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PMRank is a ranking of the top 50 Project M players as determined by a panel of community figureheads. In order to compile the ranking, panelists are asked to rate players on a scale from 1 to 10. The highest and lowest scores for each player is removed, then the scores are averaged to arrive at a final score.



PMRank 2016
1United States ThundeRzReiGNDonkey Kong Captain Falcon10.000
2United States LunchablesToon Link Roy Marth9.874
3United States SosaWario9.721
4United States MalachiPeach Sheik9.549
5United States JunebugDiddy Kong Ganondorf9.537
6United States MrLzMr. Game & Watch9.376
7United States GalloMario9.108
8United States HyperflameLucas9.026
9United States Jose VNess8.742
10United States FlippSnake8.634
11United States EmuKillerMeta Knight8.496
12United Kingdom Professor ProSnake8.481
13United States FrozenMewtwo8.112
14United States EnvyIke7.858
15United States iPunchKidszLucario7.848
16United States dvdToon Link7.801
17United States JadenSheik Peach7.712
18United States SwitchWolf7.650
19United States DarcCaptain Falcon Sheik Marth7.645
20United States HungryboxJigglypuff7.348
21United States DirtboySquirtle7.185
22United States BoringmanMario Meta Knight7.106
23United States PhreshIce Climbers7.003
24United States AntherPikachu6.860
25United States VenomCaptain Falcon6.824
26United States MachiavelliIvysaur6.661
27United States AeroDiddy Kong6.493
28United States StereoKiDDNess6.425
29United States RippleKing Dedede6.275
30United States BaconPancakesFox Diddy Kong6.109
31United States lloDPeach5.904
32United States ZhimeZelda5.792
33United States Strong BadWario5.756
34United States BoikoNess Meta Knight5.721
35United States MarshallMr. Game & Watch5.530
36United States SotheIvysaur5.378
37Canada AllyIke5.271
38United States Jason WaterfallsZero Suit Samus5.128
39United States AkiNess4.954
40United States LuckDiddy Kong4.927
41United States PikmonMr. Game & Watch4.905
42United States AionSonic4.544
43United States Hero of TimeLink4.542
44United States KycseCharizard4.489
45United States OracleR.O.B. Zero Suit Samus4.438
46United States XYKLuigi4.280
47United States ilovebagelzLuigi4.129
48United States BlueLink3.769
49France *ZenCharizard3.574
50United States Shiny ZubatYoshi Luigi3.551


PMRank 2017
1United States ThundeRzReiGNDonkey Kong Captain Falcon Ganondorf9.990
2United States MalachiSheik Peach9.98+2
3United States SosaWario9.810
4United States SwitchWolf9.56+14
5United States FlippSnake9.47+5
6United States FuzzMewtwo9.449000NEW
7United States HyperFlameLucas9.22+1
8United States techboyIce Climbers9.119000NEW
9United States dvdToon Link9.03+7
10United States SotheIvysaur8.75+26
11United States lloDPeach8.62+20
12United States KycseCharizard8.28+32
13United States EmuKillerMeta Knight Mewtwo8.24-2
14United States StereoKiDDNess8.10+14
15United States PhreshIce Climbers8.05+8
16United States BaconPancakesDiddy Kong Donkey Kong7.98+14
17United States BoringmanMeta Knight Mario Sonic Mewtwo7.90+5
18United States AntherPikachu7.83+6
19United States AidanZero Suit Samus7.699000NEW
20United States BlankZero Suit Samus7.379000NEW
21United States TwistyWario7.159000NEW
22United States DirtboySquirtle Peach7.12-1
23United States The DoctorMario6.989000NEW
24United States GalloMario6.76-17
25United States Jose VNess6.72-16
26United States PikmonMr. Game & Watch6.59+15
27United States JunebugDiddy Kong Sheik Ganondorf6.55-22
28United States BoikoMeta Knight Marth Ness6.44+6
29United States ChevySamus6.399000NEW
30United States SilverFalco Fox Marth Sheik Meta Knight6.329000NEW
31United States EnvyIke Wario Diddy Kong6.29-17
32United States LUCKDiddy Kong6.029000NEW
33United States JFystSonic5.939000NEW
34United States Yung QuaffMeta Knight Ivysaur Mewtwo5.869000NEW
35United States Morsecode762Samus5.679000NEW
36United States FearlessLucario5.669000NEW
37United States Filthy CasualWolf5.609000NEW
38United States DingoCharizard5.169000NEW
39United States GoodeSonic5.129000NEW
40Canada JJKMr. Game & Watch4.989000NEW
41Canada MorKsWario4.829000NEW
42United States ilovebagelzLuigi4.70+5
43United States XYKLuigi4.56+3
44United States Strong BadWario4.54-11
45United States FlarpLuigi3.929000NEW
46United States BongoCaptain Falcon3.779000NEW
47United States LoyaLMr. Game & Watch3.769000NEW
48United States TealzMeta Knight3.739000NEW
49United States KumatoraNess3.549000NEW
50United States MaskMeta Knight Charizard3.039000NEW


