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LumiRank, formerly known as the PGRU and UltRank, is a ranking of the top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players worldwide. Started in 2019, each ranking covers approximately six months, and takes into account sets played at offline tournaments.


Ranking Details[edit]

PGRU Spring 2019[edit]

The PGRU (short for Panda Global Rankings Ultimate) was a direct successor of the PGR rankings for Wii U made by Panda.

The rankings were determined using an algorithm. The "X-Factor" (which originated in the Panda Global Rankings) is a subjective metric voted upon by community leaders, players, and other notable figures, and is intended to denote the perceived skill level of a player. A player with a positive X-Factor would theoretically be a notable player that is very strong in the eyes of the top players but would not have enough results to back them up. A player with a negative X-Factor would be someone with impressive results and wins, but whom the panelists believe is overrated.

The ranking period took into account tournament results from GENESIS 6 to Albion 4. Ally's ranking picture and X-Factor were omitted due to his departure and ban. Only his score and results were listed.

PGRU Fall 2019[edit]

The rankings were determined using an algorithm, and the "X-Factor" also returned. The ranking period took into account tournament results from Low Tier City 7 to Sumabato SP10.


The COVID-19 pandemic led to the entire period of January 2020 to February 2022 to remain unranked. PGRUv3 was preceded by the PGRU Contenders Tier List, released in January 2022.

The rankings were determined using a panel of top players, TOs, and analysts. The ranking period took into account tournament results from Smash Ultimate Summit 4 to Battle of BC 4. The list was split into three regions (North America, Europe, and Japan) instead of a global top 50. Japan's rankings were not ordered, while the other two rankings were. However, the top ten players were split into their own unordered category.

UltRank 2022[edit]

Due to controversy involving Panda following the cancellation of the Smash World Tour 2022, key individuals responsible for maintaining the ranking split from the organization. The subsequent community-organized ranking was named UltRank. This ranking was a combination of the OrionRank, EchoRank, and OmegaRank algorithms, taking into account tournament results from the Gimvitational on June 16 to the Scuffed World Tour on December 18.

LumiRank 2023[edit]

On August 4, 2023, UltRank formed a partership with Luminosity Gaming, which included renaming the rankings to LumiRank.

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