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Team Information
October 2015

Sinai Village is a rising esports organization with one of the most expansive esports line-ups in esports today. Founded in 2015, Sinai has grown from a group of friends trying to gather clips for Call of Duty montages, into a successful esports organization with a structured and dedicated management staff and multiple esports athletes competing at their top levels.

In the past three years, Sinai Village has managed to house at least 80 esports players in at least 10 different esports. Sinai has had many incredible players go through the Sinai Village ranks, including the number one Swedish FIFA Pro Clubs team, Bette Jalle, now the number one Dutch FIFA Pro Clubs team, Dutch United. In Smash, the awe-inspiring Bayonetta player, Glare, and his ambitious brother, Scot. And finally one of the most dynamic duos in CSGO, Hollywood and Kilroy.

These players, among others, had helped Sinai develop some of most dedicated and successful personalities in recent esports history. Sinai has advanced their take on the esports industry on multiple frontiers, both as an ambitious competitor and an innovative business.

While proud of its achievements on and off the field, Sinai Village has always valued the atmosphere among its members. Promoting friendship between players and staff from all backgrounds since its very first day.



  • February 3 - Pelca joins Sinai Village.[1]
  • June 12 - Fang joins Sinai Village.[4]
  • February 28 - Glare joins Sinai Village.[6]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Main Alternate Join Date 2018 2019
USA Glare Jake Burnett Bayonetta 2018-02-28 B725 - 32nd Shine/2018
USA Scot! Scot Burnett Jr. LuigiWiiU 2018-07-07 C133 - 48th Get On My Level/2018 Smash Sounds
Mexico Maister Enrique Hernández Solís MrGame&WatchUltimate 2018-10-16 C1129 - 192nd GENESIS/6
USA Pelca Joshua Bedoya SnakeUltimate 2019-02-03 C197 - 128th GENESIS/6 Glitch/6