SAME 2021 - Crews

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[e][h]SAME 2021 - Crews
Tournament Information
Beyond the Summit,
Poilon Software
Slippi 2.2.3
Europe Europe
Start Date:
January 30, 2021
End Date:
December 31, 2021
Circuit Information
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

SAME 2021 - Crews is a tournament being held online from January 30 to December, 2021.


18 participating countries are split into two pools. Each country plays a crew battle against each of the other 8 countries in their pool over the course of SAME 2021's 11 qualifying tournaments. The top 4 countries from each pool qualify for a single elimination bracket during the circuit's championship event in December.

Each country maintains a roster of up to 10 players, of which 5 are selected to participate in each crew battle.

Prize Pool[edit]


Pool placements are determined as follows:

  • Total crew battle wins
  • Total stocks remaining
  • Head-to-head result

If three or more countries are tied after the second criterion is applied, the countries involved will play additional crews battles against each other. After this, the above criteria are applied again. If there is still a tie, placements will be determined by Smash Trivia penalty shootout.

In the tables below, the bolded counts represent crew battle wins and losses (e.g. 2-1 represents two crew battle wins and one crew battle loss). The other counts represent stocks taken and lost (e.g. 2-1 represents two stocks taken and one stock lost). Note that the second placement criterion is equivalent to the least number of stocks lost.


Pool A
. Netherlands Netherlands 0-0 0-0
. Germany Germany 0-0 0-0
. France France 0-0 0-0
. Spain Spain 0-0 0-0
. Scotland Scotland 0-0 0-0
. Wales Wales 0-0 0-0
. Switzerland Switzerland 0-0 0-0
. Belgium Belgium 0-0 0-0
. Greece Greece 0-0 0-0


Pool A
. England England 0-0 0-0
. Sweden Sweden 0-0 0-0
. Austria Austria 0-0 0-0
. Norway Norway 0-0 0-0
. Ireland Ireland 0-0 0-0
. Finland Finland 0-0 0-0
. Denmark Denmark 0-0 0-0
. Italy Italy 0-0 0-0
. Portugal Portugal 0-0 0-0

For a detailed view of all pools matches, click here.

Final Bracket[edit]

 Pool A - 1st
 Pool B - 4th
 Pool B - 2nd
 Pool A - 3rd
 Pool B - 1st
 Pool A - 4th
 Pool A - 2nd
 Pool B - 3rd
Grand Finals


Pool A[edit]

Netherlands Netherlands
Netherlands Sheik Amsah
Netherlands Captain Falcon Jeapie
Netherlands Peach Fout NL
Netherlands Fox Stijn
Netherlands Marth Renzo
Netherlands Fox Jim Morrison
Netherlands Fox Happymealz
Netherlands Dr. Mario Skullbro
Netherlands Marth Nuckels
Netherlands Fox Falco Sheik Ser
Germany Germany
Germany Fox Nicki
Germany Falco Kins0
Germany Fox Rikzz
Germany Link Sixx
United States Marth Vivi
Germany Sheik Kaese
Germany Marth Charon
Germany Falco 4tilt
Germany Captain Falcon Kobobi
Germany Fox Meruem
France France
France Fox Falco Raoul
France Captain Falcon chaos6
France Marth Mahie
France Fox Falco Marth Charlon
France Samus Cyr
France Jigglypuff Tekk
France Falco Baxon
France Falco Psylo
France Falco Poilon
France Sheik Enn
Spain Spain
Spain Peach Trif
Spain Fox Liax
Spain Donkey Kong Samus K-12
Spain Fox Marah
Spain Fox Danieru
Spain Sheik Axarth
Spain Falco bazoo
Spain Falco Fox Captain Falcon Malmortis
Spain Sheik joumeni
Spain Falco Chobin
Scotland Scotland
United Kingdom Marth Phade
United Kingdom Captain Falcon ShiftingShadows
United Kingdom Fox TimeMuffinPhD
United Kingdom Falco Glaikit
United Kingdom Fox Modentor
United Kingdom Fox Marth Fuzzyness
United Kingdom Marth Graeme
United Kingdom Fox Ryzon
United Kingdom Fox Jude
United Kingdom Captain Falcon TTS
Wales Wales
United Kingdom Peach EuO
United Kingdom Fox Liberz
United Kingdom Falco Sheik Matt Smith
United Kingdom Falco Coral
United Kingdom Captain Falcon G
United Kingdom Jigglypuff Galapagos
United Kingdom Falco Rogue
United Kingdom Fox Beau
United Kingdom Marth BANG!
United Kingdom Falco Henley
Switzerland Switzerland
Switzerland Luigi Jah Ridin'
Switzerland Captain Falcon Ravio
Switzerland Falco Saul
Switzerland Marth BlackH4ze
Switzerland Falco Alain
Switzerland Marth MadeInShineA
Switzerland Samus Joyboy
Switzerland Fox Néro
Switzerland Falco bakedgoods
Switzerland Fox Coni Zh
Belgium Belgium
Belgium Fox Feradit
Belgium Captain Falcon LunarySSF2
Belgium Marth Ladder
Belgium Falco Guacamolio
Belgium Captain Falcon Razor Ramon
Belgium Fox Dia
Belgium Falco TriZ
Belgium Falco Jelly
Belgium Fox Poro7
Belgium Peach Tweaks
Greece Greece
Greece Marth Lavos
Greece Falco Captain Falcon Nomickok
Greece Peach Deer
Greece Fox Asteris
Greece Falco Sheik Fox NetherDarkness
Greece Falco Pakos
Greece Captain Falcon Banzike
Greece Marth Kouveskiv
Greece Sheik Freezi
Greece Marth Lamampis

