The Melee Stats All-Time Top 100

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The Melee Stats All-Time Top 100 is a power ranking created by Melee Stats. The aim of this ranking is to determine who the best 100 Melee players of all-time are.

The tournament evaluation period starts at 2004’s Game Over and ends at 2021’s Riptide.


All-Time Top 100
1United States MangoFox Falco Jigglypuff Captain Falcon
2Sweden ArmadaPeach Fox Young Link
3United States HungryboxJigglypuff
4United States KenMarth Fox
5United States Mew2KingMarth Sheik Fox Peach
6Sweden LeffenFox
7United States PPMDFalco Marth
8United States AzenMarth Sheik Fox Falco
9United States ZainMarth
10United States PlupSheik Samus Fox Luigi
11United States ChuDatIce Climbers Young Link Pikachu Fox
12United States AxePikachu Falco Marth Young Link
13United States PC ChrisFox Falco Sheik Peach
14United States WizzrobeCaptain Falcon
15United States IsaiCaptain Falcon Fox Sheik
16United States SFATFox
17United States KoreanDJSheik Fox Marth
18United States S2JCaptain Falcon Falco
19United States Hax$Fox Captain Falcon
20United States ShroomedSheik Dr. Mario Marth
21Japan aMSaYoshi
22United States iBDWFox
23United States WobblesIce Climbers
24United States HugSSamus
25United States LuckyFox Captain Falcon
26United States WestballzFalco Fox Captain Falcon
27United States ChillindudeFox Sheik
28United States ZhuFalco Fox
29United States PewPewUMarth Fox
30Japan Captain JackSheik Dr. Mario Ganondorf
31Canada KirbyKazeSheik Fox Peach
32United States JmanFox
33United States ColbolFox Marth
34United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers Sheik
35Nicaragua n0neCaptain Falcon Ganondorf
36United States Silent WolfFox
37United States DarkrainCaptain Falcon
38Netherlands AmsahSheik Fox Marth
39United States DrephenSheik Zelda
40United States FictionFox Falco Marth Peach
41United States Swedish DelightSheik Peach
42Germany IceFox Sheik Marth
43United States DuckSamus
44Canada KageGanondorf
45United States CactuarFox Marth
46United States NintendudeIce Climbers Jigglypuff Marth
47United States TajMarth Mewtwo
48United States CortPeach Captain Falcon Marth
49United States DruggedfoxFox Sheik Falco Marth
50Mexico JaviFox
51Canada Ryan FordFox Sheik Falco Dr. Mario
52United States SastopherPeach
53United States SilentSpectreCaptain Falcon
54United States LovageFox Sheik Captain Falcon
55United States ForwardFalco Sheik Fox
56United States DarcJigglypuff Fox Marth
57United States DA WesSamus
58United States KelsFox Falco Sheik Marth
59United States GahtzuCaptain Falcon
60United States lloDPeach
61United States EggmFox
62United States BladewisePeach
63Spain TrifPeach
64United States CrushFox
65United States Ka-MasterLuigi Captain Falcon
66United States TopeSheik
67United Kingdom Professor ProFox
68United States KalamazhuPeach
69United States ScarCaptain Falcon
70United States LambchopsFalco
71Canada mokyFox Marth
72United States GingerFalco
73United States KJHFox
74United States Captain FacerollSheik
75Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi
76United States VaNzPeach Fox Sheik
77United States AbateLuigi Falco
78United States DarkatmaSheik Peach Fox
79United States NEORoy Marth Sheik
80Canada The KingJigglypuff
81United States HomeMadeWafflesFalco Fox Dr. Mario
82United States MikeHazeFox
83United States DieSuperFlySheik
84United States Prince AbuJigglypuff
85United States SwiftbassMarth
86Netherlands ZgettoFox
87United States SparkSheik
88United States HusbandMarth
89United States EddieGanondorf
90United States DopeFalco
91United States WifePeach
92United States BananasIce Climbers
93Japan KeiFox Peach Ice Climbers Young Link
94United States Mike GPeach
95United States MedzFox Marth
96United States ARMYIce Climbers
97United States Rob$Falco
98United States TaiMarth
99United States RishiMarth Fox Donkey Kong
100United States AbsentPageFox Sheik Marth

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