Power Rankings

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A power ranking is a list of the best players for a given game and region on a specific time period. Power rankings are often quarterly, bi-annual or annual. Some are more frequent, but very rarely are they published more than once a month.


Two main uses of having a power ranking are:

  • to account for changes in the level of top players inside a region, and show recognition for improving players;
  • to help tournament organizers seed players at the level to which they belong, especially on national and international tournaments where they might not know all major players.


Common methodologies include:


In most cases, a power ranking includes at least one of the following formats:

  • A written and numbered or tiered list
  • A recap image of the ranking
  • Written snippets about players who made the list
  • A combo video of all players on the list

Power Rankings on Liquipedia[edit]