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PGRU is a ranking of the top 50 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players as determined by Panda Global's stats team, PG Stats, and a panel of community figureheads. The PGRU includes a separate and subjective metric voted upon by the panellists referred to as "X-Factor". The X-Factor is the difference between a player's Panda Global Rank and their spot on the list that the panellists rated them. A player with a very positive X-Factor would theoretically be a notable player that is very strong in the eyes of the top players but would not have enough results to back them up. A player with a negative X-Factor would be someone showing impressive results and wins with a lack of acknowledgement from the panellists.

The first version of the list took into account tournament results from GENESIS 6 to Albion 4. Ally's ranking picture and X-Factor were omitted due to his departure and ban. Only his score and results were listed.

The second version of the list took into account tournament results from Low Tier City 7 to Sumabato SP10.


PGRU Spring 2019[edit]

PGRU - Spring 2019
1Mexico MkLeo Joker Ike Lucina Wolf1000
2United States Tweek Wario Young Link Wolf Roy95.20
3United States Marss Zero Suit Samus Captain Falcon Ike Megaman92.50
4United States Samsora Peach Daisy91.9-2
5Japan Shuton Olimar Richter Inkling90.70
6Canada Ally Snake Mario90.4-
7United States Dabuz Olimar Rosalina Palutena90.3+3
8United States Nairo Palutena Lucina Zero Suit Samus Ganondorf89.6+1
9United States VoiD Pichu Wolf88.6-2
10United States LightFox87.8+2
11United States Cosmos Inkling83.3+2
12Japan Zackray Wolf Wario Pokémon Trainer R.O.B.80.3+2
13United States Myran Olimar80.0-7
14France Glutonny Wario78.3+2
15Japan Tea Pac-Man77.4+2
16United States ESAM Pikachu77.20
17United States MVD Snake75.4+2
18United States Rivers Chrom Diddy Kong75.3+1
19Japan Kameme Megaman Wario Sheik73.6+5
20Japan Raito Duck Hunt Lucina72.6-1
21United States Wishes Pokémon Trainer Joker71.8-2
22United States Salem Snake Shulk Lucina70.8+3
23Japan ProtoBanham Lucina Inkling68.1+5
24United States WaDi R.O.B. Wii Fit Trainer68.0+2
25United States Sinji Pac-Man65.4-3
26United States NAKAT Pichu Inkling Lucina63.8-7
27United States MuteAce Peach Bayonetta62.80
28United States Puppeh Pokémon Trainer Wolf62.6-13
29United States Stroder Greninja Mario Joker61.1-5
30Japan Lea Greninja Joker60.7-2
31United States Dark Wizzy Mario59.4+1
32United States CaptainZack Bayonetta Daisy Peach58.8+1
33United States Ryuga Ike58.0-17
34United States yeti Megaman Snake57.8-6
35United States LeoN Bowser57.4-10
36Netherlands Mr.R Chrom Snake57.0+7
37United States Prodigy Mario56.5-5
38United States Mr E Lucina Marth55.4+1
39United States Goblin Roy55.1-4
40Japan Abadango Inkling Palutena Meta Knight55.0+2
41United States ScAtt Megaman Snake55.0-10
42Japan Umeki Daisy54.8+7
43United States The Great Gonzales Palutena Mr. Game & Watch Ness54.7-21
44Japan Tsu Lucario Joker Mii Swordfighter54.2+5
45Japan Nietono Pichu54.0+20
46United States Frozen Palutena Peach51.9-27
47Japan T Link Young Link Toon Link51.2+11
48United States Fatality Captain Falcon51.0-8
49United States Suarez Yoshi50.7-3
50Canada Captain L Pikachu Pichu Kirby50.0+4

PGRU Fall 2019[edit]

PGRU - Fall 2019
1Mexico MkLeoJoker Marth Lucina10000
2United States SamsoraPeach Zero Suit Samus93.1+20
3United States TweekPokémon Trainer Wario Joker92.7-10
4United States NairoPalutena Zero Suit Samus89.8+40
5United States MarssZero Suit Samus Megaman89.2-20
6Mexico MaisterMr. Game & Watch86.79000NEW--
7Japan zackrayJoker R.O.B. Wolf Mr. Game & Watch Mario85.4+50
8France GlutonnyWario85.1+60
9United States DabuzRosalina Olimar Palutena82-2++
10United States LightFox Falco81.30+
11Japan KamemeMegaman Wario Sheik81.3+8--
12Japan TeaPac-Man Donkey Kong80.1+30
13Japan ShutonOlimar Richter Shulk78-80
14United States ESAMPikachu75.5+2++
15Japan TLink71.2+32--
16Japan KENSonic70.29000NEW-
17Japan RaitoDuck Hunt Banjo & Kazooie68.8+3--
18Japan KuroZero Suit Samus67.49000NEW--
19Japan ProtoBanhamLucina Banjo & Kazooie Inkling67.2+4+
20United States WaDiR.O.B. Wii Fit Trainer65.9+4+
21Japan LeaGreninja Chrom65.5+9-
22United States Dark WizzyMario65.1+9++
23United States CosmosInkling64.4-120
24Japan AbadangoWario Palutena Meta Knight62.7+16-
25Japan KomeShulk62.69000NEW+
26Japan ChocoZero Suit Samus61.59000NEW-
27Japan NietonoPichu Wario61.4+18--
28United States LeoNBowser Bowser Jr. Mr. Game & Watch60.7+7++
29Japan GacktNess609000NEW--
30United States SalemHero Snake59.5-8+
31United States Raffi-XR.O.B.59.39000NEW-
32United States ElegantLuigi59.19000NEW--
33United States PandarianPokémon Trainer Lucina55.69000NEW-
34Japan EtsujiLucina Palutena55.39000NEW---
35Japan UmekiDaisy55.1+7--
36United States NickoShulk54.89000NEW++
37United States NedPokémon Trainer Joker54.39000NEW-
38United States VoiDSheik Pichu Joker54.1-29++
39United States Lui$Fox Mario Falco54.09000NEW0
40United States ScAttMegaman Snake53.8+1-
41Japan HIKARUPokémon Trainer Banjo & Kazooie Luigi53.59000NEW---
42United States GoblinRoy Chrom53.0-3+++
43United States BestNessNess Palutena52.89000NEW-
44Netherlands Mr.RChrom Snake Sheik52.0-8-
45United States RFangPichu Palutena51.79000NEW+
46United States KolaRoy Cloud Snake51.69000NEW-
47Canada RiddlesTerry Richter Ken51.09000NEW+
48Japan KiriharaRosalina50.99000NEW--
49Canada Big DIce Climbers King Dedede50.79000NEW+
50Japan RonYoshi Mario Luigi50.09000NEW--

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