017 Super Smash Con 2017 Get On My Level 2019 The Big House 9 Mango's Birthday Bash
????-??-?? — 2014-05-06
2014-05-06 — Present

Joseph "Mango" Marquez is an American Falco main currently playing for Cloud9. Due to his numerous Major tournament wins, he is considered one of the greatest Melee players of all time.[1] He is highly regarded on many regional and national Power Rankings, and was last ranked 5th on MPGR 2019 Summer.


Mango is a Melee player from Norwalk, California and is famous for being able to play almost any character at a competitive level. He has found tournament success with Falco, Fox, Jigglypuff, Mario, Captain Falcon, Link, and Marth. Because of his innovations and dominance with Jigglypuff from 2007 to 2009, Mango, along with Hungrybox, is generally credited for Jigglypuff's large jump in the Melee tier list, from being tied with Captain Falcon at 6th/7th to 3rd in the subsequent list.

He first became noticed at EVO World 2007 when he was 15, defeating both Mew2King and Ken before falling to HugS in winners finals, then Ken in a rematch in loser's finals, finishing 3rd. He won his first national at Pound 3 at the age of 16, performing the first of his many historic losers bracket runs. This run included victories over Azen, ChuDat, PC Chris, and finally Mew2King in 2 grand finals sets. He cemented himself as the best Melee player after winning Revival of Melee in 2009 over Mew2King.

Between Pound 3 and Revival of Melee, Mango picked up Falco and was winning California tournaments with his Falco, showing that he wasn't winning because of Jigglypuff. At GENESIS, he met the European champion Armada in winners finals and was defeated using Falco. After a quick 3-0 of Hungrybox in losers finals, Mango switched to Puff and won both grand finals sets in one of the greatest grand finals in Melee history. This kicked off the Mango vs Armada rivalry that continues to this day, with Armada holding a lead.

Scorpion Master[edit]

After being banned from the Smash World Forums, Mango and a few other players from his region decided to prank the smash community by sandbagging at tournaments under the alias ScorpionMaster94. Despite originally planning to use either Luigi or Samus, Mango eventually decided upon using Mario.

Scorpion Master's backstory was that he was a prodigious player from Mexico named Joshua Lopez who was prepared to place top 3 at Apex 2010. Despite this claim, Mango only got 25th, losing to Wobbles and Eggz.

He continued to use exclusively his secondaries in tournaments such as Pound V and Revival of Melee 3, falling short of top 8 both times.

The return of Mango[edit]

He returned to his Fox and Falco for GENESIS 2, and met Armada in grand finals from losers side. This time, however, Armada would win the tournament 3-2 over Mango's Fox.

Mango showed a return to form in 2012 with wins in tournaments such as MELEE-FC10R Legacy and The Big House 2 over Hungrybox.

After Armada's retirement after Apex 2013, Mango went to Europe with Scar to take on Europe's best at B.E.A.S.T 3. Europe's first big Armada-less tournament proved to be a victory for Mango, though Ice put up a fight, taking a set from him in grand finals. Mango also took Zenith 2013, which had the Five Gods minus the retired Armada present, over Hungrybox after taking out Dr. PeePee and Mew2King in losers.

EVO 2013[edit]

With the biggest Melee tournament at the time on the main stage of the biggest fighting game tournament, and Armada coming out of retirement, the winner of EVO would be the definitive best player in the world.

Mango cruised to winners semis of his day 2 pool, with only Axe putting up much of a fight. However, Wobbles defeated Mango 1-2, sending him to the losers bracket before top 8. After defeating SFAT 2-1 to make it to top 8, he would not drop another game until the second set of grand finals, defeating Ice, Dr. PeePee, Armada in a highly anticipated matchup, Hungrybox, and the man who put him in losers, Wobbles.

