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OrionRank was an annual ranking of the world's best Wii U and Ultimate players. The ranking is performed algorithmically, and is based on set data aggregated throughout the year.

On January 26, 2023, Barnard's Loop announced that OrionRank would be retired, with the key members instead collaborating on UltRank.[1]

Wii U[edit]


OrionRank - 2016
1Chile ZeRoDiddy Kong Cloud Sheik3492
2Canada AllyMario3315.65
3Mexico MKLeoMarth Cloud Meta Knight2450
4United States NairoZero Suit Samus Bowser Lucina2356
5United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong2339.5
6Japan AbadangoMewtwo Meta Knight2334
7Netherlands Mr.RSheik Bayonetta Cloud2333.9
8United States SalemBayonetta2211
9United States VoiDSheik Fox2135.2
10United States DabuzRosalina Olimar2101
11United States ANTiMario Cloud Zero Suit Samus1914.6
12Japan komorikiriSonic Cloud1819.5
13United States ZinotoDiddy Kong Corrin1709.5
14Japan KamemeMegaman Sheik Yoshi1395.5
15United States MarssZero Suit Samus Lucario1308.5
16United States ESAMPikachu Samus Mewtwo1293.15
17United States TyrantMeta Knight Sheik1220.9
18United States TweekCloud Bowser Jr.1070.2
19United States Mew2KingCloud1070
20United States TrelaRyu1045.8
21Japan RanaiVillager1035.32
22Japan KENSonic1020
23Japan NietonoDiddy Kong Sheik982.5
24Japan EarthPit Corrin Fox952
25United States Mr.EMarth907.8
26United States K9sbruceDiddy Kong Sheik853
27United States CaptainZackBayonetta847.3
28United States Rich BrownMewtwo837.25
29United States SamsoraPeach Rosalina812
30United States Pink FreshBayonetta795.5
31United States ItoMeta Knight759.44
32United States FatalityCaptain Falcon Mario758
33United States 6WXSonic743.2
34United States fallnRosalina721.05
35United States MannySonic Roy711.5
36United States ElegantLuigi704
37United States DathRobin702
38Japan ShutonOlimar696.5
39United States FalseSheik Marth692.5
40United States RyoIke Corrin Roy690.5
41United States WrathSonic689.3
42Japan TaiheitaLucas662
43United States dyrDiddy Kong649.7
44Japan 9BBayonetta646
45Japan RAINCloud Diddy Kong629.5
46United States ScAttMegaman Cloud627.5
47United States WaDiMewtwo624.4
48Netherlands iStudyingGreninja Sheik615.5
49France GlutonnyWario Captain Falcon608
50United States sajBayonetta Peach605
51United States MVDDiddy Kong600.6
52United States JKBayonetta599.5
53United States VinnieSheik Rosalina598.5
54United States DarkShadRyu596
55United States DayLucario595.5
56United States RyugaCorrin Ike585
57United States ZenyouMario577.75
58United States JJROCKETSDiddy Kong575.66
59United States NedCloud Zero Suit Samus575
60Japan ikepBayonetta557
61France ElexiaoGreninja Pac-Man551
62United States tyroyBayonetta Sheik Meta Knight535.5
63Canada VenomRyu Mii Brawler531.2
64Japan Ri-maToon Link531
65United States SSVillager Ness528.5
66United Kingdom IxisNaugusSonic527.2
67United States PugwestMarth Zelda526.5
68Japan TsuLucario526
69Netherlands S1Ness525
70United States Angel CortesDiddy Kong518.5
71United States SlayerZPeach507.44
72United States CosmosCorrin504
73United States AarvarkVillager498.5
74United States CharliedakingFox498.33
75United States XzaxFox473.35
76United States SaikiSheik473
77Germany SodrekFox Cloud469.5
78Canada SuperGirlKelsSonic Kirby462.2
79United States Seagull JoeSonic459
80United States IcyMistSamus458.9
81United States KsevFox456
82Canada LocusRyu450.1
83Germany cyveDiddy Kong Bayonetta449.5
84United States MyranOlimar436.64
85United States SanIke436.5
86United States FrozenCorrin430.3
87United States NAKATFox Ness Pikachu426.5
88United States FOWNess426
89United States XaltisRosalina Lucina425.5
90Japan KiePeach423
91United States NickoShulk Cloud422.5
92United States Rayquaza07Rosalina Bowser416.25
93Canada HolyR.O.B.416
94United States ImHipOlimar Duck Hunt414.9
95United States RiotLettuceBayonetta413
96United States DJ JackRyu410.4
97United States Prince RamenPalutena405
98United States 8BitManR.O.B.404.8
99Japan SomeGreninja400
100United States TheReflexWonderWario394


