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Streams that primarily stream tournaments, or that stream large tournaments.

International / National Tournament Streams[edit]

  • VGBootcamp is the biggest streamer in Smash. GimR has been streaming nationals for years; he also streams Smash @ Xanadu, a weekly MD local that features Smash 4 / Project M on Tuesdays and Melee / 64 on Wednesdays.
    VGBootCamp lauched a second channel, VGBootcamp2. GimR also recently set up channels that provide 24/7 re-runs of Melee and Ultimate tournament VODs, with the VGTV Melee and VGTV Ultimate channels.
  • CLASH Tournaments, run by CT Chia, primarily travels to stream large regionals/nationals. Recently, she's been focusing more on Project M and now Smash 4.
  • Salty Playground is the first big European tournament stream.
  • Geeky Goon Squad run by Liva who established himself as Europe's premier streamer by streaming B.E.A.S.T 5. Even though the main focus is on Melee they stream all Smash Installments and also traditional Fighting Games.
  • SSBMTV is a project aiming to provide 24h/24 Melee streaming via Youtube VODs.
  • Beyond the Summit - Smash is the streamer of the Smash Summit invitational series. They have also expanded into streaming other supermajor tournaments around the world, such as Shine 2019 and GENESIS 7.

Local Tournament Streams[edit]

Atlantic North[edit]

New England[edit]

  • Massachusetts
    • Game Underground: Framingham, MA tournaments, including Smashing Grounds, a Thursday weekly with Melee, PM and Smash 4, and Mass Madness, a New England monthly usually held on Saturdays.
    • NE Melee: New England locals, especially Game Over / New Game + in the Boston area.
  • Connecticut
    • CT Melee: CT locals, including Wallingford, CT weeklies called Hall of Gaming: Melee (Thursday) and PM/Smash 4 (Wednesday) on alternating weeks.
  • Vermont
    • Vermont Melee: Vermont tournaments, including Burlington, VT monthlies called Queen City Melee.


  • New Jersey
    • 8wayrun: The Break, a Friday bi-weekly local, and Jersey Japes, a bi-weekly Saturday local. Streamer Jaxelrod is the grandfather of FGC streaming.
    • SIG Melee: The Tunes, a Tuesday weekly local; Nebulous, a NYC local; plus other NJ locals.
  • Pennsylvania
    • PGH/NEOH Smash: Pittsburgh weekly locals Man on a Ledge, and some regional-sized Fight Pitt events.

Atlantic South[edit]




  • Illinois
    • Windy City Smash: Chicago tournaments, including the weekly Wavedash Wednesdays.
  • Michigan
    • Melee It On Me: Juggleguy often uses the MIOM stream to broadcast Michigan locals, including the SWEET series and the University of Michigan Biweeklies.
  • Minnesota
    • Minnesota Smash: Minnesota locals, including the University of Minnesota monthly.


  • Texas
    • Tourney Locator: Monday Night Melee, a Dallas/Ft. Worth area weekly, plus most of Texas's regional-and-larger tournaments.

Pacific West[edit]



  • Team OXY: Super Smash Weekends, a Walnut-area weekly with Melee and Project M on alternating Sundays. Currently on hiatus until a new venue is found.
  • MacD (Mayhem): Mayhem, the largest semi-regular weekend tournament in Socal.
  • San Diego Melee: Various San Diego locals, including UCSD Triweeklies on Saturdays.
  • Orange County Smash: Orange County locals.






  • Quebec
    • SSB Montreal: Monday to Thursday weeklies in this order: 64, PM, Melee, Smash 4. Bigger events usually displayed during the weekend.
  • Ontario
    • Even Matchup Gaming: Ontario tournaments, including the weekly Throwdown Thursdays, Saturday Melee Night in Canada, and various regionals such as Get on My Level and The Come Up.


  • British Columbia


  • France
    • Antvibe8: Hosts Arcamelee Majors & Arcamini Series, Melee Tuesday/Thurdays at Arcaneum Weeklies, MTA Circuit Edition, G.R.A.S Series, Antvibe's Salty/Summer Sessions & Netplay Sessions. By far the most active in France.
    • LeFrenchMelee: hosts French tournaments.
  • United Kingdom
    • DAT Team: London-based stream that streams the Monday Meltdown Ultimate weeklies and any major tournaments in London.
    • SSM Team: Manchester-based stream that streams the Smash Quarter Ultimate weeklies on Thursdays and streams major tournaments in Manchester and the North of England, such as the Manchester Conquest series.

Central and South America[edit]


  • SHI Gaming: Various Japanese tournaments, streams Battle Gateway and Sumabato tournament series.