After EVO, he took a hiatus to care for his pregnant girlfriend and to move to Ohio, where he was ranked at the 0 position on the Northeastern Ohio Melee Power Rankings[2]. In his few tournament appearances between EVO and Apex, he mostly played Falcon and Marth


Cloud9 and MLG Anaheim[edit]

Mango started off 2014 with Apex 2014, finishing 3rd, but not before delivering a memorable 4 stock to Leffen to make it to losers finals.

Mango started off his 2014 MLG Anaheim qualifying campaign by defeating Hax at WHOBO MLG in Texas, granting him a spot at MLG. Even though Hax defeated him in winners finals in Fox dittos, Mango took 2 sets from Hax using Falco in grand finals, both 3-0.

He was picked up by Cloud9 on May 6th, 2014. He had a great start for Cloud9, winning the Canadian MLG qualifier, Get On My Level, which had Mew2King and Hungrybox in attendance. At his next 2 tournaments (SKTAR 3 and Super SWEET), however, he would finish 3rd, losing to Mew2King in losers finals both times.

Mango would win MLG Anaheim and $5,000. In pools he finished 2nd behind Armada, with his 2 losses being to Armada and, in an upset, a 3-0 victory by Westballz. He would not drop a set in the bracket, defeating Armada in both winners and grand finals 3-2. Armada would avenge himself at CEO 2014 with a 6-1 victory in grand finals. The two would face off again in grand finals at Kings of Cali 4 and again Mango was coming from winners. Armada would win the first set 3-0, but Mango would won the second set 3-1 to claim victory and momentum heading into EVO.

EVO 2014: Back to back EVO champ[edit]

With the momentum from Kings of Cali 4, Mango would win EVO 2014, albeit in a less dramatic fashion compared to last year. He defeated Mew2King 2-0 in winners semis and Hungrybox in both winners and grand finals 3-2 to solidify his claim to top Melee player in the world.

Post EVO: The Big House 4[edit]

After EVO, Mango took another hiatus. He participated at Smash the Record, but was not seen until a week before The Big House 4, where Mango lost to Armada in an Ohio regional 3-0 in grand finals. At The Big House 4, he made it to top 8 on winners side, defeating Hax with his Falcon and Marth along the way. In winners semis, Mango was 3-0'd by Mew2King's Sheik. In losers, he defeated long time teams partner Lucky 3-2, Armada 3-1, and Leffen 3-1, with another set-clinching 4 stock, to rematch Mew2King in grand finals. In grand finals, he defeated Mew2King's Marth in back-to-back 3-1 sets to win the tournament.

After The Big House 4, he moved back to Norwalk, to reunite full time with Lucky.


Mango started off 2015 by returning to Europe for their Apex qualifier, B.E.A.S.T 5. At B.E.A.S.T 5, he finished 3rd, losing to Armada and Leffen.

At Apex 2015, Mango and Leffen agreed to put $1,000 up if they met in bracket on day 2. The two met in winners semis, with Leffen winning 3-1. Mango would then be eliminated by Armada 0-3 in losers semis, finishing 4th.

In his next tournament, I'm Not Yelling, Mango seemed poised to take the tournament after defeating Armada 3-1 in winner's finals. Armada, however, managed to take the tournament in two 3-1 sets thanks to a character switch to Peach. This was followed up by a disappointing 5th-6th place finish at Sandstorm, losing to two non-Gods (Axe in winners, Westballz in losers).

Mango would claim his first title of 2015 in spectacular fashion at Press Start. After showing up late and getting DQ'd from winners, Mango would run through the losers bracket, with a 6-0 thrashing of Fly Amanita in grand finals being the exclamation point. Among his victims included Axe, Westballz (both of whom defeated him at Sandstorm), Leffen, and Hungrybox. He would then fly down to Australia to participate in Battle Arena Melbourne 7, along with other notable players such as Leffen, S2J, HugS, and Lucky. Mango would win BAM7, defeating Leffen in grand finals by a score of 3-2.

