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Team Information
Bobby "Scar" Scarnewman


Melee It On Me, abbreviated as MIOM, is a Super Smash Bros. Melee team and podcast community platform. It was formed in 2012 to help organize the Melee scene after Revival of Melee 5, where controversial events sparked a debate that resulted in the inception of a national Melee Facebook group. The team subsequently led the campaign to get Melee into Evo 2013 through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation donation drive, helping raise a final total of $94,683 for charity. Along with Scar himself, the podcast currently features a panel of notable players, commentators, and tournament organizers such as Prog, Toph, Tafo, Juggleguy, and Dr. Z, who talk about a variety of topics around the Melee world including recaps of recent events, discussion on the latest community headlines, and previews of upcoming tournaments. The Melee It On Me title is a play on the phrase "lay it on me" and has continued at a biweekly pace.



ID Name Main Alternate Join Date 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
United States Scar Bobby Scarnewman Captain Falcon Marth 2012-11-21[1] B725 - 32nd Kings of Cali 4 C133 - 48th HTC Throwdown C1129 - 192nd GENESIS 3 C133 - 48th GameTyrant Expo/2017
United States Prog Wynton Smith Captain Falcon Dr. Mario 2012-11-21[1]
United States Dr. Z Sheridan Zalewski Jigglypuff 2012-11-21[1] C149 - 64th HTC Throwdown C165 - 96th Shine 2016 C133 - 48th GameTyrant Expo 2017 C133 - 48th Flatiron/3
United States Juggleguy Robin Harn Captain Falcon 2013-06-05[1] C1129 - 192nd GENESIS 3 C149 - 64th Get On My Level 2017 C133 - 48th Get On My Level/2018 C165 - 96th Get On My Level/2019/Melee
United States Toph Kris Aldenderfer Fox 2013-11-07[1] B717 - 24th CEO 2014 B717 - 24th CEO 2015 A513 - 16th Canada Cup 2016 C197 - 128th EVO/2017 C133 - 48th Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo/2018 C165 - 96th GENESIS/6/Melee
United States Tafokints Daniel Lee Sheik 2013-11-07[1] B717 - 24th Press Start B717 - 24th Shine 2016 C149 - 64th DreamHack Austin 2017 C165 - 96th GENESIS/6/Melee
United States MattDotZeb Matthew Zaborowski Falco 2014-10-27[2] C165 - 96th GENESIS 3 Pound 2016 The Big House 6 B717 - 24th B.E.A.S.T 7 B725 - 32nd CEO/2019/Melee
United States C_Naught Jon Miller Peach 2013-08-29[1]
Canada KirbyKaze David MacDonald Sheik Peach 2016-12-15[3] A55 - 6th Get On My Level 2017 C133 - 48th Get On My Level/2018


Former Players
Player Main Join Date Leave Date Top Results
United States Duck
James Ma
No notable finishes at Major or Premier tournaments.
United States S2J
Johnny Kim
Captain Falcon2015-11-182016-07-13
2015Q717 - 24thDreamHack/2015/Winter 
2016G17 - 8thPAX/2016/Arena/Melee Pound/2016/Melee 
United States SFAT
Zachary "Zac" Cordoni
2014E15 - 6thPat's House/2 
2015E15 - 6thPress Start 
United States PewPewU
Kevin Toy
2014I39 - 12thPat's House/2 MLG Anaheim 2014 EVO/2014 
2015I39 - 12thApex/2015/Melee 
United States Mang0
Joseph Marquez