Pool B[edit]

England England
United Kingdom Fox Professor Pro
United Kingdom Falco Frenzy
Greece Captain Falcon Isdsar
United Kingdom Falco Fat Tino
United Kingdom Sheik R23
United Kingdom Jigglypuff Kingu
United Kingdom Sheik max
United Kingdom Ice Climbers Alpha Dash
United Kingdom Peach Laurster
United Kingdom Falco ModestMajor
Sweden Sweden
Sweden Fox Pipsqueak
Sweden Ice Climbers JohnnyFight
Sweden Falco Humpe
Sweden Samus Daydee
Sweden Jigglypuff Poppmaister6000
Sweden Fox Gr4pe
Sweden Marth Meady
Sweden Marth RedBlaze
Sweden Captain Falcon abbson
Sweden Marth Eekim
Austria Austria
Austria Marth Yogurt
Austria Falco Omen
Austria Sheik gLory
Austria Captain Falcon Steff$
Austria Fox Clemens
Austria Falco Timi
Austria Fox Falco kiw1
Austria Marth parad01x
Austria Peach Ares
Austria Falco Fox128
Norway Norway
Norway Captain Falcon Sverre
Norway Marth JohsyJam
Norway Ice Climbers NintendOrk
Norway Fox NinjagoFan72
Norway Fox Bose
Norway Fox Giin
Norway Sheik Saile
Norway Jigglypuff Velani
Norway Young Link Niklas2912
Norway Peach Widl
Ireland Ireland
United Kingdom Fox MINT
United Kingdom Jigglypuff maXy
Ireland Jigglypuff Verdant
Ireland Falco Leck
Ireland Fox Luan
Ireland Fox Aldo
Ireland Sheik Dara
Ireland Captain Falcon Conall
Ireland Falco HaunteR
Ireland Captain Falcon Balor
Finland Finland
Finland Fox Falco mayhem092
Finland Jigglypuff Solobattle
Finland Peach Paju
Finland Falco Tinker
Finland Sheik Salevits
Finland Fox Faptori
Finland Luigi Acke
Finland Fox Falco Hups
Finland Falco Levingy
Finland Marth Pakkanen
Denmark Denmark
Denmark Donkey Kong Moe
Denmark Falco King Funk
Denmark Ice Climbers Tomber
Denmark Dr. Mario Eagle
Denmark Peach Chansey
Denmark Sheik stelzig
Denmark Sheik VooDoo
Denmark Pikachu flippy_o
Denmark Falco Venictus
Denmark Fox MadsVH
Italy Italy
Italy Ice Climbers Smarted
Italy Fox manegaa
Italy Falco Nikstrat
Italy Falco Seretur
Italy Marth OverLord
Italy Peach LowP
Italy Marth Mirko
Italy Sheik kenshu
Italy Fox Poro
Italy Pikachu Lele
Portugal Portugal
Portugal Falco Raiden
Portugal Marth Roryx
Portugal Marth Pudding
Portugal Marth ASB
Portugal Fox Boga
Portugal Jigglypuff Apollo
Portugal Falco Xandy
Portugal Fox coffesauros
Portugal Fox Kr1sto
Portugal Falco Marth LuigiWC