OrionRank - 2017
1Chile ZeRoDiddy Kong Cloud Lucina6914.670
2United States NairoZero Suit Samus Bowser Diddy Kong Cloud4527.76+2
3United States SalemBayonetta Greninja4262.06+5
4Mexico MKLeoMarth Cloud Meta Knight Corrin4187.95-1
5United States DabuzRosalina Olimar3585.29+5
6United States TweekCloud Donkey Kong Bayonetta3445.92+12
7United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong3239.93-2
8Japan KENSonic2816.40+14
9Netherlands Mr.RSheik Cloud2764.28-2
10Canada AllyMario Diddy Kong2434.28-8
11United States VoiDSheik Fox2413.20-2
12United States MarssZero Suit Samus Captain Falcon Lucario2343.97+3
13Japan AbadangoMewtwo Bayonetta Meta Knight2331.75-7
14Japan komorikiriCloud Sonic Roy2267.89-2
15United States ESAMPikachu Samus Mewtwo2256.52+1
16United States CaptainZackBayonetta Peach Wii Fit Trainer2210.80+11
17United States WaDiMewtwo R.O.B.1912.96+30
18United States ElegantLuigi1785.30+18
19United States FatalityCaptain Falcon1730.50+13
20United States MannySonic1555.74+15
21Japan KiriharaRosalina1549.959000NEW
22Japan ShutonOlimar Shulk1487.06+16
23Canada MistakeBayonetta Zero Suit Samus1454.779000NEW
24United States SamsoraPeach Rosalina1464.40+5
25United States ANTiMario Cloud Zero Suit Samus1463.52-14
26United States ZinotoDiddy Kong1446.04-13
27Japan 9BBayonetta1349.25+17
28Japan ChocoZero Suit Samus1294.919000NEW
29United States CosmosCorrin1264.27+43
30Japan RanaiVillager Lucina1256.63-9
31United States MVDDiddy Kong1233.41+20
32Japan KamemeMegaman Sheik Wario1233.41-18
33United States LimaBayonetta Peach1189.189000NEW
34Japan TsuLucario Ryu1185.04+34
35United States Mr.EMarth Lucina1157.84-10
36United States LightFox1096.919000NEW
37United States NedCloud1076.80+22
38United States JKBayonetta1015.70+14
39Canada LocusRyu Bayonetta1004.60+43
40Japan RaitoDuck Hunt994.619000NEW
41United States NAKATFox Ness Lucina Donkey Kong991+46
42United States 6WXSonic976.07-9
43United States fallnRosalina960.98-9
44United States ScAttMegaman Cloud915.90+2
45Mexico JaviCloud Sheik883.839000NEW
46United States tyroyBayonetta Meta Knight808.31+16
47United States WrathSonic797.41-6
48France GlutonnyWario Captain Falcon Donkey Kong782.75+1
49United States Shoyo JamesDiddy Kong Luigi779.949000NEW
50United States TyrantMeta Knight776.45-33
51United States ZenyouMario758.15+6
52Japan HIKARUDonkey Kong Bowser757.129000NEW
53Japan EarthPit Corrin Dark Pit742.23-29
54United States DarkShadRyu718.500
55United States dyrDiddy Kong716.54-12
56United Kingdom IxisNaugusSonic709.93+10
57United States K9sbruceDiddy Kong Sheik692.57-31
58Japan NietonoSheik Diddy Kong692.29-35
59United States EonFox689.059000NEW
60United States KongaDonkey Kong688.859000NEW
61United States MyranOlimar680.70+23
62United States MattyGCloud Megaman677.069000NEW
63Germany cyveDiddy Kong Bayonetta Mewtwo673.43+20
64United States RyugaCorrin Bowser648.17-8
65United States AcMeta Knight Falco644.829000NEW
66United States John NumbersWii Fit Trainer637.329000NEW
67United States CharliedakingFox Sheik606.46+7
68Japan EdgeDiddy Kong Sheik605.479000NEW
69United States VinnieSheik Rosalina590.89-16
70Germany quiKZero Suit Samus Samus572.829000NEW
71United States DSSMeta Knight568.319000NEW
72Japan TLink Toon Link560.889000NEW
73United States FOWNess559.34+15
74United States CashmereCaptain Falcon549.169000NEW
75United States Rich BrownMewtwo548.39-47
76United States LuhtieZero Suit Samus511.979000NEW
77United States ZDFox474.969000NEW
78Netherlands S1Ness461.58-9
79Canada SuperGirlKelsSonic458.97-1
80Japan EimSheik447.469000NEW
81United States XzaxFox444.10-6
82Japan ikepBayonetta441.19-22
83United States RideaePikachu439.199000NEW
84Canada Blacktwins13Cloud Mario439.199000NEW
85United States PeabnutMegaman432.439000NEW
86United States PugwestMarth430.47-19
87Japan KomeShulk419.809000NEW
88United States MuteAcePeach417.339000NEW
89United States FalseMarth Sheik Luigi Ryu Donkey Kong414.39-50
90Germany Purple~HCloud408.839000NEW
91United States 8BitManR.O.B. Diddy Kong404.93+7
92United States Mew2KingCloud Donkey Kong401.64-73
93United States TrelaRyu393.03-73
94United States LegitDiddy Kong389.959000NEW
95United States Dark WizzyMario389.219000NEW
96United States SinjiPac-Man387.669000NEW
97Netherlands iStudyingGreninja Cloud384.43-49
98Japan BroodDuck Hunt382.959000NEW
99United States HyperKirbyRoy376.689000NEW
100Japan ChanshuRyu362.699000NEW
101Mexico Regi ShikimiMr. Game & Watch357.989000NEW