Going into EVO 2015, Mango would participate in CEO 2015 and WTFox, finishing 3rd and 2nd respectively. With a 3rd EVO title at stake, Mango would suffer an upset loss to Plup in winners quarters, 1-2, but would make it to top 8 after defeating Druggedfox 2-0. He had been put into a similar position back at EVO 2013, but unlike EVO 2013, EVO 2015 would end with a loss to Hungrybox 1-2, finishing in 5th-6th place. In the awards ceremony, Mango would throw his medal into the crowd.

Mango would rebound at Paragon Los Angeles 2015, defeating Mew2King in grand finals 3-2, but at HTC Throwdown, he would suffer his worst placement since the Scorpion Master days, finishing 17th-24th, losing to Druggedfox and MacD. He would then fail to defend his The Big House crown at The Big House 5, finishing 4th after losing to Hungrybox in winners semis and Mew2King in losers semis. Mew2King would again defeat Mango at Smash Summit in winners semis, but Mango would make it to grand finals to face Armada, where Armada would win 3-2. 2015 would end at DreamHack Winter 2015, with a 5th-6th place finish, losing to Plup in winners quarters and Westballz in losers quarters.

Mango would finish the year ranked 4th in the SSBM Rankings, failing to finish the year in 1st place for the first time.


Mango would start 2016 with a strong showing at GENESIS 3, after losing to Axe 3-1 on winners quarters, he would proceed to make an impressive losers run, taking sets from Plup, Nintendude, PPMD, Axe, and Hungrybox, only to fall to Armada 3-1 on their second set of grand finals after Mango took a set from him as well, getting the reset.

This trend of 2nd place finishers would continue throughout the first half of 2016, he would fall 2nd to Hungrybox at major tournaments such as Pax Arena 2016 , Battle of the Five Gods, Pound 2016 and EGLX 2016.

Of course, there were outliers, for example, at Smash Summit 2, after he lost Hungrybox on winners, he proceed to lose to Armada on losers bracket 3-0, ending his run at 4th place.

Mango would finally end his tournament dry streak at DreamHack Austin 2016, where after he lost to Mew2King on winners semifinals, he would take sets from Lucky, Wizzrobe and Mew2King, to face Hungrybox on grand finals, where he double eliminated him 3-1 and 3-2 respectively. Mango was back on the board.

A couple weeks later at Get On My Level 2016, Mango would make another almost-legendary losers run after he lost to Westballz on winners quarters, taking sets from Wizzrobe, Shroomed, Armada, Lucky and Hungrybox, only falling to Leffen 3-1.

At WTFox 2 Mango would take 1st place in a dominant fashion, no sets dropped and double eliminating Armada on winners and grand finals, 3-1 and 3-0 respectively.

2 weeks later, at EVO 2016, the biggest Melee tournament of all time, Mango was one of the favorites if not the favorite to win, after his dominant performance at WTFox 2, however, he would get dropped to losers bracket after he lost to Plup on winners quarters, still, Mango still fought his way through losers bracket, taking sets from Zhu, PewPewU and Mew2King, only to lose against Hungrybox 2-1, ending at 4th place.

A month later at Super Smash Con 2016, he had a strong performance, as he took 1st place by double eliminating Hungrybox, the new EVO Champ.

Mango throughout the rest of the year would finish with strong top 4 placements, finishing 3rd at Clutch City Clash and Shine 2016 and 4th at Smash Summit 3 and DreamHack Winter 2016

Mango's last big win of 2016 would occur at The Big House 6, where he would double eliminate Armada in winners semis and grand finals, only losing a set to Armada, when he reset the bracket.

As 2016 came to an end, Mango had a disappointing performance at UGC Smash Open, where he would finish at an underwhelming 13-16th place, getting upset by MikeHaze in winners bracket and then losing to Mew2King in losers bracket.

Mango would be ranked 3rd on the yearly SSBM Rank.


Mango finished 1st place at Royal Flush in Melee singles. He won two sets against Armada in grand finals, becoming the first player to defeat him in 2017, later that year he would win Super Smash Con 2017 defeating Mew2King 3-0 in grand finals.


