The Function 2

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[e][h]The Function 2
Tournament Information
The Function
United States New York City
Prize pool:
$3,015 USD
May 7, 2022
Liquipedia Tier:
Circuit Information
Circuit Tier:
Super Silver Tier
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

The Function 2 was a tournament held in Brooklyn, New York on May 7, 2022.[1] It featured singles for Melee. It was previously scheduled to be held on January 15, 2022, but was postponed due to COVID-19.[2] It was later postponed again from April 16, 2022 because of Genesis being rescheduled to that weekend.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]


Final Singles Bracket[edit]

From Winners
 USA Ginger
 United States Ginger
 United States SluG
May 7, 2022
Frozen Pokémon Stadium
Yoshi's Story
Final Destination
Fountain of Dreams
From Losers
 Canada moky
May 7, 2022
Yoshi's Story
Frozen Pokémon Stadium
Fountain of Dreams
 Sweden Pipsqueak
Losers Finals
 United States SluG
 Canada moky
May 7, 2022
Dream Land
Final Destination
Final Destination
 Canada moky
Grand Finals
 USA Ginger
 United States Ginger
 Canada moky
May 7, 2022
Frozen Pokémon Stadium
Final Destination
Final Destination
 Canada moky

Notable Entrants[edit]

Notable Entrants
United States iBDW
United States Jmook[3]
Chilly MountainChilly Mountain
United States Aklo
Luminosity GamingLuminosity Gaming
United States Ginger
Moist EsportsMoist Esports
Canada moky
Melee StatsMelee Stats
Sweden Pipsqueak
United States Faceroll
United States Magi
United States SluG
Ultimate EsportsUltimate Esports
United States Swift
United States Krudo
Australia Sora[4]
United States Zamu
Conduit GamingConduit Gaming
United States TheSWOOPER
United States KJH
United States Logan
United States bobby big ballz
Conduit GamingConduit Gaming
United States Salt
United States 2saint United States Panda United States Wally
AllChat EsportsAllChat Esports
United States Jflex
United States Skerzo Canada Zuppy
United States SloX United States Mot$ United States Slowking
United States 404Cray
Mazer GamingMazer Gaming
United States Kalvar
United States Chem
AllChat EsportsAllChat Esports
United States Bbatts
United States Dawson United States Whiskers


WR1 | United States Warriorknight vs. United States Trunks
WR1 | United States Dr. Doink vs. United States Venus
WR2 | United States Dimension vs. Canada Maher
WR2 | United States Slowking vs. Canada OtES
WR2 | United States Captain Smuckers vs. United States SlumlordGG
WR2 | Canada Faust vs. United States Just Nate
WR2 | United States Project vs. United States Willy P
WR2 | United States Khryke vs. United States bambi
WR3 | Canada moky vs. United States Cannagar
WR3 | United States Aklo vs. United States eve
WR3 | United States Jflex vs. United States Dawson
WR3 | United States 404Cray vs. Canada Faust
WR3 | United States Magi vs. United States K8A
WR3 | United States Swift vs. United States bonfire10
WR3 | United States Zamu vs. Australia SA Nick
WR3 | United States SloX vs. United States Pleeba
WR3 | United States KJH vs. United States Justus
WR4 | United States iBDW vs. United States Whiskers
WR4 | United States Arty vs. United States JoJo
WR4 | Canada moky vs. United States Jflex
WR4 | United States Aklo vs. United States Captain Smuckers
WR4 | United States Ginger vs. United States Wally
WR4 | United States SluG vs. United States 404Cray
WR4 | United States Brad vs. United States Slowking
WR4 | United States Krudo vs. United States Bbatts
WR4 | United States Error vs. United States Panda
WR4 | United States Captain G vs. United States Zamu
WR4 | United States Magi vs. United States Vinodh
WR4 | United States Salt vs. Canada Zuppy
WR4 | United States Swift vs. United States SloX
WR4 | United States JJM vs. United States Skerzo
WR4 | United States Faceroll vs. United States Chem
WR4 | Sweden Pipsqueak vs. United States Justus
LR6 | United States Captain G vs. United States Mot$
LR6 | United States Salt vs. United States eve
LR6 | United States SloX vs. United States Dimension
LR6 | United States Captain Smuckers vs. United States Fable
LR6 | United States 404Cray vs. United States Foxy Grandpa
LR6 | United States Bbatts vs. United States KJH
WR1 | United States Krudo vs. Sweden Pipsqueak
WR1 | United States Aklo vs. Canada Zuppy
WR1 | United States Ginger vs. United States Swift
WR1 | United States JoJo vs. United States Zamu
WR1 | United States Jflex vs. United States Magi
WR1 | United States SluG vs. United States Skerzo
WR2 | United States iBDW vs. United States Krudo
WR2 | Canada Zuppy vs. United States Ginger
WR2 | United States Zamu vs. United States Chem
WR2 | United States Magi vs. United States SluG
WR3 | United States Krudo vs. United States Ginger
WR3 | United States Zamu vs. United States SluG
LR3 | Canada moky vs. United States Foxy Grandpa
LR3 | United States Swift vs. United States Aklo
LR3 | Sweden Pipsqueak vs. United States Panda
LR4 | Canada Zuppy vs. United States Skerzo
LR4 | United States iBDW vs. Canada moky
LR4 | United States Magi vs. United States Swift
LR4 | United States Chem vs. Sweden Pipsqueak
LR5 | United States Skerzo vs. Canada moky
LR5 | United States Swift vs. Sweden Pipsqueak
LR6 | United States Zamu vs. Canada moky
LR6 | United States Krudo vs. Sweden Pipsqueak
WF | United States Ginger vs. United States SluG
LSF | Canada moky vs. Sweden Pipsqueak
LF | United States SluG vs. Canada moky
GF | United States Ginger vs. Canada moky