OrionRank - 2018
1Mexico MKLeoMarth Cloud5157.5+3
2United States TweekBayonetta Cloud4536+4
3United States DabuzRosalina3887.75+2
4Canada MistakeBayonetta Zero Suit Samus2418.25+19
5United States NairoZero Suit Samus2251.25-3
6United States Larry LurrFox2220.25+1
7United States SalemBayonetta2075-4
8United States LimaBayonetta Peach2065.25+25
9United States CosmosCorrin1860+20
10United States LightFox1705.5+26
11United States ElegantLuigi1693.5+7
12United States SamsoraPeach1672.25+14
13United States SDXMewtwo16489000NEW
14United States CaptainZackBayonetta1595.5+2
15Japan AbadangoBayonetta Mewtwo1473.25-2
16United States ANTiMario1450+9
17United States VoiDSheik1440-6
18Japan KENSonic1373-10
19United States FatalityCaptain Falcon1357.50
20Japan RaitoDuck Hunt1201.5+20
21Japan KomorikiriCloud1187.25-7
22United States MarssZero Suit Samus1174.5-10
23Netherlands Mr.RSheik1136.25-14
24United States ESAMPikachu1121.71-9
25Japan ShutonOlimar1052.25-3
26Japan ZackrayCorrin Bayonetta Marth1022.259000NEW
27Japan ChocoZero Suit Samus998.75+1
28United States tyroyBayonetta970.5+18
29Japan EimSheik906.25+51
30United States fallnRosalina905.05+13
31United States WaDiMewtwo901.75-14
32United States ZinotoDiddy Kong892.25-6
33Japan HIKARUDonkey Kong835+19
34Japan KamemeMegaman Sheik807.75-2
35Canada AllyMario805-25
36United States Mr.ELucina Marth794.25-1
37Japan NietonoSheik Diddy Kong790.25+21
38Japan KiriharaRosalina788.25-17
39Canada Captain LPikachu Jigglypuff745.75+72
40United States WrathSonic705.75+7
41France GlutonnyWario675.75+7
42United States SinjiPac-Man664.5+54
43United States MVDDiddy Kong642.25-12
44United States DarkShadRyu631.75+10
45United States NedCloud627.5-8
46Japan SigmaToon Link603.59000NEW
47United States BestNessNess595.5+74
48Japan shkyZero Suit Samus594.259000NEW
49Japan AtelierRosalina592.759000NEW
50Mexico ChagBayonetta588+78
51Mexico JaviSheik Cloud570-6
52Japan ShogunFox5489000NEW
53Japan KomeShulk547.5+34
54Japan UmekiPeach533.59000NEW
55Japan yuzuRosalina533.259000NEW
56Mexico MaisterMr. Game & Watch532.59000NEW
57United States ZenyouMario506.25-6
58United States yetiToon Link Megaman505.259000NEW
59Japan tsuLucario Cloud495-25
60Japan takeraRyu493.75+76
61United States Dark WizzyMario480.25+34
62United States RalphieCloud476.259000NEW
63Japan MasashiCloud473.259000NEW
64United States RagsMeta Knight4719000NEW
65Canada Blacktwins13Cloud469.5+19
66United States 6WXSonic447.25-22
67United States MannySonic445-47
68United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong424.25-11
69Japan TLink413+3
70Japan TeaPac-Man403.759000NEW
71United States BlankSheik385.25+66
72Canada LocusRyu Bayonetta370.25-32
73United States SonidoSonic368.59000NEW
74United States ArmandoMeta Knight Falco354.75-9
75United States Lui$Mario350.759000NEW
76United States Shoyo JamesDiddy Kong Luigi350.5-27
77United States Salt OneCloud339.59000NEW
78United States CharliedakingFox Bayonetta336.5-11
79Japan PaserimanDiddy Kong330.259000NEW
80Japan MaoCloud3249000NEW
81Mexico RoxMeta Knight Sheik312.59000NEW
82Canada THUNDERRyu306.59000NEW
83Japan LeaGreninja299.59000NEW
84United States VinnieSheik298.75-15
85Japan ShuBayonetta294.259000NEW
86United States RideaePikachu292.5-3
87United States EonFox291.75-28
88United States MuteAcePeach Bayonetta289.750
89United States KongaDonkey Kong281.75-29
90United States JakalSonic Bayonetta271.259000NEW
91United States LegitDiddy Kong265+3
92United States MidnightRosalina255.759000NEW
93United States GeistBayonetta2549000NEW
94United States IcyMistSamus253.759000NEW
95Germany quiKZero Suit Samus252.25-25
96United States KoolaidSheik251.259000NEW
97Canada ExodiaZero Suit Samus247.759000NEW
98United States KarnaSheik244.259000NEW
99United States dyrDiddy Kong242.45-44
100United States StroderGreninja233.759000NEW


Six Months In[edit]

OrionRank - Six Months In
1Mexico MKLeoJoker Ike Lucina2357
2United States TweekWario Young Link Roy1790.05
3United States MarssZero Suit Samus1542.8
4United States SamsoraPeach1487.1
5United States LightFox1466.3
6United States NairoPalutena Lucina1302.2
7Japan ShutonOlimar1233.1
8Japan zackrayWolf Lucina Wario1162.45
9United States CosmosInkling1160
10United States DabuzOlimar Rosalina Palutena1079.6
11United States MyranOlimar1063.4
12Canada AllySnake920.3
13United States MVDSnake811.2
14United States Shoyo JamesChrom793.75
15United States VoiDPichu786.6
16United States SalemSnake766.1
17France GlutonnyWario722.5
18United States ESAMPikachu694
19Japan TeaPac-Man678.9
20United States StroderJoker Greninja Mario615
21Japan KamemeMegaman Wario575.55
22Japan NietonoPichu524.1
23Netherlands Mr.RChrom Snake509.5
24United States SinjiPac-Man479.05
25United States CaptainZackBayonetta Daisy461.2
26United States NAKATPichu Lucina460.5
27United States yetiMegaman Snake425
28United States Dark WizzyMario414.5
29United States GoblinRoy410.9
30Japan ProtoBanhamLucina Inkling406.6
31Japan AbadangoInkling Palutena400
32United States Mr.ELucina399.8
33United States GenPalutena383.1
34United States WishesPokémon Trainer Joker381.45
35United States MuteAcePeach378.1
36Canada Captain LPikachu Pichu376.9
37United States WaDiR.O.B.357.9
38United States Salt OneCloud Roy356.2
39United States SuarezYoshi345.9
40Japan LeaGreninja334.1
41United States ScAttMegaman Snake323.4
42Japan UmekiDaisy318.8
43United States 8BitManR.O.B.312.6
44United States Lui$Fox Dr. Mario298.9
45Japan RaitoDuck Hunt298.7
46Japan TsuLucario Joker Mii Swordfighter296.6
47United States ZDFox293.5
48Canada Blacktwins13Pichu290.6
49United States RyugaIke287.4
50Japan ChocoZero Suit Samus286.15
51United States ImHipOlimar
52United States ProdigyMario
53United States SDXJoker Mewtwo
54Canada Big DIce Climbers
55United States ZinotoPeach Diddy Kong
56United States FrozenPalutena
57United States PandarianPokémon Trainer
58Japan KENSonic
59Japan EtsujiLucina
60Japan Ri-maToon Link
61United States GomakenpiOlimar
62United States Larry LurrFalco Wolf
63United States The Great GonzalesPalutena
64United States BestNessNess
65United States LingLingPeach
66United States BlazingPastaPeach
67United States BlankChrom
68United States TachyonPichu
69Mexico MemeYoshi
70United States NedPokémon Trainer
71Mexico MaisterMr. Game & Watch
72Japan akasaCloud
73United States FatalityCaptain Falcon
74United States UtopianRayPalutena
75Canada JwGreninja
76United States PelcaSnake
77Japan ZAKIKing Dedede
78United States NickoShulk
79Sweden LeffenPokémon Trainer Pichu Roy
80Mexico JaviLucina
81United States AwestinNess
82United States HyperKirbyRoy
83United States venZelda
84Germany quiKSamus Zero Suit Samus
85Japan KiePeach Ice Climbers
86Japan YBDark Samus
87United States WizzrobeWolf
88Canada StrikeFox
89Canada tamimBayonetta
90United States JuiceZero Suit Samus
91United States K9sbruceWolf
92Japan KomeShulk
93United States MagisterIncineroar
94United States LeoNBowser
95United States LaidLucina
96United States PuppehPokémon Trainer
97United States DaybreakWolf
98United States MorpheusMegaman
99United States dyrJoker Inkling
100United States DarkShadShulk Wolf


