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[e][h]Sheik Marth Shroomed
Player Information
DaJuan Jefferson McDaniel
Years Active:
2009 - Present
Approx. Total Winnings:
DaJuan 'Energy' McDaniel
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Current Mains:
Former Mains:
Dr. Mario
Project M
Current Mains:
2015-07-16 — 2016-12-07
2016-12-22 — 2018-10-08
2019-11-04 — 2020-05-01

DaJuan "Shroomed" Jefferson McDaniel is a Melee player from NorCal. He was considered the best Dr. Mario player in the world and now is one of the best Sheik players in the world. He is currently ranked 2nd on the NorCal Power Rankings and ranked 30th in MPGR 2019.


Shroomed became known for his Dr. Mario play, taking the character to top 8 finishes at events such as EVO 2013, Apex 2012, and Apex 2013. After Apex 2014, however, he decided to switch his main to Sheik, though he keeps Dr Mario for certain matchups and for when his Sheik isn't performing well.

He ended 2014 on a strong note at Pacific Northwest Regional by becoming the first player to take a set off of Mew2King in Sheik dittos in tournament, though Mew2King got his revenge later in the bracket. He did it again at Apex 2015, securing himself a spot in top 8, where he lost a close set to Hungrybox to finish in 7th place.

On July 16, 2015, Winterfox announced it was signing Shroomed as its first Smash player.[1] On December 7, 2016, Shroomed announced his departure from Winterfox, becoming a free agent.[2]

On December 22, 2016, Shroomed was signed by Immortals.[3] He left Immortals on October 8, 2018.[4] He joined Morituri Esports on November 4, 2019.[5] He left Morituri Esports around May of 2020. [Inside Source]



2020-11-22Q317 - 20thSmash Summit 100/4Grp. S.
2020-10-30B12nd Rollback Rumble: SCL Q4Sheik0 : 3
0 : 3
United StatesFoxLucky
2020-10-24B12nd Rollback Rumble: SCL Q3Dr. MarioMarthSheik1 : 3United StatesFoxFiction
2020-10-17A11st Rollback Rumble: SCL Q2Marth2 : 3
3 : 0
United StatesIce ClimbersSluG
2020-10-11Z1L Slippi Champions League - Season 1 Week 1 - Division 2Sheik0 : 3United StatesFalcoGinger
2020-09-26E15 - 6th THE CLG MIXUPSheik1 : 3United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox$50
2020-02-16Q117 - 18thSmash Summit 92/4Grp. S.$381
2020-01-26G17 - 8thGENESIS 7Sheik0 : 3United StatesFoxHax$$301
2019-12-08M313 - 16thMango's Birthday BashMarth1 : 3United StatesFoxLucky
2019-10-06S1533 - 48thThe Big House 9Sheik2 : 3United StatesFoxLad
2019-09-28A11stNorthBay Masters 2019Sheik3 : 1United StatesSheikSpark
2019-09-22S1533 - 48thMainstage1 : 3United Statesbillybopeep
2019-07-14E15 - 6thLow Tier City 7Sheik0 : 3United StatesFoxMango
2019-06-02I39 - 12thSmash 'N' Splash 5Sheik0 : 3United StatesMarthZain
2019-05-19Q717 - 24thGet On My Level 20192 : 3United StatesLucky
2019-03-31G17 - 8thBattle of BC 3Marth1 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT
2019-02-03S3197 - 128thGENESIS 60 : 2United StatesHTwa
2019-01-26E15 - 6thFight For Socal 2Marth0 : 3United StatesFoxiBDW
2018-11-11I39 - 12thThe Mango: Homecoming0 : 3United StatesCaptain Faceroll
2018-10-07R725 - 32ndThe Big House 8MarthSheik0 : 3United StatesSheikSpark
All Results
2020-01-26G17 - 8thGENESIS 7ShroomedMarthSheikUnited States
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
1 : 3United StatesFoxRalph
United StatesSheikDarkatma
2019-12-08C13rdMango's Birthday BashShroomedSheikUnited States
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
1 : 3United StatesMarthZain
United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox
2019-10-06I39 - 12thThe Big House 9ShroomedUnited States
S2JUnited States
1 : 2CanadaRyan Ford
2019-09-28B12ndNorthBay Masters 2019ShroomedUnited States
AlanUnited States
1 : 3United StatesRalph
United StatesDarkatma
2019-09-22B12ndMainstageShroomedSheikUnited States
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
2 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT
United StatesMarthPewPewU
2019-07-14C13rdLow Tier City 7ShroomedUnited States
S2JUnited States
0 : 3United StatesSFAT
United StatesMikeHaze
2019-06-02B12ndSmash 'N' Splash 5ShroomedSheikUnited States
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
3 : 2
0 : 3
United StatesMarthPewPewU
United StatesFoxSFAT
2019-05-19A11stGet On My Level 2019ShroomedSheikUnited States
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
3 : 0
3 : 1
United StatesPikachuAxe
2019-03-31C13rdBattle of BC 3ShroomedSheikUnited States
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
2 : 3United StatesFoxHax$
2019-02-03D14thGENESIS 6ShroomedMarthUnited States
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
1 : 3United StatesFoxPlup
United StatesSheikMew2King
2019-01-26B12ndFight For Socal 2ShroomedMarthUnited States
WestballzFoxUnited States
0 : 3United StatesFalcoRocky
United StatesFoxSFAT
2018-11-11G17 - 8thThe Mango: HomecomingShroomedUnited States
S2JUnited States
2 : 3United StatesOkamiBW
2018-10-07Q717 - 24thThe Big House 8ShroomedUnited States
S2JUnited States
DQUnited StatesWenbobular
United StatesDruggedfox
2018-08-26C13rdShine 2018ShroomedMarthUnited States
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
0 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT
United StatesMarthPewPewU
2018-08-04S1549 - 64thEVO 2018ShroomedUnited States
S2JUnited States
LUnited StatesLane
United StatesZeph
2018-07-15A11stRunback 2018ShroomedUnited States
S2JUnited States
3 : 0United StatesDuck
United StatesSFAT
2018-06-03D14thSmash 'N' Splash 4ShroomedMarthUnited States
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
2 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT
United StatesMarthPewPewU
2018-05-20E15 - 6thGet On My Level 2018ShroomedSheikUnited States
LuckyFoxUnited States
2 : 3United StatesFoxRishi
United StatesPeachlloD
2018-04-14M313 - 16thThe Deep 5ShroomedUnited States
AlanUnited States
DQUnited StatesBobo
United StatesDJSwerve
2018-03-25C13rdFull Bloom 4ShroomedSheikUnited States
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
2 : 3United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox
United StatesIce ClimbersChuDat
All Results

Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in MPGR 2019:

Rank 18 - Swedish Delight
Rank 21 - Ginger
Rank 40 - Rishi
Rank 43 - Magi
Rank 97 - Panda

Project M[edit]

2015-04-05I39 - 12thNorCal Regionals 20150 : 2United StatesThundeRzReiGN
2014-05-04D14thNorthwest Majors VIMario1 : 2United StatesDiddy KongBladewise
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