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Team Information
Bobby "Scar" Scarnewman


Melee It On Me, abbreviated as MIOM, is a Super Smash Bros. Melee team and podcast community platform. It was formed in 2012 to help organize the Melee scene after Revival of Melee 5, where controversial events sparked a debate that resulted in the inception of a national Melee Facebook group. The team subsequently led the campaign to get Melee into Evo 2013 through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation donation drive, helping raise a final total of $94,683 for charity. Along with Scar himself, the podcast currently features a panel of notable players, commentators, and tournament organizers such as Prog, Toph, Tafo, Juggleguy, and Dr. Z, who talk about a variety of topics around the Melee world including recaps of recent events, discussion on the latest community headlines, and previews of upcoming tournaments. The Melee It On Me title is a play on the phrase "lay it on me" and has continued at a biweekly pace.



ID Name Main Alternate Join Date 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
USA Scar Bobby Scarnewman Captain Falcon Marth 2012-11-21[1] B725 - 32nd Kings of Cali 4 C133 - 48th HTC Throwdown C1129 - 192nd GENESIS 3 C133 - 48th GameTyrant Expo/2017
USA Prog Wynton Smith Captain Falcon Dr. Mario 2012-11-21[1]
USA Dr. Z Sheridan Zalewski Jigglypuff 2012-11-21[1] C149 - 64th HTC Throwdown C165 - 96th Shine 2016 C133 - 48th GameTyrant Expo 2017 C133 - 48th Flatiron/3
USA Juggleguy Robin Harn Captain Falcon 2013-06-05[1] C1129 - 192nd GENESIS 3 C149 - 64th Get On My Level 2017 C133 - 48th Get On My Level/2018 C165 - 96th Get On My Level/2019/Melee
USA Toph Kris Aldenderfer Fox 2013-11-07[1] B717 - 24th CEO 2014 B717 - 24th CEO 2015 A513 - 16th Canada Cup 2016 C197 - 128th EVO/2017 C133 - 48th Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo/2018 C165 - 96th GENESIS/6/Melee
USA Tafokints Daniel Lee Sheik 2013-11-07[1] B717 - 24th Press Start B717 - 24th Shine 2016 C149 - 64th DreamHack Austin 2017 C165 - 96th GENESIS/6/Melee
USA MattDotZeb Matthew Zaborowski Falco 2014-10-27[2] C165 - 96th GENESIS 3 Pound 2016 The Big House 6 B717 - 24th B.E.A.S.T 7 B725 - 32nd CEO/2019/Melee
USA C_Naught Jon Miller Peach 2013-08-29[1]
Canada KirbyKaze David MacDonald Sheik Peach 2016-12-15[3] A55 - 6th Get On My Level 2017 C133 - 48th Get On My Level/2018


Former Players
Player Main Join Date Leave Date Top Results
USA Duck
James Ma
No notable finishes at Major or Premier tournaments.
Johnny Kim
Captain Falcon2015-11-182016-07-13
2015Q717 - 24thDreamHack/2015/Winter 
2016G17 - 8thPAX/2016/Arena/Melee Pound/2016/Melee 
Zachary "Zac" Cordoni
2014E15 - 6thPat's House/2 
2015E15 - 6thPress Start 
Kevin Toy
2014I39 - 12thPat's House/2 MLG Anaheim 2014 EVO/2014 
2015I39 - 12thApex/2015/Melee 
USA Mang0
Joseph Marquez