OrionRank - 2019
1Mexico MkLeoJoker Lucina Marth Wolf0
2United States TweekWario Pokémon Trainer Joker Wolf0
3United States SamsoraPeach Zero Suit Samus Palutena+1
4United States MarssZero Suit Samus Megaman Captain Falcon Ike-1
5United States NairoPalutena Lucina Robin Ganondorf+1
6France GlutonnyWario+11
7United States DabuzOlimar Rosalina Palutena+3
8United States LightFox-3
9Japan zackrayR.O.B. Joker Wolf Wario-1
10Japan ShutonOlimar-3
11Japan TeaPac-Man+8
12United States CosmosInkling-3
13Mexico MaisterMr. Game & Watch+58
14United States ESAMPikachu+4
15Japan KamemeMegaman Wario+6
16United States VoiDPichu Sheik-1
17United States SalemSnake Hero-1
18United States MyranOlimar-7
19United States Dark WizzyMario+8
20United States LeoNBowser Bowser Jr.+74
21Japan ProtoBanhamLucina Inkling+9
22Japan KENSonic+36
23United States MuteAcePeach Bayonetta+12
24United States RiversChrom Diddy Kong-10
25Japan RaitoDuck Hunt Banjo & Kazooie+20
26Netherlands Mr.RChrom Snake Young Link Sheik-3
27United States StroderGreninja Mario Roy Joker-7
28United States MVDSnake-15
29United States WaDiR.O.B. Wii Fit Trainer+8
30United States PandarianPokémon Trainer+27
31United States yetiMegaman-4
32Japan AbadangoInkling Wario Palutena Meta Knight-1
33Japan TLink9000NEW
34United States GoblinRoy-5
35Netherlands MeruPeach Zelda9000NEW
36United States GenPalutena Fox-3
37Germany quiKSamus Zero Suit Samus+47
38United States ProdigyMario+14
39United States Mr.ELucina-7
40Netherlands SpaceInkling Joker9000NEW
41United States NickoShulk+37
42Japan LeaGreninja-2
43United States WishesJoker Ice Climbers Pokémon Trainer-9
44Japan KuroZero Suit Samus9000NEW
45Canada Big DIce Climbers+9
46United States KolaRoy Cloud-8
47United States SinjiPac-Man Mr. Game & Watch-23
48United States ElegantLuigi9000NEW
49United States BestNessNess Palutena+15
50United States Raffi-XR.O.B.9000NEW
51United States SuarezYoshi-12
52United States FatalityCaptain Falcon Ganondorf Link+21
53Japan NietonoPichu Wario-31
54Japan KomeShulk+38
55Japan GacktNess9000NEW
56Japan ChocoZero Suit Samus-6
57United States ScAttMegaman Snake-16
58United States 8BitManR.O.B.-15
59United States NAKATPichu Lucina-33
60Netherlands S1Ness9000NEW
61Canada Blacktwins13Pichu Roy-13
62Japan TsuLucario Joker Mii Swordfighter Terry-16
63United States Lui$Fox Mario Falco Dr. Mario-19
64United States Larry LurrWolf Falco Palutena-2
65United States RFangPichu9000NEW
66United States SonidoSonic9000NEW
67France FlowRoy Chrom9000NEW
68United States WrathSonic9000NEW
69United States PuppehPokémon Trainer+27
70Canada Captain LPikachu Pichu Kirby Jigglypuff-34
71Japan EtsujiLucina-12
72Japan keptVillager Isabelle9000NEW
73United States ZinotoPeach Palutena Diddy Kong-18
74Japan UmekiDaisy-32
75Japan HIKARUPokémon Trainer9000NEW
76France JedaLucario Joker9000NEW
77Canada JwGreninja-2
78France OryonWolf Dr. Mario9000NEW
79Mexico MemeYoshi Lucina-10
80United States NedPokémon Trainer Joker-10
81United States JuiceFalco Zero Suit Samus+9
82Germany LightPalutena Sheik9000NEW
83Sweden LeffenPokémon Trainer Terry Joker Roy-4
84United States LaidLucina Pac-Man+11
85United States LingLingPeach-20
86United States JakalWolf Sonic9000NEW
87Japan ZAKIKing Dedede-10
88France ElexiaoGreninja Snake Incineroar9000NEW
89Japan DIOSnake9000NEW
90Japan SigmaToon Link9000NEW
91Germany Tru4Shulk9000NEW
92United States SecretJoker Mewtwo-39
93United States ANTiSnake Lucario Mario9000NEW
94Canada RiddlesTerry Richter Ken Joker9000NEW
95Mexico JokerSamus9000NEW
96United States ZDFox Wolf Roy Falco-49
97France HomikaRosalina Pikachu9000NEW
98United States RyugaIke Hero-49
99Japan ShogunSnake9000NEW
100Netherlands SupahsemmieYoung Link Ganondorf9000NEW