Mango started the year with a rather disappointing performance at GENESIS 5, ending his run at 5th place losing to Plup in winners quarters and Leffen in losers quarters, sadly for Mango, this trend of lackluster results would continue throughout 2018, getting 5th at Low Tier City 6 and EVO 2018, even getting 7th place at tournaments such as Smash Summit 6 and Smash 'N' Splash 4.

Mango would end up getting ranked 6th in the MPGR Summer 2018.

The latter half of 2018 saw considerably better performances from Mango, for example at Shine 2018, The Big House 8 and Smash Summit 7 he got 3rd place and in GameTyrant Expo 2018 he got 2nd, falling only to Hungrybox.

Even though 2018 saw the consistent side of Mango by nearly always being in top 8, he wasn't able to win a major tournament in all the year.

Mango finished the year ranked 5th in the MPGR 2018.


After over 1 year and 9 months, Mango would finally win another major, taking Get On My Level 2019 without dropping a set. He placed in between 2nd and 13th at other tournaments, but at The Big House 9, Mango took 1st place over Zain in a grand finals reset, with both sets going to Game 5. Mango dropped to the losers bracket after a 0-3 loss to Leffen. However, he managed to make his way to grand finals after taking sets over Hungrybox, Fiction, and Leffen in very close sets.



2019-12-08A11stMango's Birthday BashFox3 : 1USAJigglypuffHungrybox$2,276
2019-10-20E15 - 6thEGLX 2019: Rising StarsFalcoFox1 : 3USAJigglypuffFalcoHungrybox$381
2019-10-06A11stThe Big House 9Falco3 : 2
3 : 2
2019-09-22M313 - 16thMainstageFalco1 : 3USAFoxLucky
2019-09-15E15 - 6thSmash Camp: End of SummerFalco1 : 3USASheikSpark
2019-08-11I39 - 12thSuper Smash Con 2019FalcoFox2 : 3JapanYoshiaMSa$42
2019-07-14D14thLow Tier City 7Fox1 : 3USAJigglypuffHungrybox
2019-06-16I39 - 12thSmash Summit 8Falco1 : 3USAFoxiBDW$789
2019-06-02G17 - 8thSmash 'N' Splash 5Falco1 : 3SwedenFoxLeffen
2019-05-19A11stGet On My Level 2019Falco3 : 2USAPikachuAxe$1,867
2019-04-21B12ndPound 2019Fox1 : 3
0 : 3
2019-02-03E15 - 6thGENESIS 6Falco0 : 3JapanYoshiaMSa
2018-11-18C13rdSmash Summit 7Falco2 : 3SwedenFoxLeffen$6,149
2018-11-04B12ndGameTyrant Expo 2018FalcoFox2 : 3USAJigglypuffHungrybox
2018-10-07C13rdThe Big House 8Falco0 : 3USASheikPlup$1,238
2018-08-26C13rdShine 2018Falco0 : 3USAJigglypuffHungrybox
2018-08-12S3165 - 96thSuper Smash Con 2018FFUSADavemon
2018-08-05E15 - 6thEVO 2018Falco0 : 2SwedenPeachArmada$270
2018-07-29E15 - 6thLow Tier City 6Falco1 : 3SwedenPeachArmada
2018-06-03G17 - 8thSmash 'N' Splash 4Falco0 : 3USAMarthZain$356
All Results
2019-12-08A11stMango's Birthday BashMangoFalcoUSA
1 : 3
3 : 0
2019-06-16A11stSmash Summit 8MangoFalcoUSA
S2JCaptain FalconUSA
2 : 3
3 : 0
2018-11-18E15 - 6thSmash Summit 7MangoFalcoUSA
2 : 3USAJigglypuffHungrybox
USAIce ClimbersBananas
2018-06-03C13rdSmash 'N' Splash 4MangoFalcoUSA
2018-05-06B12ndSmash Summit 6MangoFalcoUSA
2 : 3
0 : 3
2017-11-19B12ndSuper FamiCon 2017MangoUSA
0 : 3USALucky
2017-11-05E15 - 6thSmash Summit 5MangoFalcoFoxUSA
S2JCaptain FalconUSA
2017-08-27B12ndShine 2017MangoFalcoFoxUSA
2017-05-14I39 - 12thRoyal FlushMangoUSA
2017-04-30A11stDreamHack Austin 2017MangoFoxFalcoUSA
3 : 1
3 : 2
2017-04-09A11stSmash RivalriesMangoFalcoFoxUSA
3 : 1
3 : 1
2017-03-19M313 - 16thFrame Perfect Series 2MangoUSA
2017-03-05C13rdSmash Summit - Spring 2017MangoFalcoUSA
0 : 3SwedenPeachArmada
2016-11-06D14thSmash Summit 3MangoFoxUSA
S2JCaptain FalconUSA
2016-08-14B12ndSuper Smash Con 2016MangoFoxUSA
S2JCaptain FalconUSA
2 : 3
1 : 3
2016-06-19A11stLow Tier City 4MangoFoxUSA
1 : 3
3 : 1
2016-05-22B12ndGet On My Level 2016MangoFoxUSA
3 : 1
2 : 3
2016-05-01C13rdEnthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2016MangoFoxUSA
1 : 3USAJigglypuffHungrybox
2016-04-24C13rdSmash Summit 2MangoFoxUSA
S2JCaptain FalconUSA
0 : 3USAJigglypuffHungrybox
2016-01-31C13rdPAX Arena 2016MangoFoxUSA
S2JCaptain FalconUSA
2 : 3USASheikFoxMew2King
All Results

Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in MPGR 2018:

Rank 1 - Hungrybox
Rank 3 - Leffen
Rank 4 - Plup
Rank 7 - Zain
Rank 10 - Axe
Rank 11 - S2J
Rank 12 - SFAT
Rank 13 - Swedish Delight
Rank 14 - Duck
Rank 16 - n0ne
Rank 25 - KJH
Rank 28 - Fiction
Rank 29 - Shroomed
Rank 33 - Captain Faceroll
Rank 34 - iBDW
Rank 35 - Trif
Rank 37 - Kalamazhu
Rank 38 - Hax$
Rank 40 - Ginger
Rank 44 - Bladewise
Rank 47 - Spud
Rank 52 - moky
Rank 67 - Boyd
Rank 69 - FatGoku
Rank 72 - Tai
Rank 84 - King Momo
Rank 99 - Morsecode762


2019-03-10M313 - 16thSmash Ultimate SummitWario0 : 3USAIncineroarMew2King$743
2019-03-03S1533 - 48thUltimate Nimbus0 : 2USAZenyou
2019-02-03S63193 - 256thGENESIS 61 : 2USARude
This player has no results.

Project M[edit]

2015-01-11A11stB.E.A.S.T 5Falco1 : 3
3 : 1
United KingdomSnakeProfessor Pro$467
2014-06-29Q717 - 24thCEO 2014LUSAKoreanDJ
2013-06-02Q717 - 24thZenith 2013DQUSABubbaking
2012-10-07B12ndThe Big House 2LUSAmetroid1117$96
2016-06-19I39 - 12thLow Tier City 4MangoUSA
DQUSAStrong Bad


2014-05-11R725 - 32ndGet On My Level 2014LCanadaBlacktwins13
This player has no results.
No VODs on record





Vs. Armada[edit]

Vs. Mew2King[edit]

Vs. PPMD[edit]

Vs. Hungrybox[edit]










Combo Videos[edit]


  • Mango played Starcraft II during his off time and was a Masters league player.
  • Mango is infamous for his accidental self-destructs.
  • Mango is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles due to the movie Rocky.
  • Mango, as of 2015-01-16, has over 850 subscribers to his Twitch channel.
  • Mango has a tattoo of Fox on one arm and Falco on the other.
  • Mango is a father.
  • Mango received his gamertag in the 5th grade while playing the PC first-person shooter Counter-Strike. He entered his name as "I want Mangos" and which shortened to just Mango.[citation needed]