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SSBMRank is an annual ranking of the top 100 Super Smash Bros. Melee players previously conducted by Melee It On Me, and now conducted by the PG stats team. In order to compile the ranking, top level players, tournament organizers, commentators, and figureheads are asked to rate players on a scale from 1 to 10. The highest and lowest scores for each player is removed, then the scores are averaged to arrive at a final score. For the 2013 ranking, players had to attend at least one US tournament to be eligible, while for the 2014 ranking, they had to place well at a US national (Apex 2014, 2014 MLG Anaheim, CEO 2014, EVO 2014, The Big House 4) or attend several US regionals. This criteria excludes skilled players who were not active during the year and international players who did not attend US tournaments. Furthermore, some tournaments at the end of the year were excluded from consideration.

The movements up or down in the rankings are relative to the previous years ranking, and not the summer rankings. For example: moky was ranked 96th in 2017 and 46th in the summer of 2018, and ended up with a rank of 52 for the 2018 rankings. The list will not have him move down six spots on the rankings, so instead the list will have him move forty-four spots up.



SSBMRank 2013
1United States Mango Fox Falco10
2Sweden Armada Peach9.925
3United States Mew2King Sheik Marth Fox9.8
4United States PPMD Falco9.7
5United States Hungrybox Jigglypuff9.688
6United States Hax Captain Falcon9.138
7United States Shroomed Dr. Mario Sheik Marth8.938
8United States Wobbles Ice Climbers8.91
9Canada KirbyKaze Sheik8.828
10United States SFAT Fox8.775
11United States Axe Pikachu8.75
12United States PewPewU Marth8.723
13Germany Ice Sheik8.675
14Sweden Leffen Fox8.603
15Canada Unknown522 Fox8.578
16United States Silent Wolf Fox8.55
17Mexico Javi Fox8.5
18United States Zhu Falco8.483
19United States S2J Captain Falcon8.458
20United States Lucky Fox8.436
21United States Fly Amanita Ice Climbers8.358
22United States ChuDat Ice Climbers8.288
23United States Westballz Falco8.1
24United States Taj Marth Mewtwo8.039
25Spain Overtriforce Sheik7.972
26United States Chillindude Fox7.94
27United States Plup Samus7.832
28United States Colbol Fox7.819
29United States Lord Captain Falcon7.8
30United States DaShizWiz Falco7.788
31United States Fiction Fox7.684
32United States MacD Peach7.674
33United States KoreanDJ Sheik Fox Marth7.663
34United States Bladewise Peach7.658
34Canada Kage Ganondorf7.658
36United States VaNz Peach7.647
36Canada Vwins Peach7.647
38United States th0rn Falco7.635
39United States Darkrain Captain Falcon7.625
40United States Cactuar Fox Marth7.61
41United States DJ Nintendo Fox Samus Bowser7.588
42Mexico Eddy Mexico Luigi7.55
42United States Lovage Fox7.55
44Chile Weon-X Fox7.514
45United States Darc Jigglypuff7.511
46United States Darkatma Sheik Peach7.471
47United States HugS Samus7.449
48United States Nintendude Ice Climbers7.444
49United States Lucien Sheik7.429
50United States Jman Fox7.413
51United States SilentSpectre Captain Falcon7.387
52United States Kels Fox7.363
53United States Redd Fox7.321
54United States Eggm Fox7.286
55United States HomeMadeWaffles Falco7.282
56United States Tope Sheik7.276
57United States Cyrain Fox Falco7.27
58United States Abate Luigi7.231
59United Kingdom Fuzzyness Fox7.189
60United States Connor Peach Fox7.188
61United States Tafokints Sheik7.182
62United States Scar Captain Falcon7.154
63United States The Moon Marth7.137
64United States Darrell Samus7.133
65Japan Gucci Captain Falcon7.129
66United States Swedish Delight Sheik7.105
67Canada Blunted_Object10 Falco7.097
68United States Zoso Marth7.088
69Canada Bam Falco7.068
70United States StriCNYN3 Falco7.058
71United States Tai Marth7.054
72United States Sung666 Falco Sheik7.04
73Canada IB Marth7.036
74United States Eggz Fox7.026
75United States Duck Samus7.022
76United States PikaChad Pikachu7.015
77Japan aMSa Yoshi6.989
78Spain Strawhat Dahean Marth6.955
79United States Swiftbass Marth Fox6.927
80United States Frootloop Fox6.903
81United States DoH Peach6.875
82United States OkamiBW Sheik6.848
83United States Dart! Marth6.797
84United States Vish Captain Falcon6.781
85United States Reno Sheik Fox6.768
85Canada Sion Falco6.768
87United States DEHF Falco6.767
87United States Phil Fox6.767
89United States Trail Ice Climbers6.743
90United States Bob$ Marth6.694
91Japan Kounotori Falco6.677
92United States StabbedbyahippieFalco6.676
93United States ESAM Samus6.673
94United States G$ Falco Marth6.671
95United States Toph Fox6.649
96United States Bizzarro Flame Ganondorf6.614
97United States Hyprid Marth6.6
98United States Vist Luigi6.583
99Canada PKMVodka Marth6.576
100United States Ken Marth6.526

