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[e][h]Diddy Kong ZeRo
Player Information
Gonzalo Barrios
(1995-04-17) April 17, 1995 (age 27)
Years Active:
2012 - 2017,
2019 - 2020
Approx. Total Winnings:
Super Smash Bros.
Current Mains:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Current Mains:
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Current Mains:
Meta Knight
Former Mains:
Ice Climbers
Project M
Current Mains:
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Current Mains:
Diddy Kong
Former Mains:
Captain Falcon
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Current Mains:
Diddy Kong
Pyra and Mythra
Former Mains:
Project M
CEO 2014 Zenith 2014 The Big House 4
Wii U
Apex 2015 CEO 2015 EVO 2015 Super Smash Con 2015 The Big House 5 GENESIS 3 2GGT: Abadango Saga The Big House 6 KTAR XIX UGC Smash Open 2GGC: Genesis Saga 2GGC: Midwest Mayhem Saga Frostbite 2017 CEO Dreamland DreamHack Austin 2017 Royal Flush Smash 'N' Splash 3 2GGC: Nairo Saga CEO 2017 2GGC: SCR Saga Shine 2017 PAX Arena at PAX West 2017 2GGC: West Side Saga
2014-06-05 — 2014-11-02
2015-08-01 — 2018-11-07
2018-11-07 — 2020-07-04
For the 64 Captain Falcon main, see Zero (TX).

Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios is a Wii U Diddy Kong main from Los Angeles, California and originally from Chillán, Chile who plays for Tempo Storm. In Melee, he plays Fox, and in Brawl, he plays Meta Knight. While ranked 35th and 3rd in the world on SSBMRank and SSBBRank 2014, respectively, he dropped Melee and Brawl in favour of Wii U when the latter was released. He is known as the best Smash 4 player of all time and is currently ranked as the best Wii U player of all time on the PGR100.


Gonzalo Barrios is originally from Chillán, Chile and frequently traveled to the United States to compete in tournaments. Originally competing and becoming one of the best at Melee in his home country of Chile, he switched to mainly competing in Brawl when traveling for US tournaments. He returned to competitive Melee after Brawl's community died down during the summer of Melee and has been frequently attending tournaments since then. He is famous for wearing a short white scarf at tournaments. He wears it as a tribute to his mother, who gave him the scarf when he left Chile.[citation needed]

ZeRo decided to focus on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U upon its release. He experienced immediate success in the game, having a 56 tournament win streak. This streak started from the game's release in November 2014 and lasted until he was defeated by Nairo at MLG World Finals 2015. This achievement was recognized in the Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer's Edition.[1] [2] Because of this, he is considered the undisputed best Smash 4 player in the world. While his dominance is no longer as absolute, ZeRo has continued to win numerous Major and Premier tournaments.

On February 19, 2015, ZeRo announced on Twitter that if he won the Wii U event at EVO 2015, he would focus on Melee exclusively for at least one year, citing Leffen as his inspiration.[3] However, despite winning EVO, ZeRo stated his intention to continue focusing on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, as he felt that his motivation for playing Melee would not be for his fans as opposed to himself.[4]

On January 12, 2018, after being ranked 1st for the fourth time in his career, ZeRo announced that he won't be competing in Smash 4 tournaments for the near future.[5]

ZeRo was one of the players invited to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational, which he won once again, using Mario, Sheik, and Ike.

On November 8, 2018, ZeRo announced that he would be returning to competitive Smash and will compete in future Smash Ultimate tournaments. On the same day; he also announced he would be leaving Team SoloMid and will be joining Tempo Storm.[6]

Shortly after Smash Ultimate Summit he stopped attending Smash Ultimate tournaments, as he now mainly focuses on being a Facebook Gaming streamer and uploading content to his YouTube channel.


On July 2, 2020, Jisu accused ZeRo of showing her pornography and harassing her when she was 15.[7] Later that day, he apologized to Jisu and said that he did not remember ever showing her pornography.[8]

On July 3, 2020, another accusation was issued by an anonymous source under the name of "Katie". In her statement, she covered incidents of ZeRo manipulating her, and described that he had also asked her to send him explicit pictures of herself.[9] The conversations that they had were documented in Skype logs from September 2014 to January 2015, when she was 14 and ZeRo was 19.