OrionRank - 2020
1Mexico MkLeoJoker0
2United States MarssZero Suit Samus+2
3Japan zackrayR.O.B.+6
4Mexico MaisterMr. Game & Watch+9
5Japan TeaPac-Man+6
6United States TweekWario-4
7United States SamsoraPeach-4
8United States ESAMPikachu+6
9United States Dark WizzyMario+10
10United States DabuzRosalina-3
11Japan PaserimanFox9000NEW
12Japan ShutonOlimar-2
13United States NairoPalutena-8
14France GlutonnyWario-8
15United States LightFox-7
16United States KolaRoy+30
17Japan KomeShulk+37
18United States CosmosInkling-6
19Japan KamemeMegaman-4
20United States WrathSonic+48
21Japan AbadangoPalutena-11
22United States ToastYoung Link9000NEW
23Germany quiKSamus+14
24Mexico MemeYoshi+55
25Netherlands Mr.RChrom+1
26United States MattyGChrom9000NEW
27United States SalemSnake-10
28United States MuteAcePeach-5
29Japan KiriharaRosalina9000NEW
30United States Raffi-XR.O.B.+20
31Japan ProtoBanhamLucina-10
32Japan takeraKen9000NEW
33United States SinjiPac-Man+14
34United States MVDSnake-6
35Japan NietonoPichu+18
36Japan AtelierPokémon Trainer9000NEW
37United States StroderGreninja-10
38Japan shkyZero Suit Samus9000NEW
39United States ZDFox+57
40United States ElegantLuigi+8
41Finland LancelotChrom9000NEW
42Japan RaitoDuck Hunt-17
43United States CharliedakingWolf9000NEW
44United States ProdigyMario-6
45Netherlands iStudyingGreninja9000NEW
46United States LeoNBowser-26
47Mexico Sparg0Cloud9000NEW
48Netherlands S1Ness+12
49United States VoiDSheik-33
50United States Epic_GabrielR.O.B.9000NEW
51Japan tk3Chrom9000NEW
52Japan KENSonic-30
53Canada RiddlesTerry+41
54Japan KuroZero Suit Samus-10
55Japan GacktNess0
56United States VeniaGreninja9000NEW
57United States WaDiR.O.B.+28
58United States RFangPichu+7
59United States FatalityCaptain Falcon-7
60Netherlands MeruPeach-25
61United States Mr.ELucina-22
62France MaedaKen9000NEW
63Japan MunekinRyu9000NEW
64United States Vinny GSnake9000NEW
65United States GoblinRoy-31
66United States DillR.O.B.9000NEW
67Netherlands SpaceInkling-27
68United States DakpoDiddy Kong9000NEW
69Mexico JaviLucinaBACK
70Japan DIOSnake+19
71Australia JdizzleYoung Link9000NEW
72United States GenPalutena-36
73Japan KiePeachBACK
74United States Lui$Fox-11
75United States VaLoRSonic9000NEW
76United States ANTiSnake+17
77Japan EtsujiLucina-6
78United States ScAttMegaman-21
79United States GraysonR.O.B.9000NEW
80Japan ShogunSnake+19
81United States Larry LurrWolf-18
82United States yetiMegaman-51
83Germany Tru4Shulk+8
84United States AaronDiddy KongBACK
85France FlowRoy-18
86Germany TarikGreninja9000NEW
87Japan SigmaToon Link+3
88Australia DDWario9000NEW
89United States BankaiPokémon Trainer9000NEW
90Japan yuzuRosalina9000NEW
91Mexico BedgarInkling9000NEW
92Japan CompactPalutena9000NEW
93France JesuischoqKirby9000NEW
94United States PuppehPokémon Trainer-35
95Mexico ChagPalutena9000NEW
96France LeonLucina9000NEW
97United States MystearicaPalutena9000NEW
98United States JakalWolf-12
99Japan HIKARUDonkey Kong-24
100Puerto Rico Shadow_PRBayonetta9000NEW

NA 2019-2020[edit]