2014 Summer[edit]

SSBMRank 2014 Summer
1United States PPMDFalco Marth791+3
2United States MangoFalco Fox773-1
3United States Mew2KingSheik Marth Fox7360
4Sweden ArmadaPeach691-2
5United States HungryboxJigglypuff6740
6Sweden LeffenFox657+8
7United States HaxFox559-1
8United States WestballzFalco512+15
9United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers451+12
10United States ShroomedDr. Mario Sheik442-3
11United States SFATFox418-1
12Japan aMSaYoshi385+65
13Germany IceSheik Marth3830
14United States S2JCaptain Falcon318+5
15United States ColbolFox308+13
16Canada KirbyKazeSheik297-7
17United States AxePikachu283-6
18United States PewPewUMarth280-6
19United States FictionFox249+12
20United States Silent WolfFox206-4
21United States ZhuFalco182-3
22United States LuckyFox161-2
23United States PlupSamus149+4
24Mexico JaviFox101-7
25Spain OvertriforceSheik780


SSBMRank 2014
1United States Mango Fox Falco100
2Sweden Armada Peach9.8930
3United States PPMD Falco Marth9.75+1
4United States Mew2King Sheik Marth Fox9.717-1
5United States Hungrybox Jigglypuff9.6220
6Sweden Leffen Fox9.422+8
7United States Axe Pikachu9.128+4
8United States Hax Fox9.121-2
9United States Westballz Falco8.942+14
10United States Colbol Fox8.863+18
11United States Fly Amanita Ice Climbers8.835+10
12United States Lucky Fox8.807+8
13United States PewPewU Marth8.76-1
14United States Shroomed Sheik Dr. Mario8.688-7
15United States Silent Wolf Fox8.665+1
16United States Plup Samus8.62+11
17United States Fiction Fox8.565+14
18United States S2J Captain Falcon8.564+1
19Germany Ice Sheik Fox8.553-6
20United States SFAT Fox8.529-10
21United States Zhu Falco8.438-3
22Japan aMSa Yoshi8.333+55
23Canada KirbyKaze Sheik8.25-14
24United States Nintendude Ice Climbers8.178+24
25United States MacD Peach8.027+7
26United States Chillindude Fox7.9980
27Mexico Javi Fox7.979-10
28United States Kels Fox7.948+24
29United States Wizzrobe Captain Falcon7.9389000NEW
30United States The Moon Marth7.827+33
31Mexico Eddy Mexico Luigi7.825+11
32United States ChuDat Ice Climbers7.823-10
33United States Bladewise Peach7.692+1
34United States Abate Luigi7.65+24
35Chile ZeRo Fox7.6459000NEW
36United States Larry Lurr Falco7.613+51
37United States HugS Samus7.553+10
38United States Duck Samus7.517+37
39United States DJ Nintendo Fox7.49+2
40United States Kalamazhu Peach7.4869000NEW
41United States Lord Captain Falcon7.459-12
42United States Cactuar Fox7.457-2
43Chile Weon-X Fox7.456+1
44United States Darkrain Captain Falcon7.428-5
45Canada Kage Ganondorf7.413-10
46United States Zanguzen Falco7.3729000NEW
47United States SilentSpectre Captain Falcon7.34+4
48United States KoreanDJ Marth Sheik7.319-15
49United States Swiftbass Marth Fox7.28+30
50United States Zoso Marth7.254+18
51Canada RaynEX Fox7.259000NEW
52United States Darkatma Sheik Peach7.245-6
53United States Porkchops Falco7.2429000NEW
54Canada IB Marth7.237+19
55United States Darc Jigglypuff7.234-10
56United States Swedish Delight Sheik7.222+10
57United States OkamiBW Sheik7.214+25
58United States Ken Marth7.2+42
59United States VaNz Peach Sheik7.188-23
60Puerto Rico Excel Zero Peach7.1739000NEW
61United States Darrell Samus7.162+3
62United States Slox Fox Captain Falcon7.1489000NEW
63United States Beer Man Falco7.1489000NEW
64United States Soft Jigglypuff7.1419000NEW
65United Kingdom Fuzzyness Fox7.126-6
66United States Tafokints Sheik7.09-5
67United States Lil' Fumi Fox7.079000NEW
68United States Dart! Marth7.062+15
69Venezuela Blea Gelo Luigi7.0589000NEW
70United States Redd Fox7.058-17
71United States Hanky Panky Peach7.0399000NEW
72Netherlands Remen Falco7.0179000NEW
73United States StriCNYN3 Falco7.014-3
74United States Cyrain Fox Falco7-17
75United States HomeMadeWaffles Falco Fox6.986-20
76United States PikaChad Pikachu6.9560
77United States Reno Sheik Fox6.954+8
78United States Gahtzu Captain Falcon6.959000NEW
79United States DoH Peach6.922+2
80United States Eggm Fox6.9-26
81United States ARC Marth6.8929000NEW
82United States Tope Sheik6.891-26
83United States Druggedfox Fox6.8449000NEW
84United States Gravy Captain Falcon6.8399000NEW
85United States Tai Marth6.835-14
86United States Lucien Sheik6.827-37
87Puerto Rico Lord HDL Link Marth6.8199000NEW
88United States Trail Ice Climbers Ganondorf6.815+1
89United States Scar Captain Falcon6.809-27
90United States Laudandus Sheik6.8029000NEW
91United States Toph Fox6.791+4
92United States Alex19 Fox6.799000NEW
93United States Connor Fox Peach6.746-33
94United States Bizzarro Flame Ganondorf6.743+2
95United States Hyprid Marth6.721+2
96United States Azusa Peach6.7169000NEW
97United States Mojo Fox6.7159000NEW
98United States Milkman Fox6.79000NEW
99United States Frootloop Falco6.686-19
100United States ESAM Samus6.683-7

