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RetroSSBMRank is a power ranking created by Smash History. The aim of this ranking is to retroactively determine who the best players were prior to the creation of SSBMRank.

As much of the information about the early days of the competitive scene has been lost, the inclusion of some players could not be justified for some years. In particular, there is a severe lack of data for 2004 and 2005.


RetroSSBMRank - 2012[1]
1Sweden ArmadaPeach
2United States Dr. PeepeeFalco
3United States MangoFox Falco
4United States HungryboxJigglypuff
5United States Mew2King Sheik Marth Fox
6United States Wobbles Ice Climbers
7Canada KirbyKaze Sheik
8United States Zhu Falco
9United States ChuDat Ice Climbers
10United States Shroomed Dr. Mario

Honorable Mentions[edit]


RetroSSBMRank - 2011[2]
1Sweden ArmadaPeach
2United States MangoFox Falco
3United States Dr. PeepeeFalco
4United States HungryboxJigglypuff
5United States Mew2King Sheik Marth Fox
6United States Lovage Fox
7United States Zhu Falco
8United States Fly Amanita Ice Climbers
9United States Shroomed Dr. Mario
10United States Wobbles Ice Climbers
11United States S2J Captain Falcon
12United States Axe Pikachu

Honorable Mentions[edit]


RetroSSBMRank - 2010[3]
1United States HungryboxJigglypuff
2United States MangoMario Captain Falcon Jigglypuff Falco
3Sweden ArmadaPeach
4United States Mew2KingMarth Sheik Fox
5United States Dr. Peepee Falco
6United States Jman Fox
7Netherlands Amsah Sheik
8Canada KirbyKaze Sheik
9United States Lucky Fox
10United States Fly Amanita Ice Climbers

Honorable Mentions[edit]


RetroSSBMRank - 2009[4]
1United States MangoJigglypuff Falco
2Sweden ArmadaPeach
3United States HungryboxJigglypuff
4United States Mew2KingMarth Sheik Fox
5United States DaShizWizFalco
6United States Jman Fox
7United States Zhu Falco
8United States Darkrain Captain Falcon
9United States PC Chris Falco Fox Peach
10United States Dr. Peepee Falco

Honorable Mentions[edit]


RetroSSBMRank - 2008[5]
1United States Mew2KingMarth Sheik Fox
2United States MangoJigglypuff
3United States CortPeach
4United States AzenMarth
5United States PC ChrisFox Falco Peach
6United States ChuDatIce Climbers
7United States KoreanDJSheik Marth Fox
8United States HugSSamus
9United States Ka-MasterLuigi
10United States JmanFox

Honorable Mentions[edit]


RetroSSBMRank - 2007[6]
1United States Mew2KingMarth
2United States KenMarth
3United States KoreanDJSheik Marth Fox
4United States PC ChrisFox Falco Peach
5United States ChuDatIce Climbers
6United States AzenMarth
7United States ChillinFox
8United States DrephenSheik
9United States CortPeach
10United States MangoJigglypuff

Honorable Mentions[edit]


RetroSSBMRank - 2006[7]
1United States KenMarth
2United States AzenMarth
3United States PC ChrisFalco Fox Peach
4United States ChuDatIce Climbers
5United States KoreanDJSheik Fox Marth
6United States Mew2KingFox
7United States IsaiCaptain Falcon
8United States VidjogamerPeach
9United States ChillinFox
10United States DopeFalco

Honorable Mentions[edit]


RetroSSBMRank - 2005[8]
1United States KenMarth
2United States ChuDatIce Climbers
3United States IsaiCaptain Falcon
4United States AzenMarth
5United States SastopherPeach
6United States NEORoy
7United States ChillinFox
8United States KrazyJonesPeach
9United States CavemanSheik Marth
10United States DieSuperFlySheik

Honorable Mentions[edit]


RetroSSBMRank - 2004[9]
1United States KenMarth
2Japan Captain JackSheik
3United States AzenMarth
4United States IsaiCaptain Falcon
5United States ChuDatIce Climbers
6United States SastopherPeach
7United States WesSamus
8United States RoriFalco Pikachu
9United States ChillinFox
10United States Rob$Falco


RetroSSBMRank - 2001-2003[10]
1United States KenMarth
2United States RecipherusSheik
3United States IsaiCaptain Falcon
4United States AzenMarth
5United States Sultan of SamitudeFalco
6United States Justin JunioFalco
7United States ZuluJigglypuff Falco
8United States WesSamus
9United States EddieGanondorf
10United States The DougSheik
11United States EduardoMarth
12United States RoriFalco Pikachu


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