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[e][h]Captain Falcon Scar
Scar on commentary at GENESIS 4.
Player Information
Bobby Scarnewman
January 7, 1987 (1987-01-07) (age 31)
San Francisco, California
Melee It On Me, Twitch
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
"The People's Champ"
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Captain Falcon
2012-11-21 — Present

Bobby "Scar" Scarnewman is a commentator and Captain Falcon player originally hailing from Philadelphia, but is now residing in San Francisco. He is the founder of Melee It On Me.


Though he is more known nowadays as a commentator, he first gained fame in the Smash community as the creator of a trilogy of combo videos entitled "I Killed Mufasa", showcasing his Captain Falcon skills. He cemented himself as one of the top Falcon players in America by finishing 6th at GENESIS, higher than any other Falcon. Later in 2009, he moved to California and defeated SilentSpectre, considered the best Falcon on the West Coast at the time, in a money match.

In 2013, he traveled with Mango to Europe to compete in BEAST 3, the premier tournament series in Europe. At BEAST, he won doubles with Mango and finished 9th in singles. Since BEAST, Scar has occasionally teamed with Mango, finishing 2nd and 3rd in doubles at Super SWEET and Kings of Cali 4 respectively.

As a commentator, he has commentated top 8 at many tournaments such as The Big House 4, The Big House 5, CEO 2015, EVO 2015, Super Smash Con, GENESIS 3, EVO 2016, The Big House 6, GENESIS 4, EVO 2017, GameTyrant Expo 2017, and The Big House 7. (Many with Toph)

In 2016 and 2017, he entered several tournaments including GENESIS 3 and GENESIS 4, but did not advance from pools.

Scar and Toph host a show on Twitch called The Scar and Toph Show. They also host a webseries called The Reads in partnership with Cross Counter.


2017-10-01S1533 - 48thGameTyrant Expo 20171 : 3SwedenAndroid
2017-01-22S63193 - 256thGENESIS 41 : 2USATang
2016-01-17S63129 - 192ndGENESIS 3LUSANY Joey
2015-10-04S1549 - 64thThe Big House 5Captain Falcon1 : 2CanadaSheikWaz
2015-09-19S1533 - 48thHTC ThrowdownLUSAAlex19
2015-04-12S1533 - 48thI'm Not Yelling!Captain Falcon1 : 2USADr. MarioReason
2015-04-05Q717 - 24thNorCal Regionals 20150 : 2USAgaR
2014-10-05S3165 - 96thThe Big House 4LUSABizzarro Flame
2014-07-13S1549 - 64thEVO 2014LUSAThe Moon
2014-07-06R725 - 32ndKings of Cali 41 : 3USADendyPretendy
2014-06-08M313 - 16thSuper SWEET1 : 2USADuck
2014-04-20E15 - 6thNorCal Regionals 2014Captain Falcon1 : 2USAFoxFalcoHomeMadeWaffles
2014-03-02G17 - 8thSoCal Regionals 2014Captain Falcon0 : 2USAPikachuAxe
2014-01-19S1533 - 48thApex 2014LUSATope
2013-10-13I39 - 12thThe Big House 3Captain Falcon1 : 2USASheikDarkatma
2013-06-02R725 - 32ndZenith 2013LUSAUnknown522
2013-04-28M313 - 16thNorCal Regionals 2013LUSASung
2013-04-14Q717 - 24thKings of Cali 2LUSAS2J
2013-04-07I39 - 12thB.E.A.S.T 3LSwedenDev
2013-01-13R725 - 32ndApex 2013LUSAS2J
2012-11-18G17 - 8thRevival of Melee 5Captain Falcon1 : 2USACaptain FalconHax
2012-11-10I39 - 12thKings of CaliLUSAFly Amanita
2012-10-07M313 - 16thThe Big House 2LUSATrail
2012-03-25Q717 - 24thNorthwest ManifestLUSAToph
2011-01-23M313 - 16thWinter Game Fest VILUSADEHF
2010-12-19R725 - 32ndDon't Go Down There Jeff!0 : 2USAMacD
2010-11-21S1533 - 48thRevival of Melee 3Captain Falcon1 : 2USAFalcoLambchops
2010-06-05I39 - 12thWest San Jose TourneyLUSATang
2010-01-18S1533 - 48thPound 4Captain Falcon0 : 2USAFoxCactuar
2009-11-22Q717 - 24thRevival of Melee 2Captain Falcon1 : 2USASheikTeczero
2009-05-10G17 - 8thApex 2009LUSAHax
2009-03-08Q717 - 24thRevival of MeleeLUSACort
2007-11-11M313 - 16thViva La SmashtaclysmLUSAChillindude

Melee Rankings[edit]


Ranking Series Rank
SSBMRank 2014 89
SSBMRank 2013 62

NorCal Power Rankings[edit]

Ranking Series Rank
NorCal Melee, September 2014 9
NorCal Melee, May 2014 11
NorCal Melee, September 2013 12
NorCal Melee, June 2013 8
NorCal Melee, January 2013 5
NorCal Melee, April 2012 4
NorCal Melee, February 2012 9
NorCal Melee, August 2011 6
NorCal Melee, April 2011 10
NorCal Melee, July 2010 10
NorCal Melee, April 2010 5


  • Claims he got 5th at GENESIS, even though he lost a tiebreaker to Mew2King, giving him 6th place.
    • As part of the GENESIS 3 Compendium, there was a match to determine who places 5th or 6th, with the loser getting the "Bobby Scar Award". PPMD would win the award after forfeiting the match.
  • His original surname was Scarduzio. His current surname is a fusion of Scarduzio and his wife Sophie's surname, Newman.

Combo Videos[edit]