PMRank 2018
1United States SosaWario10.00+2
2United States SwitchWolf9.81+2
3United States LunchablesRoy Marth Toon Link Sonic9.79BACK
4United States ThundeRzReiGNDonkey Kong Captain Falcon Ike Ganondorf9.62-3
5United States MalachiSheik Peach9.44-3
6United States techboyIce Climbers9.33+2
7United States FuzzMewtwo9.21-1
8United States BlankZero Suit Samus9.08+12
9United States FlippSnake9.02-4
10United States dvdToon Link Roy8.86-1
11United States EnvyIke8.80+20
12United States KycseCharizard8.650
13United States BaconPancakesDiddy Kong8.43+3
14United States lloDPeach8.33-3
15United States SotheIvysaur8.02-6
16United States IvayneWolf Marth7.949000NEW
17United States The DoctorMario7.94+6
18United States Filthy CasualWolf7.93+19
19United States PikmonMr. Game & Watch7.67+7
20United States BoringmanMeta Knight Sonic Lucario7.62-3
21United States Morsecode762Samus7.51+14
22Canada RongunshuLucario Marth7.459000NEW
23United States DirtboySquirtle Peach7.25-1
24United States TwistyWario7.25-3
25United States BoikoMeta Knight7.10+3
26United States DrugfreechuMr. Game & Watch6.869000NEW
27United States HyperFlameLucas6.67-20
28United States AkiNess6.57BACK
29United States AidanZero Suit Samus Ike6.51-10
30United States ilovebagelzLuigi Captain Falcon6.27+12
31United States SilverFalco Fox5.98-1
32United States LUCKDiddy Kong5.850
33United States CalaIvysaur5.799000NEW
34United States JunebugDiddy Kong Sheik5.30-7
35United States FearlessLucario5.18+1
36United States Bobby FrizzFox5.039000NEW
37United States FlarpLuigi5.02+8
38United States Jose VNess4.86-13
39United States EmuKillerMeta Knight Mewtwo4.84-26
40United States NoghrillaDonkey Kong4.789000NEW
41United States JFystSonic Diddy Kong4.73-8
42United States Captain BirdmanWolf Falco4.439000NEW
43United States EllipsisMr. Game & Watch4.299000NEW
44United States Yung QuaffMeta Knight4.15-10
45United States BongoCaptain Falcon4.14+1
46Canada JJKMr. Game & Watch4.03-6
47United States ReslivedNess4.019000NEW
48United States $wiftLucario3.369000NEW
49United States Punk PandaWolf3.349000NEW
50United States NezergyMr. Game & Watch3.159000NEW


PMRank 2019
1United States MalachiSheik Peach Bowser+4
2United States ThundeRzReiGNDonkey Kong Captain Falcon+2
3United States techboyIce Climbers+3
4United States BaconPancakesDiddy Kong+9
5United States The DoctorMario+12
6United States Morsecode762Samus+15
7United States SwitchWolf-5
8United States PikmonMr. Game & Watch Ike+11
9Canada RongunshuMarth Lucario Ike+13
10United States SotheIvysaur Fox+5
11United States DrugfreechuMr. Game & Watch+15
12United States KycseCharizard0
13United States DirtboySquirtle+10
14United States FlarpLuigi Ice Climbers+23
15United States BoringmanMeta Knight Sonic Lucario+5
16United States TwistyWario+8
17United States Yung QuaffMeta Knight Ivysaur+27
18United States ConnorRoy9000NEW
19United States FearlessLucario+16
20United States BubblesCaptain Falcon9000NEW
21United States SneezR.O.B. Diddy Kong9000NEW
22France PoiluLucario9000NEW
23United States SilverFalco Fox+8
24United States ORLYCaptain Falcon9000NEW
25United States Mr.Watch&LearnMr. Game & Watch9000NEW
26United States NoghrillaDonkey Kong Bowser Ivysaur+14
27United States IvayneWolf-11
28United States FlippSnake Falco-19
29United States ilovebagelzLuigi+1
30United States TealzMeta KnightBACK
31United States HyperFlameLucas-4
32United States MotobugSonic9000NEW
33United States NarqLucas9000NEW
34United States WyldSonic9000NEW
35United States NezergyMr. Game & Watch+15
36United States GodTouchFox9000NEW
37United States Captain BirdmanFalco King Dedede Wolf+5
38United States American BowserBowser9000NEW
39United States CloudburstWolf Squirtle9000NEW
40United States SabreIvysaur9000NEW
41United States ArsenalsFox9000NEW
42United States DumshinyKing Dedede9000NEW
43United States WfycatPikachu Mewtwo9000NEW
44United States Ca$ino WolfMewtwo9000NEW
45United States RippleKing Dedede IkeBACK
46United States FlashingFireSnake9000NEW
47United States QtipMeta Knight9000NEW
48United States altanLucario9000NEW
49United States AnthonyFalco Fox Mewtwo9000NEW
50United States CombR.O.B.9000NEW

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