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For the Ultimate PGR, see PGRU.

Panda Global Rankings or PGR for short is a ranking of the top 50 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U players as determined by Panda Global's stats team, PG Stats, and a panel of community figureheads. The PGR includes a separate and subjective metric voted upon by the panellists referred to as "X-Factor". The X-Factor is the difference between a player's Panda Global Rank and their spot on the list that the panellists rated them. A player with a very positive X-Factor would theoretically be a notable player that is very strong in the eyes of the top players but would not have enough results to back them up. A player with a negative X-Factor would be someone showing impressive results and wins with a lack of acknowledgement from the panellists.

The first version of the list took into account tournament results from Apex 2015 to 2GGT: Fresh Saga.

The second version of the list took into account results from LVL UP EXPO 2016 to 2GGT: ZeRo Saga.

The third version of the list took into account results from Midwest Mayhem 6 to Sumabato 18.

The fourth edition of the list took into account results from Karisuma 14 to 2GG Championship.

The fifth edition of the list took into account results from Umebura T.A.T. to CEO 2018.

The PGR100 took into account results from Apex 2015 to DreamHack Atlanta 2018.


PGR v1[edit]

PGR v1
1Chile ZeRo Sheik Diddy Kong0
2United States Nairo Zero Suit Samus Dark Pit-1
3United States Dabuz Rosalina Olimar+1
4Netherlands Mr.R Sheik0
5Japan Abadango Mewtwo Meta Knight Pac-Man Wario-1
6Canada Ally Mario-2
7United States Larry Lurr Fox Donkey Kong0
8United States VoiD Sheik Fox-2
9Japan Ranai Villager+4
10United States ANTi Mario Sheik Luigi Meta Knight-1
11Japan Komorikiri Sonic Cloud+2
12United States FOW Ness-1
13United States Marss Zero Suit Samus+1
14United States ESAM Pikachu-2
15United States Tweek Cloud Bowser Jr.0
16United States Shaky Ness-8
17Japan 9B Bayonetta Ryu+3
18United States Vinnie Sheik-1
19Mexico Leo Meta Knight Cloud+1
20United States 6WX Sonic-9
21United States MVD Diddy Kong-11
22United States Tyrant Meta Knight-4
23United States Zinoto Diddy Kong+3
24Mexico Hyuga Toon Link-1
25United States Trela Ryu-2
26Japan RAIN Sheik Cloud+5
27United States K9sbruce Sheik Diddy Kong-1
28United States Mew2King Cloud+11
29United States SlayerZ Peach-7
30United States Pink Fresh Bayonetta Lucas0
31United States Static Manny Sonic-4
32Japan Nietono Diddy Kong Sheik+9
33Japan Earth Pit+11
34United States NAKAT Ness Fox Pikachu+3
35United States False Sheik Marth Ryu-7
36United States MrConCon Luigi-5
37United States Ito Meta Knight-2
38United States Angel CortesDiddy Kong-6
39United States Xzax Fox Mario+1
40United States falln Rosalina-7
41United States Fatality Captain Falcon+4
42Netherlands iStudying Greninja+2
43United States ScAtt Megaman+10
44United States Megafox Fox+10
45United States Ryo Ike+2
46United States Cacogen Sheik+1
47United States 8BitMan R.O.B.-2
48United States Seagull Joe Sonic0
49United States NickRiddle Zero Suit Samus+3
50United States Tearbear Captain Falcon0

PGR v2[edit]