ZeRo responded to the accusation made by Katie later that day, acknowledging that he did talk to her on Skype during that time.[10] He said that he did not know that she was underage until she came forward and said she was 14, which he claimed was the last time that he talked to her. ZeRo did not comment on the accusations of him asking for explicit pictures until July 4, 2020, when he admitted that everything Katie had said in her statement was true.[11]

Tempo Storm severed ties with ZeRo shortly after his confession.[12]



2020-04-26S63129 - 192nd Pound OnlineCloud0 : 2MexicoMr. Game & WatchMaister
2020-04-18S1533 - 48th The Quarantine Series: April MinorMarioDiddy Kong1 : 3United StatesBayonettayumeko
2019-03-10M313 - 16thSmash Ultimate SummitWolf1 : 3SwedenInklingArmada$778
2019-01-06I39 - 12thSmash Conference UnitedCloud0 : 3United StatesPeachSamsora
2019-01-06C13rdSmash Conference UnitedZeRoCloudChile
Mew2KingLucinaUnited States
2 : 3United StatesSheikWizzrobe

Wii U[edit]

2017-12-10D14thSmash 4 Boot CampDiddy Kong0 : 3United StatesBayonettaSalem
2017-12-03B12nd2GG ChampionshipDiddy Kong3 : 2
1 : 3
MexicoMeta KnightMKLeo$10,000
2017-11-25B12ndMidwest Mayhem 10Diddy Kong3 : 2
2 : 3
United StatesBayonettaSalem$554
2017-11-04M313 - 16th2GGC: MKLeo SagaDiddy Kong2 : 3NetherlandsSheikMr.R
2017-10-29A11stClutch City Clash 2Diddy Kong3 : 0
3 : 2
United StatesBayonettaJK$2,012
2017-10-22A11stDreamHack Denver 2017Diddy Kong3 : 1United StatesBayonettaSalem$4,700
2017-10-08D14thThe Big House 7Diddy Kong0 : 3United StatesZero Suit SamusMarss$512
2017-10-01C13rdGameTyrant Expo 2017Diddy Kong1 : 3MexicoMeta KnightMKLeo$3,000
2017-09-09A11st2GGC: West Side SagaDiddy Kong3 : 1
3 : 0
United StatesCloudDonkey KongTweek$2,500
2017-09-04A11stPAX Arena at PAX West 2017Diddy Kong3 : 0United StatesCaptain FalconBowserZero Suit SamusNairo$4,000
2017-08-27A11stShine 2017Diddy Kong3 : 1United StatesCloudTweek
2017-08-20A11st2GGC: SCR SagaDiddy Kong3 : 2MexicoCloudMKLeo$3,005
2017-08-13B12ndSuper Smash Con 2017Diddy Kong2 : 3
2 : 3
United StatesBowserZero Suit SamusNairo$3,827
2017-08-06B12ndLow Tier City 5Diddy Kong1 : 3United StatesCloudTweek$1,633
2017-07-23I39 - 12thDreamHack Atlanta 2017Diddy Kong2 : 3United StatesBowserNairo
2017-07-16B12ndEVO 2017Diddy Kong2 : 3
2 : 3
United StatesBayonettaSalem$3,016
2017-07-09B12nd2GGC: ARMS SagaDiddy KongCloud3 : 2
0 : 3
United StatesRosalinaDabuz$700
2017-07-01A11stMidwest Mayhem 9: Old vs NewDiddy Kong3 : 0United StatesZero Suit SamusMewtwoCloudNairo
2017-06-18A11stCEO 2017Diddy Kong3 : 1MexicoCloudCorrinMKLeo$3,045
2017-06-11A11st2GGC: Nairo SagaDiddy Kong3 : 2United StatesBayonettaSalem$9,925
All Results
2017-12-10B12ndSmash 4 Boot CampZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoCloudUnited States
0 : 3United StatesBayonettaTweek
2017-11-25B12ndMidwest Mayhem 10ZeRoDiddy KongChile