2015 Summer[edit]

SSBMRank 2015 Summer
1Sweden ArmadaFox Peach670+1
2Sweden LeffenFox637+4
3United States MangoFox Falco618-2
4United States PPMDMarth Falco595-1
5United States HungryboxJigglypuff5830
6United States Mew2KingMarth Sheik535-2
7United States PlupSheik503+9
8United States AxePikachu493-1
9United States WestballzFalco Fox Captain Falcon4550
10United States PewPewUMarth416+3
11United States ShroomedSheik378+3
12United States LuckyFox3250
12United States SFATFox325+8
14United States Silent WolfFox267+1
15United States HaxFox258-7
16United States MacDPeach239+9
17Germany IceFox Sheik221+2
18United States S2JCaptain Falcon1930
19United States HugSSamus164+18
20Canada KirbyKazeSheik141+3
21United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers139-10
22Japan aMSaYoshi1320
23United States WizzrobeCaptain Falcon131+6
24United States DruggedfoxSheik102+59
25United States The MoonMarth64+5


SSBMRank 2015
1Sweden ArmadaPeach Fox10.000+1
2United States HungryboxJigglypuff9.738+3
3Sweden LeffenFox9.731+3
4United States MangoFalco Fox9.537-3
5United States Mew2KingSheik Marth Fox9.396-1
6United States PPMDFalco Marth9.329-3
7United States PlupSheik Samus9.043+9
8United States WestballzFalco Fox Captain Falcon8.967+1
9United States AxePikachu Falco Young Link8.934-2
10United States ShroomedSheik Marth8.819+4
11United States Silent WolfFox8.661+4
12United States LuckyFox Captain Falcon8.5950
13United States SFATFox8.519+7
14United States PewPewUMarth Fox8.384-1
15United States MacDPeach8.273+10
16United States S2JCaptain Falcon Falco8.264+2
17Germany IceFox Sheik8.246+2
18United States DruggedfoxSheik Falco8.185+65
19United States HaxFox7.994-11
20United States HugSSamus7.849+17
21United States ColbolFox Marth7.834-11
22United States DuckSamus7.797+16
23United States WizzrobeCaptain Falcon7.732+6
24Japan aMSaYoshi Falco7.679-2
25United States NintendudeIce Climbers Peach7.668+1
26Mexico JaviFox7.618+1
27Canada KirbyKazeSheik7.582-4
28United States The MoonMarth7.497+2
29United States ZhuFalco7.448-7
30United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers7.417-19
31United States Swedish DelightSheik Peach7.303+25
32United States WobblesIce Climbers Mario7.293BACK
33United States AbateLuigi7.276+1
34United Kingdom Professor ProFox7.2079000NEW
35United States ChuDatIce Climbers7.004-3
36Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi6.840-5
37United States CactuarMarth Fox6.836+5
38United States FictionMarth Fox6.762-21
39United States BladewisePeach6.759-6
40United States MikeHazeFox6.4499000NEW
41United States DJ NintendoFox Pikachu6.446-2
42United States SantiagoFox6.434+25
43France TekkJigglypuff6.4269000NEW
44Canada KageGanondorf Captain Falcon6.421+1
45United States GahtzuCaptain Falcon6.240+33
46United States KJHFox6.2349000NEW
47Spain OvertriforceSheik6.224BACK
48Sweden AndroidSheik6.1979000NEW
49United States FrootloopFalco6.179+50
50United States KelsFox Sheik6.175-22
51Canada Ryan FordFox6.140BACK
52United States KenMarth6.133+6
53Netherlands AmsahSheik6.1129000NEW
54United States ChillindudeFox Falco6.053-28
55United States Prince AbuJigglypuff6.0229000NEW
56United States DarkatmaSheik5.988+4
57United States KalamazhuPeach Marth5.970-17
58Nicaragua n0neCaptain Falcon Ganondorf5.9579000NEW
59United States LaudandusSheik5.929+31
60United States KiraSheik Fox5.9159000NEW
61United States DarkrainCaptain Falcon5.831-17
62United States GravyCaptain Falcon5.813+22
62.5United States TwitchFox5.8139000NEW
63Venezuela Blea GeloLuigi5.801-6
64United States HomeMadeWafflesFox Falco5.780+11
65United States Dart!Marth5.749+3
66Netherlands JeapieCaptain Falcon5.7409000NEW
67United States Alex19Fox5.726+25
68United States ZanguzenFalco5.613-22
69United States SloxFox Captain Falcon5.588-7
70United States ReddFox Falco5.5020
71United States ZosoMarth5.429-21
72United States ConnorFox Peach5.420+21
73Netherlands ZgettoFox5.3969000NEW
74United States RenoSheik Fox5.381+3
75United States MattFox Falco5.327BACK
76United States RalphFalco5.2639000NEW
77Germany reaperMarth5.2299000NEW
78United States lloDPeach5.2009000NEW
79United States SUNG475Marth5.189BACK
80United States TafokintsSheik5.154-14
81United States ESAMSamus5.128+19
82United States SoftJigglypuff5.124-18
83United States DarrellSamus5.096-22
84United States dizzkidboogieIce Climbers5.0869000NEW
85United States $mikeCaptain Falcon5.0809000NEW
86United States SwiftbassMarth5.047-37
87United States ARCMarth5.028-6
88Japan RudolphMarth Fox Sheik5.0199000NEW
89United States AzusaPeach5.007+7
90United States TaiMarth4.976-5
91United States MafiaPeach4.9069000NEW
92United States PhilFox4.862BACK
93United States PorkchopsFalco Fox4.858-40
94Canada IBMarth4.840-40
95United States OkamiBWSheik4.830-38
96United States CrushFox4.7969000NEW
97United States TophFox4.793-6
98United States Bizzarro FlameGanondorf4.777-4
99United States Captain SmuckersCaptain Falcon4.7709000NEW
100United States DoHPeach4.754-21


