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[e][h]Sheik Swedish Delight
Swedish Delight at SSC 2018. Photo by Preston Kwan.
Player Information
James Liu
(1994-07-08) July 8, 1994 (age 28)
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Years Active:
2012 - Present
Rutgers University, BERT Gaming
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
James Liu
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Current Mains:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Current Mains:
2016-10-06 — 2017-12-14
2018-05-02 — 2019-05-20

James "Swedish Delight" Liu is an American Sheik player and the younger brother of Mr. F. He is currently ranked 1st on the New Jersey Power Rankings. He is currently ranked 18th in MPGR 2019. He attends Rutgers University and is part of the Melee crew there, which advanced to the Tri-State finals of The Melee Games Season 2 before being defeated by Columbia.


Swedish Delight began playing in 2008 when his older brother wanted a training partner to improve at the game. Although on the rise and gaining notoriety in the Tri-State area, it wasn't until Swedish Delight switched off of Falco and began maining Sheik in 2012 that he gained national attention, including an early 2013 win over Hax. While attending University, Swedish Delight rarely traveled outside of the Tri-State area for tournaments, but did make occasional appearances at majors, including a 13th place performance at The Big House 5.

In 2016, Swedish Delight gained even more attention as he earned higher placings and bigger wins, most notably 4th at Pound 2016 where he forced Mango to game 5, and 2nd at Smash 'N' Splash 2 where he double eliminated Mew2King.

At EVO 2018 he made one of the biggest upsets in Melee history when he beat Armada 2-1, making him the first player outside of the top 6 to take a set off of Armada since SilentSpectre and Amsah in 2010. After beating Armada he lost to Mango and then beat PewPewU to make top 8 losers side.

On October 6, 2016, he was signed by Renegades.[1] He left Renegades on December 14, 2017.[2] Swedish Delight joined OG as their first Smash player on May 2, 2018.[3]



