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Team SoloMid, or simply TSM, is an American esports organization first established in 2009 as a League of Legends website and community. In May 2014, the team branched out into Hearthstone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and in March 2015, to Smash.


  • January 24th - Tweek joins TSM.[1]
  • October 3rd - K0rean joins TSM as a coach for Tweek and Leffen.[2]
  • March 9th - Leffen becomes TSM's first Smash player.
  • August 1st - ZeRo joins TSM.[4]

Player Roster[edit]

Melee Players[edit]

Active Players
Player Main Join Date Top Results
Sweden Leffen
William Hjelte
2015A11stCEO/2015/Melee MELEE-FC/15XR Return WTFox/1/Melee Super Smash Con/2015/Melee HTC Throwdown 
2016A11stGet On My Level/2016/Melee Don't Park on the Grass/2016/Melee 
2017A11stGet On My Level/2017/Melee Heir/4 
2018A11stFlatiron/3/Melee EVO/2018/Melee Heir/5 
2019A11stSuper Smash Con/2019/Melee 
2020E15 - 6thGENESIS/7/Melee 

Ultimate Players[edit]

Active Players
Player Main Join Date Top Results
United States K0rean
Charles Thoren
No notable finishes at Major or Premier tournaments.
United States Tweek
Gavin Dempsey
Wario Pokémon Trainer Wolf2019-01-24
2019A11stFrostbite/2019 Get On My Level/2019/Ultimate Low Tier City/7/Ultimate 
Sweden Leffen
William Hjelte
Pokémon Trainer2015-03-09
2019I39 - 12thSmash Ultimate Summit/1 Smash Ultimate Summit/2 


Former Players
Player Main Join Date Leave Date Top Results
Chile ZeRo
Gonzalo Barrios
Diddy Kong2015-08-012018-11-07
2015A11stSuper Smash Con/2015/Wii U The Big House/5/Wii U 
2016A11stGENESIS/3/Wii U 2GGT/Abadango Saga The Big House/6/Wii U KTAR/XIX/Wii U UGC Smash Open/Wii U 
2017A11st2GGC/Genesis Saga 2GGC/Midwest Mayhem Saga Frostbite/2017 CEO/Dreamland/2017/Wii U DreamHack/2017/Austin/Wii U Royal Flush/2017/Wii U Smash 'N' Splash/3/Wii U 2GGC/Nairo Saga CEO/2017/Wii U 2GGC/SCR Saga Shine/2017/Wii U PAX/2017/West 2GGC/West Side Saga 



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