OrionRank - NA January 2019 - March 2020
1Mexico MkLeoJoker
2United States MarssZero Suit Samus
3United States TweekWolf Pokémon Trainer Wario
4United States SamsoraPeach
5United States DabuzOlimar Rosalina
6Mexico MaisterMr. Game & Watch
7United States LightFox
8United States ESAMPikachu
9United States CosmosInkling
10United States SalemHero Snake
11United States Dark WizzyMario
12United States WaDiR.O.B.
13United States KolaRoy
14United States MyranOlimar
15United States VoiDSheik Pichu
16Mexico MemeYoshi
17United States MVDSnake
18United States RiversDiddy Kong Chrom
19United States MuteAcePeach
20United States Stroder AmeGreninja Mario Roy
21United States Raffi-XR.O.B.
22United States ToastYoung Link
23Canada Big DIce Climbers
24Canada RiddlesTerry
25United States SinjiPac-Man
26United States NickoShulk
27United States ProdigyMario
28United States LeoNBowser
29United States ElegantLuigi
30United States GoblinRoy
31United States GenPalutena
32United States NAKATLucina Pichu
33United States JustyPokémon Trainer Joker
34United States WrathSonic
35United States yetiMegaman
36United States RFangPichu
37Canada Blacktwins13Pichu
38United States ZDFox
39United States PandarianPokémon Trainer
40United States Mr.ELucina
41United States FatalityCaptain Falcon
42United States ZinotoPeach
43Mexico JaviLucina
44United States BestNessNess
45United States SuarezYoshi
46United States Lui$Fox
47United States Larry LurrWolf
48United States JakalWolf
49United States CharliedakingWolf
50Canada Captain LPikachu
51Mexico Sparg0Cloud
52Mexico ChagPalutena Inkling
53United States PuppehPokémon Trainer
54United States ScAttSnake Megaman
55United States 8BitManR.O.B.
56United States NickCCaptain Falcon
57Costa Rica YeiMeta Knight
58Mexico JokerSamus
59Canada LemmonJoker
60Canada JWGreninja
61United States venZelda
62United States NedPokémon Trainer
63United States Vinny GSnake
64United States JuiceFalco Zero Suit Samus
65United States Epic_GabrielR.O.B.
66United States PlupRidley Megaman
67United States MystearicaPalutena
68United States SonidoSonic
69United States FrozenPalutena
70Mexico WonfInkling Joker
71Canada LightsZero Suit Samus
72United States AaronDiddy Kong
73United States SecretJoker
74United States ImHipOlimar
75United States MattyGWolf Chrom
76United States PhantomJoker Palutena
77United States DillR.O.B.
78Mexico RoxLucina Sheik
79United States PelcaSnake
80United States SandstormKen
81United States LingLingPeach
82United States DakpoDiddy Kong
83United States BlazingPastaPeach
84United States RyugaIke
85United States MagisterIncineroar
86Canada StrikeFox
87United States YoutubeManPalutena Mr. Game & Watch
88United States LaidPac-Man Lucina
89United States BlankChrom
90United States MastaMarioMario
91United States Uncivil ninjaShulk
92Mexico BedgarInkling
93United States AikotaLucas Mii Gunner
94United States DMPikachu
95United States SethYoshi
96United States Stocktaker69Wolf
97United States PeabnutMegaman
98United States MorpheusMegaman
99United States TachyonPichu
100United States BankaiPokémon Trainer Zero Suit Samus
101United States RideaePichu
102United States GomakenpiHero
103United States RazoPeach
104Puerto Rico Shadow_PRBayonetta
105Canada LocusRidley Terry
106United States Seagull JoePalutena
107Mexico BernieLink
108United States varunWii Fit Trainer
109United States FOWNess
110United States SKITTLES!!Young Link
111United States GraysonR.O.B.
112Canada Ouch!?Wolf
113United States UtopianRayPalutena Banjo & Kazooie
114Mexico NanonIncineroar
115United States WizzrobeWolf
116United States fallnRobin
117United States DeciRobin
118United States IsmonFalco Wario
119Mexico NeryIsabelle
120United States DaybreakWolf
121United States K9sbruceWolf
122United States coliniesYoung Link
123United States DarkShadShulk
124Canada VenomKen
125United States KlaatuOlimar
126Dominican Republic SonixSonic
127United States ATATANess
128United States SkillyHero Palutena
129United States OdysseyFox
130Canada JayyPokémon Trainer Meta Knight
131United States CyroRoy
132Mexico Regi ShikimiMr. Game & Watch
133United States Mew2KingBowser Mr. Game & Watch
134United States Benny&TheJetsR.O.B.
135United States BooBearR.O.B.
136Mexico AngToon Link
137United States AkashicGreninja
138United States DonquaviousGreninja
139United States ZenyouMario
140United States EonFox
141Canada tamimBayonetta
142United States ACSnake
143Canada FwedFox Wolf
144United States KofiFalco
145Canada ExodiaZero Suit Samus
146United States MekosLucas
147United States ZanYoung Link
148United States SquerkYoshi
149Mexico Nair^Ridley
150United States KobeYoung Link
151United States pokepenIke
152United States JuuuuulRobin
153Puerto Rico EKINGPac-Man
154United States King KoopaBowser
155United States LimaBayonetta
156United States CometFox
157United States iModerzWolf
158United States John NumbersWii Fit Trainer
159Canada XcalToon Link
160Mexico YoungBasedLordWolf
161United States VaLoRSonic
162United States T3 DOMRichter
163United States AnathemaR.O.B.
164Mexico NecroMario
165Canada FSharpKen
166United States Wal00giSnake
167United States MegafoxFox
168Mexico GenialoR.O.B.
169Canada SmokkSnake Wolf
170United States DexterWolf
171United States KingArcMegaman
172United States LegitDiddy Kong
173United States Panda BairVillager
174Mexico LeafPeach
175United States PippSnake
176United States Tra$h Koopa GodBowser Jr.
177United States ChocoTacoLucas
178United States SilverLucina
179United States SomeCallMeYeastRoy
180Mexico LeSouDonkey Kong
181United States KiraFlaxR.O.B. Dark Pit
182United States OzoneDuck Hunt
183United States MudomoSheik Pichu
184Mexico ΩRugalJoker Cloud
185United States sinnyboo242Inkling
186United States AdvoDark Samus
187United States Player-1Diddy Kong
188United States KurrySonic
189United States ChillyChilliMario
190United States PkChrisNess
191United States RaptorYoshi
192Mexico CloudyJoker Cloud Roy
193United States KsevSnake
194Mexico Best TacoWolf
195United States SilentRainMario
196United States LuckyPiranha Plant
197El Salvador LuisferFox
198United States RexLink
199United States EldinRosalina
200United States VendettaKen

Europe 2019-2020[edit]

OrionRank - Europe January 2019 - March 2020
1France GlutonnyWario
2Netherlands Mr.RSnake Young Link Chrom
3Germany quiKSamus
4Netherlands MeruPeach Zelda
5Sweden LeffenPokémon Trainer
6Netherlands S1Ness
7Netherlands SpaceInkling Joker
8France FlowRoy
9Netherlands SupahsemmieYoung Link
10Germany LightPalutena
11Netherlands iStudyingGreninja
12Germany Tru4Shulk
13Sweden RageBayonetta
14France ElexiaoGreninja
15France OryonWolf Dr. Mario
16United Kingdom Scr7Palutena
17Germany TarikGreninja
18Luxembourg LuiSPalutena
19Germany TsunaToon Link
20France HomikaRosalina
21Germany LongoR.O.B.
22United Kingdom CurryGovernorCloud
23Finland LancelotChrom
24United Kingdom PeliKing Dedede
25France JedaLucario
26France GreilWolf Richter
27Spain MVLPokémon Trainer Wario
28Netherlands Young EeveyBowser Jr.
29Germany cyveInkling Diddy Kong
30Netherlands AntireflexR.O.B.
31France MaedaKen
32France OgeyCaptain Falcon
33Sweden ArmadaInkling
34Spain GrewardPiranha Plant
35Norway WhoopheeWario
36Germany SirjonZero Suit Samus
37France LeonLucina
38Germany RobinGGPeach
39Netherlands ShuCGreninja
40Austria YeteyPichu
41France PEWNess
42Italy firstbonesPalutena
43France TriMMegaman
44Sweden VreyvusBowser Ridley
45France VinSLink
46Germany SillintorLink
47United Kingdom StreakzWolf Snake
48France GriffithPokémon Trainer
49France OtakuniLink
50France EnkiPikachu
51Netherlands Loading...Megaman
52Norway WiiASETerry
53Germany DarkThunderBowser
54Spain Robo~LuigiR.O.B.
55France TagPalutena
56Italy DinamirerJoker
57France JesuischoqKirby
58Germany LuckyPit
59United Kingdom BulbyMr. Game & Watch
60Germany TomenimoPalutena
61Spain PocafeinerVillager
62United Kingdom Le GoatJoker Greninja
63Austria SkWiirrelDuck Hunt
64France FelkerYoung Link
65Netherlands PurpleDeboPac-Man
66United Kingdom KylethhYoshi
67France MandaDiddy Kong
68United Kingdom DeonMii Gunner
69Spain WillyyyPalutena Diddy Kong
70United Kingdom SBFWario Pichu
71Netherlands AzraelWolf Cloud
72Sweden IzawLink Ike
73Luxembourg KakpuRoy
74Switzerland DestanyMeta Knight Terry
75Austria vyQWolf

