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[e][h] Roy
Character Information
F (20)
Source Universe:
(Fire Emblem)
10th of 26
7th of 26
19th of 26
24th of 26
Fast Faller:
8th of 26
8th of 26

Roy, the protagonist of the Japanese Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, is considered a clone of Marth, though the two have very different fighting styles. Roy is currently ranked 20th on the Tier List.

How to Unlock[edit]

  • Complete Classic Mode or Adventure Mode with Marth
  • Play 900 VS. Mode matches


Roy largely has the same moveset as Marth, but plays in a vastly different style due to differences in hitbox and movement behavior. Unlike Marth, Roy is a fast faller and is lighter.

Roy has many weaknesses that place him much lower on the tier list than Marth; the following are some of the more notable reasons. Roy's combination of low weight and high falling speed tends to be considered one of the worst combinations in Melee. His lower weight fortunately does prevent him from being waveshined, however this also makes him KOed easier as he will fly further from strong hits. His fast falling speed helps with improving the speed of his SHFFL, but that is largely negated by his extremely poor aerial attack power. His fast falling speed also makes him much easier to combo and tech chase. When combined with long ending lag on most of his aerial attacks, his high fall speed and extremely poor jump height almost always spells death with the use of an aerial attack offstage. He has the 2nd longest grab range of the non-grapple grabs, behind Marth, landing him 6th in terms of grab range, which is one of his few redeeming traits. Like Marth, Roy also has a sweet spot on his sword. However, unlike Marth, that sweet spot is actually near the hilt of his sword, which mostly nullifies the benefits that the longer reach of a sword could provide. His side smash and his neutral B are both powerful attacks with high KO-potential, however both require very close spacing as the sweet spot is so close to him requiring you to be nearly on top of your opponent for a KO. He does have a spike(which is nearly impossible to use effectively) and two Meteor Smashes. One of Marth's strongest kill moves is his Dair which is a strong spike that can be comboed into with a number of different starters. Roy loses out on this benefit entirely though because his Dair is a Meteor Smash instead allowing opponents to easily recover back to the stage before hitting the bottom blast zone.

Roy's down tilt, grabs, and specials are the staples of competitive play. Roy's Double Edged Dance is mostly identical to Marth's with slight increases in knock back on the 3rd and 4th hits making them a viable kill move if timed well. It also boasts a meteor smash on the third hit up. It is important to note though, that for both Marth and Roy, the first two swings of their side bs are actually unsafe on hit on most grounded enemies at up to moderate percent and should be used sparingly to avoid punishes. Roy also has an interesting mechanic with his Up special. Marth has an extra strong, knockback scaling hitbox at the bottom of his Up special. On the other hand Roy actually has a very strong fixed knock back hitbox at the bottom of his. The knockback on the first hit of Blazer scales differently from most attacks. Blazer scales by weight, and knocks lighter characters farther. This allows Roy to kill lightweight characters such as Jigglypuff, Kirby, and Mr. Game & Watch on stages with average or low ceilings. This technique, known as Roy's "super launcher", is executed identically to Marth's reverse Dolphin Slash which involves reversing the direction of the attack immediately after initiating it. This mechanic is particularly useful in competitive play for punishing a Jigglypuff that is still sleeping after using rest as it allows for a guaranteed KO on some stages.

Notable Players[edit]