2022-08-07G17 - 8thWavedash 2022Sheik2 : 3United StatesFalcoFiction
2022-03-15A11stStage Select #21Sheik3 : 0
3 : 0
United StatesJigglypuffMiffee$57
2021-11-09A11stStage Select #17Sheik2 : 3
3 : 2
United StatesSheikJflex$500
2020-12-20S1533 - 48th Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 32 : 3United StatesHax$
2020-12-13Q717 - 24th Rollback Rumble: LACS 3 QualifierSheik1 : 3United StatesFalcobobby big ballz
2020-07-26Q717 - 24th Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 2Sheik2 : 3United StatesFoxJoyboy
2020-01-26I39 - 12thGENESIS 7Sheik2 : 3United StatesSheikShroomed$150
2020-01-01D14thHax's Nightclub - Season 1 Episode 10 : 3United States2saint
2019-12-08E15 - 6thMango's Birthday BashDQNicaraguan0ne$284
2019-11-16C13rdSmash Hall: Melee at the BiergartenFoxSheik0 : 3United StatesSheikJflex$67
2019-10-06I39 - 12thThe Big House 9Sheik2 : 3United StatesFoxiBDW$90
2019-08-25G17 - 8thShine 2019Sheik2 : 3United StatesFoxIce ClimbersChuDat$198
2019-08-11I39 - 12thSuper Smash Con 2019Sheik0 : 3United StatesFoxiBDW$42
2019-06-09C13rdThe Kid, the Goat, and the MangoSheik2 : 3CanadaFoxmoky
2019-05-19I39 - 12thGet On My Level 2019Sheik0 : 3United StatesCaptain FalconWizzrobe
2019-04-21I39 - 12thPound 2019Peach1 : 3United StatesFoxIce ClimbersChuDat$67
2019-03-24E15 - 6thFull Bloom 5Sheik2 : 3United StatesFoxKJH$155
2019-03-09B12ndThe Gang Steals the ScriptSheik0 : 3United StatesMarthZain
2019-02-03S1549 - 64thGENESIS 6FFUnited StatesRishi
2019-01-26A11stGIGA HOG: EraSheik3 : 0United StatesFoxHax$
All Results
2021-11-09A11stStage Select #17Swedish DelightUnited States
TempoUnited States
3 : 1
3 : 2
United StatesJflex
United StatesWally
2019-12-08E15 - 6thMango's Birthday BashSwedish DelightSheikUnited States
Hax$FoxUnited States
0 : 3United StatesSheikShroomed
United StatesCaptain FalconS2J
2019-11-16A11stSmash Hall: Melee at the BiergartenSwedish DelightUnited States
QerbUnited States
3 : 0United StatesFable
United StatesJflex
2019-06-09A11stThe Kid, the Goat, and the MangoSwedish DelightUnited States
ChuDatUnited States
3 : 1
3 : 0
United StatesVavez
United StatesNut
2019-05-05A11stKingSwedish DelightUnited States
FictionUnited States
3 : 0United StatesColbol
United StatesDruggedfox
2019-04-14A11stThe Scarlet Classic VSwedish DelightUnited States
iBDWUnited States
3 : 0United StatesBIGKID
United StatesTheSWOOPER
2019-03-24C13rdFull Bloom 5Swedish DelightSheikUnited States
ZainMarthUnited States
0 : 3United StatesMarthPewPewU
United StatesFoxSFAT
2019-02-03G17 - 8thGENESIS 6Swedish DelightUnited States
iBDWUnited States
1 : 3SwedenArmada
2019-01-26A11stGIGA HOG: EraSwedish DelightUnited States
vortexUnited States
3 : 0United StatesKalvar
United States2saint
2018-12-16I39 - 12thDon't Park on the Grass 2018Swedish DelightUnited States
StangoUnited States
0 : 3United StatesSFAT
United StatesRishi
2018-12-08A11stTCNJapes: The FinaleSwedish DelightUnited States
AtomskUnited States
3 : 2
3 : 2
United StatesZealous5000
United StatesJanuary Code
2018-12-01B12ndFireside Open 2018Swedish DelightUnited States
JflexUnited States
0 : 3
0 : 3
United StatesiBDW
United StatesDJ Nintendo
2018-11-18C13rdSmash Summit 7Swedish DelightSheikUnited States
SloxFoxUnited States
1 : 3United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox
United StatesIce ClimbersBananas
2018-11-11E15 - 6thThe Mango: HomecomingSwedish DelightUnited States
SloxUnited States
1 : 3United StatesNut
United StatesVavez
2018-08-26B12ndShine 2018Swedish DelightSheikUnited States
PlupFoxUnited States
2 : 3
2 : 3
United StatesFoxSFAT
United StatesMarthPewPewU
2018-08-12D14thSuper Smash Con 2018Swedish DelightSheikUnited States
DruggedfoxFalcoUnited States
1 : 3United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox
United StatesSheikMew2King
2018-07-01D14thCEO 2018Swedish DelightSheikUnited States
WizzrobeCaptain FalconUnited States
1 : 3United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox
United StatesPeachmayb
2018-06-24A11stNebulous, Pioneers EditionSwedish DelightUnited States
RishiUnited States
3 : 0
3 : 1
United Statesjpo
United StatesArty
2018-06-17M313 - 16thOMEGA IISwedish DelightUnited States
SloxUnited States
DQUnited StatesBaby Bird
United StatesSlade
2018-06-03E15 - 6thSmash 'N' Splash 4Swedish DelightSheikUnited States
WizzrobeCaptain FalconUnited States
0 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT
United StatesMarthPewPewU
All Results
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vs. United States Lucky  /
vs. United States Mango  /
vs. United States Miffee  /
vs. United States Error  /
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vs. United States iBDW  /
vs. Sweden Leffen  /
vs. United States S2J  /

Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in MPGR 2022 Summer NA:

Rank 32 - Lucky


2019-06-09S1533 - 48thThe Kid, the Goat, and the Mango0 : 2United Statescookieslayer
2019-03-24S3165 - 96thFull Bloom 53/2Grp. S.
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