SSBMRank 2016
1Sweden ArmadaPeach Fox10.0000
2United States HungryboxJigglypuff9.8920
3United States MangoFox Falco Marth Captain Falcon9.781+1
4United States Mew2KingMarth Sheik Fox Peach9.643+1
5Sweden LeffenFox9.576-2
6United States PlupSheik Samus Fox9.379+1
7United States SFATFox9.219+6
8United States WestballzFalco Fox Captain Falcon9.0310
9United States AxePikachu Falco Marth Young Link8.9690
10United States ShroomedSheik Marth8.9170
11United States Swedish DelightSheik Peach8.878+20
12United States WizzrobeCaptain Falcon8.820+11
13Germany IceFox8.812+4
14United States PewPewUMarth Fox8.6070
15United States DuckSamus8.586+7
16United States S2JCaptain Falcon8.5850
17United States NintendudeIce Climbers8.340+8
18Nicaragua n0neCaptain Falcon Ganondorf8.299+40
19United States LuckyFox8.296-7
20United States Silent WolfFox8.261-9
21United States The MoonMarth8.211+7
22United States ChuDatIce Climbers8.063+13
23United States DruggedfoxFox8.044-5
24United Kingdom Professor ProFox8.036+10
25United States ColbolFox Marth7.920-4
26United States MacDPeach7.822-11
27United States dizzkidboogieIce Climbers7.734+57
28United States MikeHazeFox7.720+12
29Canada KirbyKazeSheik7.668-2
30United States WobblesIce Climbers7.664+2
31United States ZhuFalco7.650-2
32Japan aMSaYoshi Falco7.482-8
33United States LaudandusSheik7.473+26
34United States KJHFox7.363+12
35United States GahtzuCaptain Falcon7.164+10
36United States ChillindudeFox7.124+18
37Mexico JaviFox6.914-11
38United States HugSSamus6.874-18
39United States BladewisePeach6.8500
40United States AbateLuigi6.804-7
41United States GravyCaptain Falcon6.788+21
42United States Prince AbuJigglypuff6.699+13
43United States SantiagoFalco Sheik6.617-1
44Spain TrifasiaPeach6.6119000NEW
45United States Captain FacerollSheik6.6079000NEW
46United States ConnorFox Sheik6.586+26
47United States Infinite NumbersIce Climbers6.5609000NEW
48Canada Ryan FordFox6.484+3
49United States CrushFox6.419+47
50United States MafiaPeach6.397+41
51United States SloxFox Sheik6.385+18
52Japan RudolphMarth Fox6.367+36
53Spain OvertriforceSheik6.321-6
54United States lloDPeach6.199+24
55United States KelsFox Sheik6.147-5
56Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi6.066-20
57United States AzusaPeach6.051+32
58Netherlands AmsahSheik6.003-5
59United States ReddFox Marth Falco Sheik5.984+11
60United States CactuarFox Marth5.924-23
61Netherlands ZgettoFox5.902+12
62United States SmashG0DMarth5.8619000NEW
63Sweden AndroidSheik5.854-15
64United States Captain SmuckersCaptain Falcon5.838+35
65United States DJ NintendoFox Pikachu5.806-24
66United States ZainMarth5.7179000NEW
67United States SyroxFox5.5919000NEW
68United States ESAMSamus Fox5.588+13
69United States SquidFalco5.5719000NEW
70Canada Kage the WarriorGanondorf Captain Falcon Fox5.566-26
71United States KalamazhuPeach5.4734-14
72United States DarkatmaSheik Peach5.430-16
73United States LovageFox5.261BACK
74United States TaiMarth5.240+16
75United States DrephenSheik5.21789000NEW
76United States Ka-MasterLuigi5.1399000NEW
77Canada TrulliamFalco5.1099000NEW
78United States FrootloopFalco Sheik Fox5.107-29
79United States Alex19Fox5.104-12
80United States HomeMadeWafflesFox Falco5.066-16
81United States MilkmanFox5.021BACK
82United States ARCMarth5.010+5
83United States RenoSheik Fox4.933-11
84United States TafokintsSheik4.886-4
85United Kingdom FuzzynessFox Captain Falcon4.864BACK
86United States KiraFox4.771-26
87United States KenMarth4.717-35
88United States MojoFox4.661BACK
89United States MedzFox Marth4.6329000NEW
90United States ZanguzenFalco4.607-22
91United States PhilFox4.547+1
92United States DarrellSamus4.518-9
93United States NMWCaptain Falcon4.5059000NEW
94United States PorkchopsFalco4.365-1
95United States JflexSheik Fox4.3549000NEW
96United Kingdom Vanity AngelPeach4.3319000NEW
97United States $mikeCaptain Falcon4.326-12
98Canada NightmareMarth4.3149000NEW
99United States 4%Jigglypuff4.2999000NEW
100United States Drunk SlothIce Climbers4.2619000NEW
101United States CyrainFoxN/ABACK

