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Smash World Tour 2020: Ultimate Points Standings

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A player's points total is the sum of their three best Platinum, three best Gold, and 6 best Silver scores. Thus, the maximum possible points total is 4,200, determined as follows:

  • 2,400 points from winning three Platinum tier tournaments.
  • 1,200 points from winning three Gold tier tournaments.
  • 600 points from winning 6 Silver 128 tier tournaments.
 PlayerPointsPlatinum pointsGold pointsSilver pointsUJMGOMLMomoBAMDDBoBCCEOLTCSELSFSSCGlitchPortApex
1.Japan Ark450045
2.Japan Nagi-nu250025
3.Japan Kuroitsu100010
4.Japan Ke-ya5005
5.Japan Daijunoseirei1001
6.Japan yuzu1001