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For the Melee player, see Panda.
Team Information


Panda, formerly known as Panda Global is an esports team with players in Super Smash Bros. and the FGC. They started by picking up, ESAM, MVD, and SS on June 24th, 2015.[1] They expanded into Melee by picking up Sheik player Plup.[2] On November 2nd, Panda Global picked up Ice Climbers player and commentator, Wobbles.[3]

Panda also makes the Panda Global Rankings, a list that ranks the Top 50 Wii U players in the world, and the PGRU, which lists the top 50 Ultimate player in the world.


  • January 9th - Panda Global parts ways with MVD and Wobbles.[7]
  • February 1st - Stimpy joins Panda Global.[8]
  • March 22nd - Marss and Coney join Panda Global.[9]
  • July 19th - Prince joins Panda Global.[10]
  • November 8th - Panda Global parts way with Zain and Cosmos.[11]
  • June 24th - ESAM, MVD, and SS join as the team's first Smash players.
  • June 30th - Plup becomes the team's first Melee player.
  • November 2nd - Wobbles joins the team.[18]

Player Roster[edit]

Melee Players[edit]

Active Players
Player Main Join Date Top Results
United States PlupSheik Fox2015-06-30
2015C13rdDreamHack Winter 2015
2016C13rdEVO 2016
2017A11stDreamHack Atlanta 2017
2018A11stGENESIS 5
2019C13rdGENESIS 6 Pound 2019
2020B12ndSmash Summit 9
United States ESAMSamus2015-06-24
2015Q717 - 24thParagon Los Angeles 2015
2016I39 - 12thB.E.A.S.T 6
2018S1533 - 48thFlatiron 3
United States iBDWFox2020-05-05
2020B12ndGet On My Line 2020 THE CLG MIXUP Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3
2021B12ndGalint Melee Open: Spring Edition

Ultimate Players[edit]

Active Players
Player Main Join Date Top Results
United States ESAMPikachu2015-06-24
2015B12ndSuper Smash Con 2015
2016C13rdUGC Smash Open
2017E15 - 6thCEO Dreamland DreamHack Austin 2017 Smash 'N' Splash 3
2018B12ndThe Big House 8
2019A11stGlitch 7
2020C13rdGlitch 8
United States PlupMegaman2015-06-30
2019M313 - 16thSmash Ultimate Summit
2020S1549 - 64thGENESIS 7
United States FullStream
Joshua Thompson
2019S63129 - 192ndGENESIS 6 Shine 2019 Glitch 7 The Big House 9
2020S63193 - 256thGENESIS 7 Frostbite 2020
United States MarssZero Suit Samus2019-03-22
2019A11stSmash Factor 8 DreamHack Atlanta 2019
2020A11stGENESIS 7
United States ConeyBanjo & Kazooie2019-03-22
2019S3197 - 128thGlitch 7
2020S63193 - 256thGENESIS 7
United States WaDiR.O.B.2021-04-02
No notable finishes at Major or Premier tournaments.

64 Players[edit]

Active Players
Player Main Join Date Top Results
Japan PrinceYoshi2019-07-19
2019B12ndThe Big House 9
2020G17 - 8th12th Kansai


Former Players
Player Main Join Date Leave Date Top Results
United States SSVillager Ness Cloud2015-06-242017-01-02
2015R725 - 32ndParagon Los Angeles 2015
2016I39 - 12th2GGT: KTAR Saga
United States TrelaRyu2016-06-222017-01-02
2016I39 - 12thEVO 2016
United States Rich BrownMewtwo2017-01-172017-10-17
2017E15 - 6th2GGC: Midwest Mayhem Saga
United States MVD2015-06-242019-01-04
2015C13rdParagon Los Angeles 2015
2016I39 - 12th2GGT: KTAR Saga Super Smash Con 2016
2017E15 - 6thThe Big House 7
2018E15 - 6thPAX Arena at PAX South 2018 GENESIS 5 EVO 2018
United States WobblesIce Climbers2015-11-022019-01-04
2016D14thBattle of the Five Gods
2017S3165 - 96thEVO 2017
2018S1533 - 48thEVO 2018
United States ZainMarth2018-04-122019-11-08
2018A11stShine 2018
2019B12ndLow Tier City 7 The Big House 9
United States Cosmos2018-07-262019-11-08
2018A11stThe Big House 8
2019C13rdThunder Smash 3
Canada SuPeRbOoMfAnCaptain Falcon Pikachu Kirby2017-01-172020-07-08
2017A11stSmash 'N' Splash 3 Low Tier City 5 Boss Battle 3 Hitstun 5
2018A11stGENESIS 5 Keystoned II Get On My Level 2018 Smash 'N' Splash 4 Super Smash Con 2018 Shine 2018 Boss Battle 4 GameTyrant Expo 2018
2019A11stSnosa IV Smash 'N' Splash 5
United Kingdom Stimpy
Asa Butterfield
No notable finishes at Major or Premier tournaments.