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Team Information
Evan "PB&J" Holland

Smash Studios is a team as well as Smash Brothers Series streamer based in Georgia. Players often dual as organizational members, some members of Smash Studios are there due to them being organizational members, and some are sponsored.

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Main Alternate 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
United States Colbol Colin Green Fox Marth A55 - 6th Super Smash Con HTC Throwdown A57 - 8th Pound 2016 A59 - 12th CEO Dreamland A44th MomoCon 2018 A59 - 12th CEO/2019/Melee
Mexico Javi Javier Ruiz Fox Captain Falcon Sheik C133 - 48th GENESIS 3 A59 - 12th Smash Factor/6 A55 - 6th Smash Factor/7
United States S0ft Joshua Davis Jigglypuff Fox Falco Sheik Dr. Mario C165 - 80th Apex 2015 B725 - 32nd Don't Park on the Grass/2016 C133 - 48th GENESIS 4
United States MrConCon Conor Ghobrial LuigiUltimate C197 - 128th Apex 2015 A57 - 8th 2GGT: EE Saga A57 - 8th IBP Masters Showdown C133 - 48th SML/Battle for Vegas A513 - 16th Ultimate Nimbus

Crew Members[edit]

ID Name Main Alternate
United States PB&J Evan Holland Fox Falco Ice Climbers
United States Flow Onish Jain Sheik Jigglypuff