2017 Summer[edit]

SSBMRank 2017 Summer
1Sweden ArmadaPeach Fox1000
2United States HungryboxJigglypuff97.500
3United States MangoFalco Fox Marth94.500
4United States Mew2KingSheik Marth Fox Peach93.700
5Sweden LeffenFox92.000
6United States PlupSheik Fox Samus Luigi89.000
7United States ChuDatIce Climbers Jigglypuff86.00+15
8United States SFATFox85.20-1
9United States AxePikachu Falco Marth83.500
10United States WizzrobeCaptain Falcon83.50+2
11United States DruggedfoxFox81.00+12
12United States WestballzFalco Fox Captain Falcon79.80-4
13United States Swedish DelightSheik Peach78.90-2
14United States ShroomedSheik Marth78.80-4
15United States DuckSamus75.700
16United States S2JCaptain Falcon Falco73.500
17United States LuckyFox Captain Falcon72.50+2
18Nicaragua n0neCaptain Falcon Ganondorf71.800
19United States PewPewUMarth Fox70.20-5
20Germany IceFox70.10-7
21United States HugSSamus65.60+17
22United States MikeHazeFox65.40+6
23United States CrushFox63.40+26
24United States The MoonMarth Fox62.30-3
25United States dizzkidboogieIce Climbers61.60+2
26United States NintendudeIce Climbers Jigglypuff60.60-9
27United States KJHFox60.40+7
28United States ColbolFox Marth59.70-3
29United Kingdom Professor ProFox58.70-5
30United States SyroxFox Captain Falcon57.10+37
31Canada KirbyKazeSheik Peach56.30-2
32United States BladewisePeach53.40+7
33United States LaudandusSheik52.000
34Japan aMSaYoshi50.80-2
35United States GahtzuCaptain Falcon50.300
36United States MacDPeach50.10-10
37Canada Ryan FordFox Sheik Dr. Mario49.90+11
38United States SloxFox Falco Sheik48.60+13
39United States Captain SmuckersCaptain Falcon48.20+25
40United States RishiMarth47.60+22
41United States ZainMarth47.40+25
42United States Prince AbuJigglypuff45.800
43Spain TrifasiaPeach44.60+1
44Netherlands AmsahSheik Fox44.10+14
45United States SantiagoFalco Sheik Fox42.30-2
46United States MafiaPeach41.80+4
47United States KelsFox Sheik Falco40.10+8
48United States lloDPeach39.30+6
49United States Captain FacerollSheik37.70-4
50United States ChillindudeFox37.60-14


SSBMRank 2017
1United States HungryboxJigglypuff100+1
2Sweden ArmadaPeach Fox99.2-1
3United States MangoFalco Fox Mario Captain Falcon97.40
4United States Mew2KingSheik Marth Fox Peach96.30
5United States PlupSheik Fox Samus Luigi95.3+1
6Sweden LeffenFox94.9-1
7United States AxePikachu Falco Marth Young Link92.6+2
8United States WizzrobeCaptain Falcon91.8+4
9United States SFATFox91.7-2
10United States S2JCaptain Falcon Falco89.4+6
11United States ChuDatIce Climbers88.8+11
12United States DruggedfoxFox87.8+11
13United States ShroomedSheik Marth87.7-3
14United States DuckSamus85.2+1
15United States CrushFox85+34
16United States Swedish DelightSheik Peach84.8-5
17United States LuckyFox Captain Falcon Marth84.8+2
18United States WestballzFalco Fox Captain Falcon84.1-10
19United States La LunaMarth84+2
20Nicaragua n0neCaptain Falcon Ganondorf82.6-2
21United States PewPewUMarth Fox81.6-7
22United States ZainMarth80.3+44
23United States HugSSamus79.1+15
24Japan aMSaYoshi78.3+8
25United States MikeHazeFox76.9+3
26United States lloDPeach76.1+28
27United States dizzkidboogieIce Climbers75.80
28Germany IceFox75.6-15
29Canada KirbyKazeSheik Peach740
30United States ColbolFox Marth73.6-5
31Spain TrifPeach73.5+13
32Canada Ryan FordFox Falco Dr. Mario73.1+16
33United States SyroxFox72.4+34
34United States KJHFox71.20
35United States NintendudeIce Climbers70.7-18
36United States RishiMarth Fox68.4+26
37United States BladewisePeach67.2+2
38United States Prince AbuJigglypuff66.4+4
39Netherlands AmsahSheik66+19
40United States SantiagoFalco Sheik65.9+3
41United Kingdom Professor ProFox65.5-17
42United States SloxFox Falco65.5+9
43United States GahtzuCaptain Falcon63.4-8
44Sweden AndroidSheik62.2+19
45United States HaxFox62.1BACK
46Canada KageGanondorf Captain Falcon61.1+23
47United States Captain SmuckersCaptain Falcon61.1+17
48United States MacDPeach59.8-22
49United States GingerFalco58.59000NEW
50United States LaudandusSheik57.7-17
51United States KelsFox Sheik Falco Marth57.6+4
52United States Captain FacerollSheik57.4-7
53United States ARMYIce Climbers Jigglypuff57.39000NEW
54United States JunebugSheik55.39000NEW
55United States MedzFox Marth Falco55.1+34
56United States AbateLuigi53.8-16
57United States ChillindudeFox50.9-21
58United States SquidFalco50.8+11
59United States AzusaPeach Falco50.3-2
60Spain OvertriforceSheik49.7-7
61United States SparkSheik48.99000NEW
62United States Ka-MasterLuigi Captain Falcon48.5+14
63Canada TrulliamFalco48+14
64United States CactuarFox Marth47.9-4
65United States ReddFox Marth47.2-6
66United States ZhuFalco Fox46.6-35
67United States DarkatmaSheik Peach Fox46.5+5
68United States DrephenSheik46.3+7
69United States FatGokuFox45.99000NEW
70United States KalamazhuPeach45.8+1
71Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi45-15
72United States Drunk SlothIce Climbers44.9+28
73United States CalFox44.99000NEW
74United States AbsentPageFox Sheik Marth44.29000NEW
75United States King MomoFalco43.79000NEW
76United States DJ NintendoFox43.6-11
77United States HomeMadeWafflesFalco Fox43.6+3
78United States LovageFox Sheik42.6-5
79United States MilkmanFox41.9+2
80United States TaiMarth41.7-6
81United States RikFox Falco41.69000NEW
82United States RockyFalco41.49000NEW
83United States JerryFox41.39000NEW
84United States iBDWFox41.29000NEW
85United States KPANFalco41.19000NEW
86United States MojoFox40.7+2
87United States $mikeCaptain Falcon38.1+10
88United States DarktoothFox37.49000NEW
89Netherlands ZgettoFox36.8-28
90Venezuela Blea GeloLuigi36.6BACK
91United States KaeonFox36.19000NEW
92United States Bobby FrizzFox35.99000NEW
93United States IcemanMarth35.39000NEW
94United States LFox35.39000NEW
95United States NMWCaptain Falcon33.2-2
96Canada MokyFox32.99000NEW
97Canada LegendJigglypuff Peach32.69000NEW
98United States Zealous5000Marth Fox32.39000NEW
99United States RalphFalco Fox31.8BACK
100United States 2saintJigglypuff31.49000NEW
101United States ReeveMarth31.29000NEW
102United States BananasIce Climbers31.09000NEW
103Canada NightmareMarth30.4-5
104United States VroMarth30.19000NEW