Japan 2019-2021[edit]

OrionRank - Japan January 2019 - June 2021
1Japan zackrayR.O.B. Joker Wario
2Japan ShutonOlimar Pyra and Mythra
3Japan TeaPac-Man
4Japan KamemeMegaman Sheik
5Japan KENSonic
6Japan ProtoBanhamMin Min Lucina
7Japan KomeShulk
8Japan AbadangoPalutena Pikachu
9Japan RaitoDuck Hunt
10Japan KuroZero Suit Samus
11Japan GacktNess
12Japan LeaGreninja Sephiroth
13Japan AtelierPokémon Trainer Wolf
14Japan TLink
15Japan NietonoPichu
16Japan TsuTerry Lucario Hero Mii Brawler
17Japan shkyZero Suit Samus
18Japan HIKARUDonkey Kong Pokémon Trainer
19Japan PaserimanFox
20Japan UmekiDaisy
21Japan keptVillager Isabelle
22Japan tk3Chrom Roy
23Japan ShogunSnake
24Japan EtsujiPikachu Lucina Diddy Kong
25Japan YoshidoraYoshi
26Japan EimSheik Joker
27Japan ChocoZero Suit Samus
28Japan SigmaToon Link
29Japan ZAKIKing Dedede
30Japan KiePeach Palutena Ice Climbers
31Japan AkakikusuHero
32Japan JagaimoPalutena Pyra and Mythra
33Japan MunekinRyu Ken
34Japan KiriharaRosalina
35Japan HutoDiddy Kong Wario King K. Rool
36Japan Lv.1Toon Link Isabelle
37Japan TsumusutoDr. Mario Mii Gunner
38Japan Ri-maJoker Toon Link
39Japan takeraKen
40Japan RepoMegaman
41Japan DIOSnake
42Japan LunamadoBowser Luigi
43Japan RainJoker
44Japan RonYoshi Mario
45Japan RotsukuYoshi
46Japan RizeasuMarth Mii Brawler
47Japan YamanyonZero Suit Samus
48Japan SomeGreninja
49Japan DoubleAShulk
50Japan NishiyaCaptain Falcon
51Japan MasashiCloud Lucina
52Japan JogibuCaptain Falcon
53Japan AkasaJoker Cloud
54Japan YOCCloud Sheik Sephiroth
55Japan AIRCaptain Falcon
56Japan SuinokoYoung Link
57Japan KishaSnake
58Japan MossanPichu Joker
59Japan chickenWolf Diddy Kong
60Japan OCEANR.O.B.
61Japan yuzuRosalina
62Japan ManzokuToon Link Link
63Japan SomoR.O.B.
64Japan BroodPiranha Plant Banjo & Kazooie
65Japan Hayato.Toon Link
66Japan BokinchanIke
67Japan MASAFalco Ness
68Japan TatsutsuyoMario
69Japan taranitoNess
70Japan CompactPalutena
71Japan TKMPeach
72Japan NavyLuigi
73Japan MaoMin Min Roy
74Japan KishiruPikachu
75Japan YakaraFox
76Japan yamanactionLuigi
77Japan SylphSheik
78Japan LogixIke
79Japan parmeSamus
80Japan NoiOlimar Pokémon Trainer
81Japan komorikiriChrom
82Japan TsunaGreninja
83Japan NanchanZero Suit Samus
84Japan AibaYoshi
85Japan BejiPac-Man
86Japan JILLFox
87Japan HarasenIce Climbers
88Japan SevenFalco
89Japan supaPokémon Trainer
90Japan OisiitofuGreninja
91Japan NukoeruYoung Link
92Japan RinkururuLucas Min Min
93Japan ShirayukiInkling
94Japan TarakotoriLittle Mac
95Japan DaikiIce Climbers
96Japan FsannNess
97Japan MashaWolf
98Japan TamifluR.O.B.
99Japan NottyMr. Game & Watch
100Japan MeteoR.O.B.
101Japan Ke-yaRobin
102Japan ShuSnake
103Japan Kare~Joker
104Japan GinkoPac-Man
105Japan ZuzubaKen
106Japan TakeMr. Game & Watch
107Japan shachiSheik
108Japan TofuYoshi
109Japan NyahaVillager
110Japan kotatsuSnake
111Japan LyCorrin Byleth
112Japan 8MitsukiLucas
113Japan LickeyMeta Knight
114Japan hoshizoraShulk
115Japan ReuminaLucas
116Japan TwinkleDiddy Kong
117Japan TsujikouNess
118Japan RattsuGreninja
119Japan Banku-Pac-Man Ridley
120Japan SatauPalutena
121Japan KomugikoMegaman
122Japan RararasiPalutena
123Japan TsubotsuboOlimar
124Japan hasuiroPalutena Wario
125Japan PichiSnake
126Japan ikepDaisy
127Japan HikariWolf
128Japan NaoMario
129Japan FerretKumaKirby
130Japan TRIGGERSimon
131Japan kenkenpaR.O.B.
132Japan HigusakiWolf
133Japan KuroitsuRobin
134Japan NagahariDiddy Kong
135Japan konbuRoy
136Japan ArkIke
137Japan Tet.Pit
138Japan takomanCloud
139Japan phisakuraR.O.B.
140Japan Ru-tuchanInkling Palutena
141Japan NagareRidley
142Japan SidarezakuraSnake
143Japan ArikaJigglypuff
144Japan LimemanZero Suit Samus
145Japan HiragiFox
146Japan LeanLink
147Japan kisaPikachu
148Japan NikiInkling Banjo & Kazooie
149France NoluckMegaman
150Japan RenyaPikachu


