SWT 2021 South America Regional Finals: Melee

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This tournament has been cancelled.[1]
If this is not true or the tournament has been re-established, please update this page.
[e][h]SWT 2021 South America Regional Finals
Tournament Information
Beardog Events
Prize pool:
$5,000 USD
Start Date:
July 30, 2021
End Date:
August 1, 2021
Liquipedia Tier:
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Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

The Smash World Tour 2021 South America Regional Finals was a tournament that would have been held on July 30 - August 1, 2021. On June 21, 2021, the tournament was cancelled due to the status of COVID-19 in South America. Chape and HP were selected to advance to the SWT 2021 Melee Championship.[1]

Residents of the following countries would have been eligible to participate:

  • Argentina Argentina
  • Bolivia Bolivia
  • Brazil Brazil
  • Chile Chile
  • Colombia Colombia
  • Ecuador Ecuador
  • French Guiana French Guiana
  • Guyana Guyana
  • Paraguay Paraguay
  • Peru Peru
  • Suriname Suriname
  • Uruguay Uruguay
  • Venezuela Venezuela

All players that finished in the Top 2 would have qualified for the SWT 2021 Melee Championship.