2018 Summer[edit]

MPGR 2018 Summer
1United States HungryboxJigglypuff1000
2United States PlupSheik Fox Samus98.3+3
3Sweden ArmadaPeach Fox97.9-1
4Sweden LeffenFox96.1+2
5United States Mew2KingMarth Sheik Fox Jigglypuff94.5-1
6United States MangoFalco Fox94.1-3
7United States WizzrobeCaptain Falcon91.4+1
8Japan aMSaYoshi89.8+16
9United States ZainMarth89.4+13
10United States AxePikachu Falco Young Link88.8-3
11United States SFATFox86.6-2
12United States CrushFox84.0+3
13United States S2JCaptain Falcon83.7-3
14United States LuckyFox83.3+3
15United States HugSSamus80.1+8
16United States Swedish DelightSheik79.60
17United States PewPewUMarth78.6+4
18United States WestballzFalco78.40
19Nicaragua n0neCaptain Falcon78.3+1
20United States DuckSamus76.9-6
21United States lloDPeach74.6+5
22United States AbsentPageFox Sheik Marth73.3+52
23Canada Ryan FordFox Sheik Dr. Mario Falco72.6+9
24United States KJHFox72.5+10
25United States ShroomedSheik Marth70.1-12
26United States ARMYIce Climbers68.0+27
27United States La LunaMarth67.7-8
28United States SyroxFox Falco67.6+5
29Spain TrifPeach63.6+2
30United States Captain SmuckersCaptain Falcon62.7+17
31United States ColbolFox Marth60.1-1
32United States iBDWFox60+52
33United States BananasIce Climbers59.8+69
34United States GingerFalco58+15
35Germany IceFox56.8-7
36United States RishiMarth Fox56.50
37United States MikeHazeFox55-12
38United States BladewisePeach53.7-1
39United States Captain FacerollSheik53.1+13
40United States JunebugSheik52.1+14
41United States KalamazhuPeach51.3+39
42United States 2saintJigglypuff49.9+58
43United States SloxFox47.7-1
44United States GahtzuCaptain Falcon46.0-1
45United States MichaelJigglypuff45.59000NEW
46Canada MokyFox45.4+50
47United States SantiFalco Sheik43.4-7
48United Kingdom Professor ProFox43.1-7
49United States MedzFox Marth Falco42.6+6
50Spain OvertriforceSheik42.4+10


MPGR 2018
1United States HungryboxJigglypuff1000
2Sweden ArmadaPeach Fox98.90
3Sweden LeffenFox98.7+3
4United States PlupSheik Fox Samus97.4+1
5United States MangoFalco Fox96.2-2
6United States Mew2KingMarth Sheik Fox96.1-2
7United States ZainMarth94.6+15
8United States WizzrobeCaptain Falcon94.40
9Japan aMSaYoshi93.4+15
10United States AxePikachu Falco Young Link92.5-3
11United States S2JCaptain Falcon Falco91.3-1
12United States SFATFox90.7-3
13United States Swedish DelightSheik Peach89.1+3
14United States DuckSamus88.90
15United States PewPewUMarth Fox87.9+6
16Nicaragua n0neCaptain Falcon Ganondorf86.7+4
17United States CrushFox86.6-2
18United States LuckyFox86-1
19United States BananasIce Climbers85+83
20United States ARMYIce Climbers84.9+33
21United States lloDPeach83.8+5
22United States WestballzFalco Fox83-4
23United States HugSSamus82.30
24United States AbsentPageFox Sheik Marth81.6+50
25United States KJHFox80.8+9
26United States RishiMarth Fox79.3+10
27United States GahtzuCaptain Falcon79.1+16
28United States FictionFox Peach78.1BACK
29United States ShroomedSheik Marth77-16
30United States ColbolFox Marth75.30
31Canada Ryan FordFox Sheik74.9+1
32United States La LunaMarth74.5-13
33United States Captain FacerollSheik74+19
34United States iBDWFox72.9+50
35Spain TrifPeach71.1-4
36United States SyroxFox Falco70.2-3
37United States KalamazhuPeach69.4+33
38United States HaxFox68.3+7
39Germany IceFox68.2-11
40United States GingerFalco67.4+9
41United States MichaelJigglypuff66.89000NEW
42United States Captain SmuckersCaptain Falcon66.3+5
43United States MikeHazeFox64.4-18
44United States BladewisePeach63.7-7
45United States JunebugSheik63.6+9
46United States ChuDatIce Climbers63.5-35
47New Zealand SpudMarth62.79000NEW
48United States SantiFalco62.4-8
49United States 2saintJigglypuff62+51
50United States SloxFox Falco61.4-8
51United States RockyFalco60.7+31
52Canada mokyFox60.2+44
53United States SparkSheik59.2+8
54United States SquidFalco58.9+4
55United States JerryJigglypuff Fox58.8+28
56United Kingdom Professor ProFox57.3-15
57Spain OvertriforceSheik53.1+3
58United States Ka-MasterLuigi Captain Falcon52.1+4
59United States DarktoothFox51.9+29
60United States DrephenSheik51.6+8
61United States DrunkslothIce Climbers50.7+11
62United States StangoMarth489000NEW
63United States AbateLuigi47.9-7
64Netherlands AmsahSheik46.8-25
65United States NintendudeIce Climbers Marth46-30
66Sweden AndroidSheik45.7-22
67United States BoydIce Climbers45.39000NEW
68United States 42ndJigglypuff45.29000NEW
69United States FatGokuFox44.90
70United States SharkzIce Climbers44.59000NEW
71United States CactuarFox Marth44-7
72United States TaiMarth43+8
73United States KelsFox Sheik Falco42.9-22
74United States DaShizWizFalco42.8BACK
75United States DarkatmaSheik Peach42.1-8
76Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi41.8-5
77United States Prince AbuJigglypuff41.7-39
78United States ZamuFox38.29000NEW
79United States KalvarMarth36.89000NEW
80United States Uncle MojoFox36.7+6
81United States HTwaSheik Fox35.69000NEW
82United States RikFox Falco35.5-1
83United States NMWCaptain Falcon35.2+12
84United States King MomoFalco34.3-9
85Canada LegendJigglypuff33.5+12
86United States SmashdaddyFox Falco31.39000NEW
87United States CalFox Sheik29.4-14
88United States JakenshakenMarth29.49000NEW
89United States RalphFalco Fox29+10
90United States FlipsyIce Climbers28.59000NEW
91United States TheRealThingFalco28.19000NEW
92United States MilkManFox27.8-13
93Canada TrulliamFalco27.6-30
94United States CobPeach26.89000NEW
95United States IcemanMarth26.7-2
96United States vortexSheik Fox26.39000NEW
97United States MagiFalco269000NEW
98Netherlands nebbiiYoshi25.19000NEW
99United States Morsecode762Samus23.99000NEW
100United States AzelFalco Fox23.69000NEW
101Palestine Free PalestineSheik Marth22.79000NEW