PGR v2
1Chile ZeRoDiddy Kong Sheik Cloud00
2Canada AllyMario+40
3United States NairoZero Suit Samus Bowser Lucina-1-1
4United States DabuzRosalina Olimar-1-2
5United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong+2-2
6United States VoiDSheik+2-5
7Japan AbadangoMewtwo Meta Knight-2+2
8Mexico MKLeoMarth Cloud Meta Knight+11+5
9United States ANTiMario Cloud Charizard Meta Knight+1+1
10Netherlands Mr.RSheik Cloud-60
11Japan KamemeMegaman Sheik Yoshi Wario9000NEW-3
12Japan KomorikiriCloud Sonic-1+3
13United States SalemBayonetta9000NEW+1
14Japan RanaiVillager-5+1
15United States MarssZero Suit Samus-20
16United States ZinotoDiddy Kong+7-2
17United States TweekCloud Donkey Kong Bowser Jr.-20
18United States Mr.EMarth9000NEW-2
19Japan KEN Sonic9000NEW+3
20United States CaptainZackBayonetta9000NEW-5
21United States WaDiMewtwo R.O.B.9000NEW-3
22Mexico HyugaToon Link+2+3
23United States Rich BrownMewtwo9000NEW-10
24United States Pink FreshBayonetta+6-5
25Japan EarthPit+8+4
26United States Mew2KingCloud+2+3
27United States ESAMPikachu Mewtwo-13+5
28United States FatalityCaptain Falcon+13-6
29United States SamsoraPeach9000NEW-1
30United States 6WXSonic-10-1
31United States ScAttMegaman Cloud+12-8
32United States DathRobin9000NEW-8
33United States fallnRosalina+7-3
34United States TyrantMeta Knight-12+6
35United States VinnieSheik-170
36Japan NietonoDiddy Kong Sheik-4-1
37United States dyrDiddy Kong9000NEW-4
38United States DayLucario9000NEW-8
39United States PugwestMarth9000NEW-6
40United States sajBayonetta9000NEW-9
41United States FalseMarth Sheik Ryu-6+3
42United States TrelaRyu-17+15
43United States WrathSonic9000NEW-1
44United States DarkShadRyu9000NEW+2
45Canada LocusRyu9000NEW+19
46United States RyoIke Corrin Roy-1-1
47United States MVDDiddy Kong Cloud-26-1
48Japan KiriharaRosalina9000NEW-2
49Japan TaiheitaLucas9000NEW+17
50United States NedCloud9000NEW+7

PGR v3[edit]

PGR v3
1Chile ZeRoDiddy Kong Lucina Sheik00
2Mexico MKLeoMarth Cloud Meta Knight+6-1
3United States NairoZero Suit Samus Bowser Lucina0-2
4United States DabuzRosalina Olimar00
5Canada AllyMario-3+3
6United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong-1-1
7United States CaptainZackBayonetta Wii Fit Trainer Peach+13-6
8Japan komorikiriCloud Sonic Marth+40
9Netherlands Mr.RSheik Cloud+1+3
10Japan AbadangoMewtwo Meta Knight Bayonetta-3-4
11United States SalemBayonetta Samus+2-12
12United States TweekCloud Donkey Kong Bayonetta+50
13United States VoiDSheik Fox-7+4
14United States MarssZero Suit Samus Lucario+1-4
15United States FatalityCaptain Falcon Mario+13-1
16Japan KENSonic+3+6
17Japan RanaiVillager Lucina-3-3
18United States ESAMPikachu Samus Mewtwo+9-1
19Japan KiriharaRosalina+29+8
20United States ZinotoDiddy Kong-4-4
21United States ANTiMario Cloud Zero Suit Samus-12+6
22Canada LocusRyu+23+5
23Japan 9BBayonetta9000NEW-5
24United States SamsoraPeach Rosalina+5-3
25United States ElegantLuigi9000NEW-1
26Japan TsuLucario Ryu9000NEW+1
27Japan KamemeMegaman Sheik Yoshi-16+5
28United States fallnRosalina Mii Gunner+5-5
29United States MVDDiddy Kong Mario Cloud+18-12
30United States Mr.EMarth Lucina Cloud-12-1
31United States 6WXSonic-1-8
32Japan TLink9000NEW-4
33Japan ShutonOlimar9000NEW+12
34Japan RaitoDuck Hunt9000NEW-14
35Japan EarthPit Corrin-10+1
36Japan HIKARUDonkey Kong Bowser9000NEW+7
37United States NedCloud+13-5
38United States Rich BrownMewtwo-150
39United States MyranOlimar9000NEW-34
40United States MannySonic Roy9000NEW-31
41United States ScAttMegaman Cloud-10-15
42United States NAKATFox Ness Lucina9000NEW-4
43Japan NietonoSheik Diddy Kong-7+8
44Mexico Javi Cloud Sheik9000NEW+7
45United States AcMeta Knight Falco9000NEW-15
46United States WaDiMewtwo R.O.B.-25+14
47Japan EdgeDiddy Kong Sheik9000NEW+7
48United States JKBayonetta9000NEW-17
49Japan ChocoZero Suit Samus9000NEW+19
50United States FOWNess9000NEW-

PGR v4[edit]

