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Player Information
Chris Szygiel
August 23, 1987 (1987-08-23) (age 30)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Fox, Falco
Peach, Marth
2006 MLG New York Opener MELEE-FC6 2006 MLG Las Vegas

Chris "PC Chris" Szygiel is a Fox and Falco player hailing from Port Chester, New York.


PC Chris first entered the scene by becoming the student of pro Samus player Wes, along with his crew Deadly Alliance. After eventually rising to be one of the top Falco players in New York, PC Chris continued to get high placings at tournaments, and eventually shocked the competitive Melee world by defeating Ken at the MLG New York 2006 Season Opener, one of the first players to ever beat Ken in Grand Finals. This, along with other high placings in the 2006 MLG season, gave PC Chris a spot in the MLG 2006 Las Vegas tournament, with a $10,000 prize to the victor, the second largest first place prize in Melee history, only surpassed by EVO 2015. PC Chris ended up winning the tournament and the $10,000 by defeating KoreanDJ in the finals.

On January 9, 2015, PC Chris announced his comeback to Smash.[1] A match between PC Chris and Ken at the Apex 2015 Salty Suite was also announced the same day.[2]

At Apex 2015, PC Chris finished 49th, narrowly missing out on making it to the bracket after losing to Kalamazhu. In the Salty Suite, PC triumphed over Ken 3-2 and did a crowd surf in celebration. PC's next tournament was MVG Sandstorm, where he placed 13th. He attended Super Smash Con, but was disqualified after failing to show up for his first match.[3]


2015-04-19M313 - 16thSandstorm0 : 2USAS2J
2015-02-01S1549 - 64thApex 2015Fox1 : 2USAPeachKalamazhu
2015-01-24Q717 - 24thSuper Nebulous 2Fox0 : 2Puerto RicoMarthHDL
2012-05-27I39 - 12thZenith 2012Fox1 : 2USAPeachDoH
2012-01-08S1549 - 64thApex 2012LUSAJman
2010-08-08S1533 - 48thApex 2010Fox0 : 2USAFoxEggm
2010-01-18Q717 - 24thPound 4Fox1 : 2USACaptain FalconHax
2009-03-08D14thRevival of MeleePeach1 : 2USAFalcoFoxDaShizWiz$67
2008-02-03C13rdPound 3FoxPeach1 : 2USAJigglypuffMango
2007-11-11E15 - 6thViva La SmashtaclysmLUSAMew2King
2007-09-30B12ndSuper Champ ComboFoxFalco1 : 3USAMarthFoxMew2King$1,000
2007-08-26D14thEVO World 2007Falco0 : 2USAMarthKen$750
2007-07-29B12ndEVO West 2007LUSAMew2King$256
2007-07-22A11stZero Challenge 3Fox4 : 2USAMarthMew2King$1,250
2007-07-14B12ndMELEE-FC DiamondFalcoPeachFox0 : 3
0 : 3
2007-06-17E15 - 6thPound 2FalcoFox1 : 2USAMarthMew2King$156
2007-05-27B12ndEVO East 2007Fox1 : 3USAMarthMew2King$128
2007-05-06C13rdMLG Long Island 2007FalcoPeachCaptain Falcon3 : 6USAMarthFoxMew2King$200
2007-03-04D14thCataclysm 3FoxMarth0 : 2USAFoxKoreanDJ
2006-11-19A11st2006 MLG National ChampionshipsFalcoFox6 : 3USAFoxKoreanDJ$10,000
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Melee Rankings[edit]


Ranking Series Rank
RetroSSBMRank 2009 9
RetroSSBMRank 2008 5
RetroSSBMRank 2007 4
RetroSSBMRank 2006 3