2019 Summer[edit]

MPGR 2019 Summer
1United States HungryboxJigglypuff99.80
2United States WizzrobeCaptain Falcon98.7+6
3United States AxePikachu Falco97+7
4Sweden LeffenFox96.7-1
5United States MangoFalco Fox95.50
6United States ZainMarth93.4+1
7United States PlupSheik Fox92.5-3
8Japan aMSaYoshi91.3+1
9United States S2JCaptain Falcon88.6+2
10United States iBDWFox88.5+24
11United States SFATFox87.4+1
12Spain TrifPeach85.7+23
13United States Swedish DelightSheik Peach83.50
14Canada mokyFox82.9+38
15United States FictionFox Peach81.2+13
16United States PewPewUMarth Fox80.7-1
17United States Captain FacerollSheik80+16
18United States GingerFalco77.2+22
19United States DuckSamus76.2-5
20United States BananasIce Climbers75.5-1
21United States KJHFox75.3+4
22United States GahtzuCaptain Falcon74.3+5
23United States LuckyFox71.7-5
24United States ARMYIce Climbers71.5-4
25United States Hax$Fox71.2+13
26United States WestballzFalco Fox71-4
27United States MedzFox Marth67.6BACK
28United States ChuDatIce Climbers67.2+18
29Nicaragua n0neCaptain Falcon66.9-13
30United States ShroomedSheik Marth62.9-1
31United States MikeHazeFox62.8+12
32United States SantiFalco62.2+16
33New Zealand SpudMarth61.6+14
34United States RishiMarth60.5-8
35United States StangoMarth57.9+27
36United States FatGokuFox57+33
37United States La LunaMarth55-5
38United States ColbolFox Marth54.8-8
39Mexico BimboFalco53.99000NEW
40United States KalamazhuPeach53-3
41United States SparkSheik52.6+12
42United States DrephenSheik Zelda51.9+18
43United States JakenshakenMarth49.9+45
44United States 2saintJigglypuff48.9+5
45United States SloxFox Marth48.6+5
46United States JerryFox Jigglypuff47.2+9
47United States MichaelJigglypuff45.3-6
48United States MagiFalco44.9+49
49United States SquidFalco Peach43.6+5
50United States HugSSamus42.5-27