PGR v4
1Chile ZeRoDiddy Kong00
2United States SalemBayonetta Greninja+90
3United States NairoZero Suit Samus Bowser Cloud Diddy Kong0-1
4Mexico MKLeoCloud Marth Meta Knight Corrin-2+1
5United States TweekCloud Bayonetta Donkey Kong+7-1
6United States DabuzRosalina Olimar-2+1
7United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong-1-1
8Japan KENSonic+8+1
9United States VoiDSheik Fox+4-1
10Netherlands Mr.RSheik Cloud-1+1
11United States ElegantLuigi+140
12United States WaDiMewtwo R.O.B.+34-1
13Canada MistakeBayonetta Zero Suit Samus9000NEW-11
14Canada AllyMario-9-1
15Japan AbadangoMewtwo Bayonetta Meta Knight-5+1
16Japan komorikiriCloud Sonic Roy-8+4
17United States CosmosCorrin9000NEW-4
18United States CaptainZackBayonetta Peach-11-2
19United States MarssZero Suit Samus Captain Falcon-5+3
20United States ANTiMario Zero Suit Samus Cloud+1-3
21United States ESAMPikachu Samus-3+4
22United States SamsoraPeach+2+3
23United States MannySonic+17-2
24United States LimaBayonetta9000NEW-6
25United States MVDDiddy Kong+4-1
26United States DarkShadRyu9000NEW-10
27Japan ShutonOlimar Shulk+6+5
28United States Mr.EMarth Lucina+2-13
29Japan KiriharaRosalina-10+11
30United States KongaDonkey Kong9000NEW-19
31United States ZinotoDiddy Kong-11-2
32Japan RaitoDuck Hunt+2+1
33United States NAKATFox Ness Donkey Kong+9-18
34Japan TsuLucario Ryu-8+5
35United States CharliedakingFox9000NEW0
36Japan ChocoZero Suit Samus+13+9
37United States JKBayonetta+11-8
38United States FatalityCaptain Falcon-23+10
39United States dyrDiddy Kong9000NEW-15
40United States tyroyBayonetta Meta Knight9000NEW+13
41United States fallnRosalina-13+3
42United States Shoyo JamesDiddy Kong Luigi9000NEW-14
43United States 6WXSonic-12-3
44Japan KamemeMegaman Sheik Cloud-170
45United States RyugaCorrin Ike9000NEW-13
46United States VinnieSheik Rosalina9000NEW-19
47United States LightFox9000NEW+13
48United States K9sbruceDiddy Kong Sheik9000NEW+1
49United States ZenyouMario9000NEW+7
50United States AcMeta Knight Falco-5-12

PGR v5[edit]

PGR v5
1Mexico MkLeoMarth Cloud Bayonetta Lucina+30
2United States TweekBayonetta Cloud Donkey Kong+30
3United States DabuzRosalina Olimar+3-1
4United States NairoZero Suit Samus Bowser-1+1
5United States SalemBayonetta-30
6Canada MistakeBayonetta Zero Suit Samus+7-1
7United States CosmosCorrin+10-2
8Netherlands Mr.RSheik Cloud+2+2
9United States CaptainZackBayonetta Wii Fit Trainer Peach+9-2
10Japan komorikiriCloud Sonic Corrin Roy+6-3
11United States VoiDSheik Zero Suit Samus-2+3
12United States SamsoraPeach Rosalina Zero Suit Samus+100
13United States LightFox+34-3
14United States FatalityCaptain Falcon+24-3
15Japan AbadangoBayonetta Mewtwo Meta Knight0+1
16United States Larry LurrFox Diddy Kong Donkey Kong-9+6
17United States ANTiMario Zero Suit Samus Cloud+3-8
18United States ElegantLuigi-7+3
19United States LimaBayonetta+50
20United States fallnRosalina+21-4
21United States ESAMPikachu Samus00
22United States WaDiMewtwo R.O.B.-10+2
23Japan RaitoDuck Hunt+9+1
24Japan KamemeMegaman Sheik Cloud Yoshi+20-6
25United States MarssZero Suit Samus Captain Falcon-6+2
26Japan ShutonOlimar+1-1
27United States SDXMewtwo9000NEW-7
28United States ZinotoDiddy Kong+3-3
29United States WrathSonic Bayonetta9000NEW-10
30Japan KENSonic-22+12
31United States MVDDiddy Kong-6+2
32Japan ChocoZero Suit Samus+4-1
33Canada AllyMario-19+7
34United States VinnieSheik Rosalina+12-4
35United States Shoyo JamesDiddy Kong Luigi+7-1
36Canada Captain LPikachu Jigglypuff9000NEW+8
37Japan NietonoDiddy Kong Sheik9000NEW-3
38United States AcMeta Knight Falco+12-6
39United States tyroyBayonetta Meta Knight+1+4
40United States RagsMeta Knight Bayonetta9000NEW-6
41Japan shkyZero Suit Samus9000NEW-19
42United States NedCloud Zero Suit Samus9000NEW-17
43United States ZenyouMario+6-2
44Mexico MaisterMr. Game & Watch9000NEW+3
45United States DarkShadRyu-19-2
46Japan TsuLucario Ryu-12-4
47United States 6WXSonic-4-7
48United States SinjiPac-Man9000NEW-1
49Canada LocusRyu Bayonetta9000NEW-3
50Japan KiriharaRosalina-21+18