OrionRank - Eclipse
1Mexico MkLeoByleth Pyra and Mythra Joker0
2Mexico Sparg0Pyra and Mythra Cloud+45
3United States TweekDiddy Kong Wolf Wario+3
4Japan ProtoBanhamLucina Min Min+27
5Japan zackrayR.O.B. Joker Sora-2
6Japan TeaPac-Man Kazuya-1
7Mexico MaisterMr. Game & Watch-3
8Japan ShutonOlimar Pyra and Mythra+4
9France GlutonnyWario Wolf+5
10United States DabuzRosalina Olimar Min Min0
11United States CosmosPyra and Mythra+7
12Japan YoshidoraYoshi9000NEW
13United States KolaRoy Cloud Snake+3
14United States ElegantLuigi Sora+26
15United States LightFox Sora0
16Japan KENSonic+36
17United States Lui$Palutena Fox+57
18United States ESAMPikachu Mii Brawler-10
19Japan KomeShulk Pyra and Mythra-2
20United States MVDSnake+14
21United States MarssZero Suit Samus Snake-19
22United States ZombaR.O.B. Roy Link9000NEW
23Japan AtelierPokémon Trainer Wolf+13
24Mexico ChagPalutena+71
25United States LeoNBowser+21
26United States MuteAcePeach Palutena+2
27Canada RiddlesTerry Kazuya+26
28United States LimaBayonetta9000NEW
29United States TildeFalco9000NEW
30Japan AkakikusuHero9000NEW
31United States BassMageJigglypuff9000NEW
32United States AnathemaR.O.B.9000NEW
33United States FatalityCaptain Falcon+26
34Dominican Republic SonixSonic9000NEW
35Spain sisquiDark Samus9000NEW
36United States WaDiMewtwo R.O.B. Wii Fit Trainer+21
37United States ScendNessBACK
38United States KuramaMario+6
39United States KobeYoung Link Lucina9000NEW
40United States NedSephiroth Pokémon TrainerBACK
41Japan HeroBowser9000NEW
42United States MyranOlimarBACK
43United States GoblinRoy Ike+22
44United States QuiddPokémon Trainer9000NEW
45United States JakalWolf+53
46Japan shkyZero Suit Samus-8
47Canada Ouch!?Wolf9000NEW
48Spain AndresFnKen Ryu9000NEW
49Mexico SkyjayIncineroar9000NEW
50United States AaronSora R.O.B. Diddy Kong+34
51Japan LeaGreninja SoraBACK
52Japan RepoMegaman9000NEW
53United States JakeSteve9000NEW
54Mexico BigBossR.O.B.9000NEW
55France LeonLucina+41
56Japan SigmaToon Link+31
57Australia JdizzleYoung Link+14
58Japan HutoWario Diddy Kong King K. Rool9000NEW
59United States T3 DOMRichter9000NEW
60Netherlands Mr.RChrom Sheik Snake-35
61Japan GacktNess-6
62United States Dark WizzyMario-53
63United States CharliedakingWolf-20
64United States naitosharpZero Suit Samus Joker9000NEW
65France HomikaRosalina PikachuBACK
66United States SKITTLES!!Young Link9000NEW
67France RaflowPalutena9000NEW
68Japan tk3Chrom Roy-17
68.5Mexico CloudySephiroth Pyra and Mythra Roy Wolf9000NEW
69United Kingdom PeliSonic King Dedede9000NEW
70United States WrathSonic-50
71Japan EimSheik Joker9000NEW
72United States moxiWolf Pokémon TrainerBACK
73United States Larry LurrWolf Falco Mii Brawler+8
74United States LingLingDaisy King DededeBACK
75France FlowRoy Chrom+10
76Japan YauraDark Samus9000NEW
77Japan EtsujiDiddy Kong Pikachu0
78United States KirbyKidKing K. Rool9000NEW
79France OryonWolf Dr. MarioBACK
80Netherlands SpaceInkling Pyra and Mythra-13
80.5Japan HIKARURoy+18.5
81United States TonyZTankSonic9000NEW
82Japan JogibuCaptain Falcon9000NEW
83United States MylesYoshi9000NEW
84France NitoxLucas9000NEW
85United States Pink FreshMin Min9000NEW
86United States ACSnake Meta Knight9000NEW
87Canada MistakeBayonettaBACK
88France MezcaulRidley9000NEW
89Netherlands iStudyingGreninja-44
90Costa Rica YeiMeta Knight Palutena Byleth9000NEW
91United Kingdom Bloom4EvaBayonetta9000NEW
92Japan MASAFalco9000NEW
93Japan ManzokuToon Link9000NEW
93.5Saudi Arabia eMassJoker9000NEW
94Japan TaikeiSonic9000NEW
95Dominican Republic CapitancitoMii Gunner9000NEW
96Japan RaitoDuck Hunt Banjo & Kazooie-54
97France OgeyCaptain Falcon9000NEW
98Germany TarikGreninja Kazuya-12
99Germany DarkThunderBowser9000NEW
100Switzerland JakaIsabelle9000NEW
101United States JAVI ON EARTHVillager9000NEW
102United States AtomskKing Dedede9000NEW
103United States PuppehPokémon Trainer-9
104United States ToastYoung Link-82
105Japan TsuTerry Lucario HeroBACK
106United States GenPalutena-34
107Japan RizeasuByleth Marth Mii Brawler9000NEW
108Japan NoiOlimar Pokémon Trainer9000NEW
109Finland LancelotChrom-68
110United States Stroder AmeGreninja Sora Roy-73
111Japan KamemeSheik Megaman Sora-92
112United States yonniSteve9000NEW
113France MyollnirMii Swordfighter9000NEW
113.5United States ZinotoDiddy KongBACK