MPGR 2019
1United States HungryboxJigglypuff1000
2Sweden LeffenFox98.9+1
3United States MangoFalco Fox98.3+2
4United States AxePikachu Falco97+6
5United States WizzrobeCaptain Falcon96.4+3
6United States ZainMarth96.1+1
7Japan aMSaYoshi94.6+2
8United States PlupSheik Fox93.5-4
9United States iBDWFox92.9+25
10United States Mew2KingMarth Sheik Fox92-4
11United States S2JCaptain Falcon91.50
12United States FictionFox90.3+16
13United States SFATFox90.3-1
14Canada mokyFox89.2+38
15Nicaragua n0neCaptain Falcon88.1+1
16Spain TrifPeach87.4+19
17United States Captain FacerollSheik87.1+16
18United States Swedish DelightSheik86.9-5
19United States Hax$Fox84.7+19
20United States LuckyFox84.7-2
21United States GingerFalco83.2+19
22United States SparkSheik82.7+31
23United States ChuDatIce Climbers82.2+23
24United States PewPewUMarth Fox81.5-9
25United States lloDPeach80-4
26United States ARMYIce Climbers79.6-6
27United States AbsentPageFox78.9-3
28United States BananasIce Climbers77.6-9
29United States KJHFox77.6-4
30United States ShroomedSheik Marth75.6-1
31United States WestballzFalco Fox74.9-9
32United States MedzFox Marth74.1BACK
33United States MikeHazeFox73.4+10
34United Kingdom Professor ProFox72.5+22
35United States 2saintJigglypuff72.5+14
36United States GahtzuCaptain Falcon71.3-9
37United States AlbertFalco69.89000NEW
38New Zealand SpudMarth68.7+9
39United States FatGokuFox67.8+30
40United States RishiMarth67.3-14
41Mexico BimboFalco66.29000NEW
42United Kingdom SetchiCaptain Falcon66.29000NEW
43United States MagiFalco64.8+54
44United States Morsecode762Samus63.1+55
45United States JakenshakenMarth63+43
46United States HugSSamus62.1-23
47United States StangoMarth60.7+15
48United States ZamuFox60.1+30
49United States DrephenSheik59.9+11
50United States MichaelJigglypuff59-9
51Germany IceFox58.8-12
52United States billybopeepFox58.79000NEW
53United States La LunaMarth57.5-21
54United States ColbolFox Marth57.2-24
55Spain OvertriforceSheik57.1+2
56United States SloxFox56.3-6
57United States KalamazhuPeach56.2-20
58United States NickemwitCaptain Falcon55.6+27
59United States JerryFox Jigglypuff54.2-4
60United States AuraPeach52.89000NEW
61United States NutSheik52.89000NEW
62United States KalvarMarth52.6+17
63United States PolishPeach529000NEW
64United States Kevin MaplesFox489000NEW
65United States BladewisePeach47.6-21
66United States TaiMarth47.4+6
67United States SquidFalco46.5-13
68United States ForrestMarth45.59000NEW
69United States JoyboyFox44.89000NEW
70United States KoDoRiNMarth44.69000NEW
71Canada Ryan FordFox Sheik43.2-40
72Palestine Free PalestineSheik Marth41.7+29
73United States RyobeatPeach41.39000NEW
74United States Ka-MasterLuigi Captain Falcon39.4-16
75United States KürvLuigi Fox38.89000NEW
76United Kingdom FrenzyFalco38.59000NEW
77United States MoGPeach38.29000NEW
78United States BoydIce Climbers38.2-11
79United States Cool LimeIce Climbers37.49000NEW
80United States bobby big ballzFalco37.39000NEW
81United States NintendudeMarth Ice Climbers36.8-16
82United States FranzDr. Mario36.49000NEW
83Germany NickiFox36.29000NEW
84United States lintFalco34.79000NEW
85United States King MomoFalco33.5-1
86United States TheRealThingFalco32.9+5
87United States UmarthMarth32.89000NEW
88United States ZeoCaptain Falcon329000NEW
89Norway PricentFox31.69000NEW
90United States Prince AbuJigglypuff31.4-13
91Netherlands AmsahSheik30.9-27
92United States RockyFalco30.1-41
93United States SharkzIce Climbers29.8-23
94United States HTwaSheik Fox28-13
95Canada KageGanondorf25.4BACK
96United States SchythedCaptain Falcon25.49000NEW
97United States PandaFox24.99000NEW
98Canada SoonsayFox24.89000NEW
99United States TheSWOOPERSamus24.79000NEW
100United States SnowyJigglypuff24.39000NEW

2022 Summer[edit]

MPGR 2022 Summer
1United States ZainMarth99.9+5
2United States iBDWFox98.6+7
3United States JmookSheik97.39000NEW
4United States HungryboxJigglypuff97.0-3
5Sweden LeffenFox Sheik96.9-3
6Japan aMSaYoshi94.9+1
7United States PlupSheik Fox94.4+1
8United States lloDPeach92.9+17
9Nicaragua n0neCaptain Falcon91.1+6
10United States KoDoRiNMarth90.4+60
11United States MangoFalco Fox89.9-8
12United States FictionFalco87.90
13Canada mokyFox87.3+1
14United States GingerFalco87.1+7
15Australia JoshmanFox86.39000NEW
16United States S2JCaptain Falcon85.7-5
17United States SluGIce Climbers85.69000NEW
18United States AkloFox Link82.79000NEW
19United States PolishPeach81.4+44
20United States KrudoSheik819000NEW
21United States MagiFalco79.5+22
22United States SparkSheik78.80
23United States SFATFox78.3-10
24Sweden PipsqueakFox75.59000NEW
25United States nullFox74.49000NEW
26United States SwiftPikachu Fox73.99000NEW
27United States TheSWOOPERSamus72.5+72
28United States SmashdaddyFox Falco72.4BACK
29United States AxePikachu71.3-25
30United States KJHFox Falco68.2-1
31Canada SoonsayFox66.7+67
32United States LuckyFox66.6-12
33United States SkerzoFox66.59000NEW
34United States SaltCaptain Falcon66.49000NEW
35United States bobby big ballzFalco65.3+45
36United States ZamuFox65.2+12
37United States JflexSheik64.5BACK
38United States ChemFox63.99000NEW
39United States BenSheik62.59000NEW
40United States AuraPeach62.4+20
41Canada ZuppyFox629000NEW
42United States 2saintJigglypuff61.2-7
43United States SufCaptain Falcon Marth60.79000NEW
44United Kingdom FrenzyFalco58.2+32
45United States MekkCaptain Falcon56.79000NEW
46United States LoganMarth55.99000NEW
47United States BbattsPeach55.69000NEW
48United States PandaFox55.3+49
49Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi55.1BACK
50United Kingdom Professor ProFox53.4-16

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