CosmosCorrinUnited States
0 : 3United StatesBayonettaSalem
United StatesCloudTweek
2017-11-04A11st2GGC: MKLeo SagaZeRoChile
NairoUnited States
1 : 3
3 : 2
2017-10-29B12ndClutch City Clash 2ZeRoChile
TrelaUnited States
0 : 3
1 : 3
United StatesJK
United StatesNed
2017-10-08A11stThe Big House 7ZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoCloudUnited States
3 : 0United StatesFoxLight
United StatesLucinaPugwest
2017-10-01B12ndGameTyrant Expo 2017ZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoCloudUnited States
1 : 3
1 : 3
2017-09-09A11st2GGC: West Side SagaZeRoChile
NairoUnited States
1 : 3
3 : 0
United StatesLima
2017-08-27C13rdShine 2017ZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoCloudZero Suit SamusUnited States
1 : 3United StatesCloudTweek
2017-08-20C13rd2GGC: SCR SagaZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoCloudLucarioUnited States
1 : 3CanadaBayonettaMistake
United StatesBayonettaSalem
2017-08-13C13rdSuper Smash Con 2017ZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoCloudUnited States
2 : 3United StatesSheikVoiD
United StatesNessNAKAT
2017-08-06B12ndLow Tier City 5ZeRoDiddy KongChile
1 : 3United StatesBayonettaCaptainZack
United StatesCloudTweek
2017-07-23C13rdDreamHack Atlanta 2017ZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoLucinaCloudUnited States
0 : 3United StatesCorrinRyuga
United StatesBayonettaSalem
2017-07-09B12nd2GGC: ARMS SagaZeRoDiddy KongChile
2 : 3JapanVillagerRanai
2017-06-11B12nd2GGC: Nairo SagaZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoZero Suit SamusCloudLucinaUnited States
1 : 3
0 : 3
2017-06-04B12ndSmash 'N' Splash 3ZeRoLucinaDiddy KongChile
TweekCloudBayonettaUnited States
0 : 3CanadaMarioAlly
United StatesFoxLarry Lurr
2017-05-28D14thMomoCon 2017ZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoZero Suit SamusUnited States
0 : 2CanadaMarioAlly
United StatesCloudMew2King
2017-05-14A11stRoyal FlushZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoLucinaUnited States
3 : 0
3 : 0
United StatesBayonettaCaptainZack
United StatesBayonettaPink Fresh
2017-04-30A11stDreamHack Austin 2017ZeRoDiddy KongLucinaChile
3 : 0CanadaMarioAlly
2017-04-16A11stCEO DreamlandZeRoDiddy KongChile
NairoCloudLucinaZero Suit SamusUnited States
3 : 1
3 : 2
United StatesSheikVoiD
United StatesNessNAKAT
2017-04-08A11stMidwest Mayhem 8: North America TourZeRoChile
3 : 0United StatesSamsora
All Results
vs. United States Salem
vs. United States Light
vs. United States Cosmos
vs. United States Tweek
vs. United States Elegant
vs. United States VoiD
vs. United States MVD
vs. United States Larry Lurr
vs. Mexico MKLeo
vs. Mexico MKLeo
vs. United States Salem
vs. United States Dabuz
vs. Japan KEN
vs. Mexico MKLeo
vs. United States Dabuz
vs. United States Fatality
vs. United States Larry Lurr
vs. United States Elegant
vs. United States Salem
vs. United States Tweek

Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in PGR v3:

Rank 2 - MKLeo
Rank 3 - Nairo
Rank 4 - Dabuz
Rank 5 - Ally
Rank 6 - Larry Lurr
Rank 7 - CaptainZack
Rank 8 - komorikiri
Rank 9 - Mr.R
Rank 10 - Abadango
Rank 11 - Salem
Rank 12 - Tweek
Rank 13 - VoiD
Rank 15 - Fatality
Rank 16 - KEN
Rank 17 - Ranai
Rank 18 - ESAM
Rank 19 - Kirihara
Rank 20 - Zinoto
Rank 21 - ANTi
Rank 24 - Samsora
Rank 25 - Elegant
Rank 26 - Tsu
Rank 27 - Kameme
Rank 29 - MVD
Rank 30 - Mr.E
Rank 33 - Shuton
Rank 34 - Raito
Rank 36 - HIKARU
Rank 37 - Ned
Rank 44 - Javi
Rank 48 - JK


2014-08-23E15 - 6thMass Madness: Championship Edition 2014Fox0 : 2United StatesFoxSlox
2014-08-03G17 - 8thZenith 2014Fox0 : 2United StatesFalcoZhu$41
2014-07-26E15 - 6thGameguys Intergalactic Kegger0 : 3MexicoValdo$61
2014-07-13Q717 - 24thEVO 2014Fox1 : 2United StatesFoxFiction
2014-07-06M313 - 16thKings of Cali 42 : 3United StatesMacD
2014-06-29Q717 - 24thCEO 2014LUnited StatesZanguzen
2014-06-22Q317 - 20thMLG Anaheim 2014Fox0 : 3United StatesSamusPlup
2014-06-15I39 - 12thSSS Lock-In0 : 2United StatesS2J
2014-06-07G17 - 8thMayhem June 2014Fox0 : 2United StatesFalcoWestballz
2014-06-01I39 - 12thSKTAR 3Fox0 : 2United StatesFoxSFAT
2014-05-25Q717 - 24thPat's House 22 : 3United StatesMikeHaze
2014-05-04D14thWHOBO MLGFox0 : 3United StatesFoxMojo$61
2014-04-27E15 - 6thFighters' EdgeFox0 : 2United StatesSheikDarkatma
2014-03-09Q717 - 24thRevival of Melee 70 : 2United StatesMattDotZeb
2014-02-23M313 - 16thShuffle VFox0 : 2United StatesFalcoZanguzen
2014-08-03B12ndZenith 2014ZeRoChile
AxeUnited States
LUnited StatesMew2King
United StatesHax
2014-07-13E15 - 6thEVO 2014ZeRoChile
KoreanDJUnited States
LUnited StatesPewPewU
United StatesSFAT
2014-07-06E15 - 6thKings of Cali 4ZeRoFoxChile
WestballzFalcoUnited States
0 : 3United StatesFoxMango
United StatesCaptain FalconScar
2014-06-29D14thCEO 2014ZeRoFoxChile
ESAMSamusUnited States
0 : 2United StatesFoxChillindude
United StatesIce ClimbersChuDat
2014-06-22M313 - 16thMLG Anaheim 2014ZeRoChile
Larry LurrUnited States
LUnited StatesDoH
United StatesColbol
2014-06-15C13rdSSS Lock-InZeRoFoxChile
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
2 : 3United StatesFoxMacD
United StatesPeachFiction
2014-06-07C13rdMayhem June 2014ZeRoChile
Larry LurrUnited States
2 : 3United StatesWestballz
United StatesMacD
2014-06-01E15 - 6thSKTAR 3ZeRoChile
S0ftUnited States
LUnited StatesCyrain
United StatesMilkman
2014-05-25G17 - 8thPat's House 2ZeRoChile
WestballzUnited States
0 : 2United StatesAxe
United StatesOkamiBW
2014-03-09I39 - 12thRevival of Melee 7ZeRoChile
Vex KasraniUnited States
0 : 2United StatesS0ft
United StatesGahtzu
2014-02-23C13rdShuffle VZeRoChile
NintendudeUnited States
2 : 3United StatesFlow
United StatesNicaboy

Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in SSBMRank 2013:

Rank 10 - SFAT
Rank 31 - Fiction
Rank 45 - Darc
Rank 46 - Darkatma
Rank 47 - HugS
Rank 77 - aMSa
Rank 79 - Swift


2014-06-01D14thSKTAR 3Meta Knight1 : 2United StatesMeta KnightNairo$77
2014-01-19B12ndApex 2014Meta Knight1 : 3United StatesMeta KnightNairo$1,581
2013-12-28B12ndKTAR 8Meta Knight2 : 3
2 : 3
United StatesMeta KnightMew2King
2013-08-04E15 - 6thSKTAR 2LUnited StatesNakat
2013-01-13I39 - 12thApex 2013LUnited StatesNairo
2012-01-08Q717 - 24thApex 2012LUnited StatesRich Brown
This player has no results.
vs. United States Nairo
vs. United States Vinnie
vs. United States Nairo
vs. United States ESAM
vs. United States Mew2king
vs. United States ADHD
vs. United States ESAM
  vs. United States Mew2King
vs. United States Mew2King
vs. United States NAKAT
vs. United States Vinnie
vs. United States Trevonte

Project M[edit]

2015-04-05A11stNorCal Regionals 20153 : 1United StatesThundeRzReiGN
2014-10-05A11stThe Big House 4PitFox3 : 2
3 : 0
United KingdomSnakeProfessor Pro$1,332
2014-08-03A11stZenith 2014Pit3 : 0
3 : 0
United StatesDiddy KongJunebug
2014-06-29A11stCEO 2014PitFox0 : 3
3 : 1
United StatesSonicWizzrobe$1,902
2014-06-01I39 - 12thSKTAR 3Pit0 : 2United StatesRoySethlon
2014-10-05A11stThe Big House 4ZeRoFoxChile
Mew2KingMarioUnited States
3 : 0United StatesSonicWizzrobe
United StatesMeta KnightPlup


Wii U[edit]

Panda Global Rankings[edit]

Ranking SeriesRank
PGR v41
PGR v31
PGR v21
PGR v11


Ranking SeriesRank
May to June 20160
January to March 20160

New Jersey[edit]

Ranking SeriesRank
July - December 20161



Ranking SeriesRank
SSBMRank 201435



Ranking SeriesRank


Ranking SeriesRank


Ranking SeriesRank
March 14th, 20132








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