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Panda Global is an eSports team with players in Super Smash Bros. and the FGC. They started by picking up, ESAM, MVD, and SS on June 24th, 2015.[1] They expanded into Melee by picking up Sheik player Plup.[2] On November 2nd, Panda Global picked up Ice Climbers player and commentator, Wobbles.[3]

Panda Global also makes the Panda Global Rankings, a list that ranks the Top 50 Smash 4 players in the world.


  • April 12th - Zain joins Panda Global.[4]
  • July 26th - Cosmos joins Panda Global.[5]
  • June 22nd - Trela joins Panda Global.[9]
  • June 24th - ESAM, MVD, and SS join as the team's first Smash players.
  • June 30th - Plup becomes the team's first Melee player.
  • November 2nd - Wobbles joins the team.[10]

Player Roster[edit]

Melee Players[edit]

ID Name Main Alternate Join Date 2015 2016 2017 2018
USA Plup Justin McGrath Sheik Fox Samus Luigi 2015-06-30 A44th EVO 2015 Smash Summit Eclipse A33rd EVO 2016 A11st DreamHack Atlanta 2017 A11st GENESIS/5
USA ESAM Eric Lew Samus Fox 2015-06-24 B717 - 24th Paragon Los Angeles 2015 A513 - 16th Smash Summit 2 Super Smash Con 2016 A59 - 12th DreamHack Montreal 2017 C133 - 48th Flatiron/3
USA Wobbles Robert Wright Ice Climbers Mario Falco Sheik 2015-11-02 A44th Battle of the Five Gods C165 - 96th EVO/2017 C133 - 48th EVO/2018
USA Zain Zain Naghmi Marth 2018-04-12 A11stShine/2018

Wii U Players[edit]

ID Name Main Alternate Join Date 2015 2016 2017 2018
USA MVD Jestise Negron Diddy KongWiiU Cloud DuckHuntWiiU 2015-06-24 A33rd Paragon Los Angeles/2015/Wii U A59 - 12th 2GGT/KTAR Saga A55 - 6th The Big House/7 A55 - 6th GENESIS/5 EVO/2018
USA ESAM Eric Lew PikachuWiiU SamusWiiU MewtwoWiiU 2015-06-24 A22nd Super Smash Con/2015/Wii U A22nd Shine/2016/Wii U A55 - 6th CEO Dreamland DreamHack Austin 2017 Smash 'N' Splash/3 A22nd The Big House/8
USA Cosmos Brian Kalu Corrin 2018-07-26 A11st The Big House/8

Smash 64 Players[edit]

ID Name Main Alternate Join Date 2017 2018
Canada SuPeRbOoMfAn Dan Hoyt CF64 Pikachu64 Kirby64 2017-01-17 A11st Smash 'N' Splash/3 Low Tier City/5 Boss Battle/3 Hitstun/5 A11st GENESIS/5 Get On My Level/2018 Smash 'N' Splash/4 Super Smash Con/2018 Shine/2018


ID Name Main Alternate Join Date Leave Date Moved To 2015 2016 2017
USA SS Shane Bruce Villager NessWiiU LucasWiiU 2015-06-24 2017-01-02 A59 - 12th EVO/2015/Wii U A59 - 12th 2GGT/KTAR Saga
USA Trela Alberto Miliziano RyuWiiU LucarioWiiU 2016-06-22 2017-01-02 A59 - 12th EVO/2016/Wii U
USA Rich Brown Rich Brown MewtwoWiiU OlimarWiiU 2017-01-17 2017-10-17 A55 - 6th 2GGC/Midwest Mayhem Saga