1Chile ZeRoDiddy Kong Sheik
2United States NairoZero Suit Samus Bowser
3Mexico MkLeoMarth Cloud Meta Knight
4United States DabuzRosalina Olimar
5Canada AllyMario
6United States SalemBayonetta
7United States TweekCloud Bayonetta Donkey Kong
8United States Larry LurrFox
9Japan KENSonic
10Netherlands Mr.RSheik
11United States VoiDSheik
12Japan komorikiriCloud Sonic
13Japan AbadangoMewtwo Bayonetta Meta Knight
14United States ANTiMario Cloud Zero Suit Samus
15United States CaptainZackBayonetta
16United States MarssZero Suit Samus
17United States ESAMPikachu Samus
18Japan KamemeMegaman Sheik
19United States FatalityCaptain Falcon
20United States LimaBayonetta
21Japan RanaiVillager
22United States SamsoraPeach Rosalina
23Japan ShutonOlimar
24United States ZinotoDiddy Kong
25Canada MistakeBayonetta Zero Suit Samus
26United States WaDiMewtwo R.O.B.
27United States ElegantLuigi
28Japan KiriharaRosalina
29United States fallnRosalina
30United States CosmosCorrin
31United States MVDDiddy Kong
32Japan TsuLucario
33Japan NietonoSheik Diddy Kong
34United States 6WXSonic
35Japan ChocoZero Suit Samus
36United States VinnieSheik Rosalina
37United States Mr EMarth Lucina
38Japan RaitoDuck Hunt
39United States MannySonic
40Canada LocusRyu
41United States DarkShadRyu
42Japan EarthPit Corrin
43United States LightFox
44Japan 9BBayonetta
45United States SDXMewtwo
46Japan TLink
47United States AcMeta Knight Falco
48Japan HIKARUDonkey Kong
49United States NAKATFox Ness
50United States NedCloud
51United States ScAttMegaman
52United States Rich BrownMewtwo
53United States dyrDiddy Kong
54United States Shoyo JamesDiddy Kong Luigi
55United States TyroyBayonetta Meta Knight
56United States FOWNess
57Japan RonMario Luigi Yoshi
58Japan TaiheitaLucas
59United States WrathSonic
60United States Pink FreshBayonetta
61United States ZenyouMario
62United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong
63Japan EdgeDiddy Kong Sheik
64United States TyrantMeta Knight
65United States TrelaRyu
66Japan RAINCloud Sheik Diddy Kong
67United States CharliedakingFox Bayonetta
68Japan RizeasuBowser Marth Zelda
69United States Mew2KingCloud
70France GlutonnyWario
71Japan ikepBayonetta
72Japan SigmaToon Link
73United States FalseSheik Marth
74Mexico JaviSheik Cloud
75Japan SHFox
76United States Konga Donkey Kong
77United States Ryo Ike Corrin
78Japan Atelier Rosalina
79Canada Captain L Pikachu Jigglypuff
80United States Day Lucario
81Mexico Maister Mr. Game & Watch
82Japan Shogun Fox
83United States Shaky Ness
84Japan Kome Shulk
85United States Sinji Pac-Man
86United States Ryuga Corrin Ike
87United States Rags Meta Knight
88Japan Zackray Corrin Bayonetta
89United Kingdom Ixis Sonic
90Japan Masashi Cloud
91United States Pugwest Marth
92United States Xzax Fox
93Japan Chanshu Ryu
94Japan Umeki Peach
95United States Dark Wizzy Mario
96United States DSS Meta Knight
97Japan Kuro Fox
98United States Eon Fox
99Japan Eim Sheik
100Canada SuperGirlKels Sonic

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