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Smash World Tour 2020: Melee Points Standings

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A player's points total is the sum of their three best Platinum, three best Gold, and six best Silver scores. Thus, the maximum possible points total is 4,200, determined as follows:

  • 2,400 points from winning three Platinum tier tournaments.
  • 1,200 points from winning three Gold tier tournaments.
  • 600 points from winning six Silver 128 tier tournaments.
 PlayerPointsPlatinum pointsGold pointsSilver pointsGOMLMomoBAMDDBoBCLTCFêteSFSSCScriptApexHFLAN
1.United States of America Albert450045
2.United States of America KoDoRiN250025
3.United States of America bobby big ballz250025
4.United States of America Salt100010
5.United States of America null100010
6.United States of America Arc5005
7.United States of America Nut5005
8.United States of America SFOP1001
9.United States of America SDJ1001
10.United States of America Westballz1001