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[e][h] Sheik
Character Information
S (4)
Source Universe:
(Legend of Zelda)
Other Smash Titles:
15[1] Frames
_____ Frames
7th of 26
3rd of 26
30 Frames
21 Frames
8th of 26
2nd of 26
Fast Faller:
19th of 26
5th of 26
4th of 26

Sheik was one of the first characters announced for Super Smash Bros. Melee on 7 July 2001 at E3.[2][3] Sheik is used often in competitive play and relies on her great chaingrab, combos, forward aerial, her excellent speed, and projectile. She was number one on the tier list up until the 8th version, when Fox took the top. She now sits comfortably at fourth.


Accessed by using Zelda's down special in game or by holding A during stage load, Sheik is notable for her good edge guarding tools as well as her exceptional ability to tech chase characters. Sheik currently sits on the tier list as the third best character in the game.

Sheik's down throw has a certain knockback that places thrown characters very close to her, giving her time to chase the opponent after they recover from the throw or even chaingrab the opponent. She can true chaingrab a plethora of characters, including Pikachu, Yoshi, Sheik, Mr. Game and Watch, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Pichu, and Ness. Her forward and back throws can be used close to the edges of stages to potentially set up for edge guards, especially against fast fallers such as Fox and Falco. Sheik's down throw also allows Sheik to techchase fast faller opponents such as Fox, Falco, and Captain Falcon to high percents.

Aside from an intimidating arsenal of throws, Sheik is a force to be reckoned with on the ledge. Sheik possesses very good tools to edge guard. With long legs that create large hitboxes that stay out long, Sheik can easily cover many recovery options with her aerial attacks. Her quick needle projectile also allows Sheik to stop her opponents from returning to the stage without putting herself in danger. With her fast movement she is able to quickly get enemies off the stage and quickly follow them with a wavedash back onto the ledge.

Though all of Sheik's moves are good and have good knockback, a few of her moves stand out among the others. In conjunction with her down throw and boost grab, Sheik's dash attack, up tilt, and forward tilt allow her to easily tech chase her enemies. Her forward tilt into forward air is another easy way for Sheik to get kills.

Sheik is considered to be a minimally demanding character to play technically, making her an ideal choice for more cerebral players. She is simple enough to play, and her punishes require more reads and timing as opposed to technical skill. She is a very potent defensive character, perhaps the best defensive character in the game, but she suffers from a lack of reliable approach options. One of her only safe approaches is to fall from a platform and shoot needles (her neutral-b) and then follow this into a grab. Apart from this, Sheik does not have many options that are safe on an opponent's shield, and therefore, her approach game is weak.

Sheik is one of a handful of characters to have a fully invincible ledgestall. This means she is able to remain on the ledge with complete invincibility, and the only way she can be kept from stalling until a time-out is if the opponent steals the ledge in between her repeated Up-b's. Stealing the ledge from a stalling Sheik is risky and difficult, giving her the safest ledge option in the game. This, coupled with her ability to quickly attack or grab from the ledge with invincibility, gives her the best ledge game out of any character.

Overall, Sheik is a cerebral, mental-game-based character with great defensive options, safe ledge options, a great projectile, a great edgeguarding game, and the best grab game of any character in the game. For these reasons, Sheik sits at 3rd on the current tier list, making her one of the most viable and powerful characters in the game.


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