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The +1 5 Rax is a strong build against the common 3 Hatch Muta. It should not be used against 2 Hatch builds. It aims to create a strong force of +1 MnM that roams the map looking to deny the Zerg's 3rd base before lurkers are completed. Despite this build's aggressive nature, it is not all-in and can easily put the Terran ahead even if they are unable to kill the Zerg's 3rd. As long as you manage to be cost efficient and force the Zerg to spend his larva on zerglings instead of drones, then you have done enough damage for the time being since the build naturally secures map control long enough for you to get your tech buildings up.

Build Order[edit]

This build works starting from any early expansion opener, including 1 Rax FE and 14 CC. It can also work with a 2 Rax FE, but the stronger economy afforded by the 1 Rax FE and 14 CC is preferred.

  • 9 Supply
  • 11 Scout
  • 11 Barracks
  • 15 Supply Depot (see note)
  • 18 CC

Depending on your opener, the timing of your follow buildings will vary, but the build order goes:

  • Refinery
  • @100 Gas - Pull all SCVs off gas
  • Supply Depot
  • Engineering Bay
  • @100% Engineering Bay - +1 Weapons
  • Bunker (see note)
  • Academy and put SCVs back on gas
  • 4 additional Barracks (see Note)
  • Comsats
  • Supply Depot
  • @16-20 Marines and 4-5 Medics move out
  • Factory
  • Turrets

1 Rax FE Build Order[edit]

From the most commonly seen 1 Rax FE opener, a build order with specific timings is as follows (retrieved from HiyA replays):

  • 22 Supply Depot
  • 23 Refinery
  • 25 Engineering Bay
  • 30 Academy
  • @100% Engineering Bay - +1 Weapons, Pull 1 SCV off of gas
  • 32 Rax - Put 1 SCV back on gas
  • 35 Rax
  • @100% Academy - Stim Pack
  • 40 2 Rax
  • 40 Comsat
  • 40 Supply Depot
  • 43 Supply Depot
  • @100% Stim Pack - Marine Range
  • Constant Supply Depot production
  • @16-20 Marines and 4-5 Medics move out


CC Timing[edit]

If you scout 12 Hatch it is safe to make the CC before the supply depot, not making any marines until that supply depot finishes at 18 supply.


Since you stay on 1 Rax for a long time, this build has a low marine count early on and is weak to early Speedling attacks. Try and keep your scout SCV alive to see how many Zerglings he is making. If you suspect an attack, be prepared to pull SCVs to block the ramp. Good sim-city and micro will be required to stay alive.

Barracks Timing[edit]

Stop making SCVs briefly to get the minerals needed to put down the 4 Barracks. A good trick is to send two scvs when you have 200 minerals to build 2 more barracks, going from 1 Rax to 3 Rax, and then from 3 Rax to 5 Rax. This generally a good time to get your Comsats, since they stop scv production anyways. Be sure to only cut one production cycle from each command center at most. You did something wrong if you have to cut 3 or 4.

Moving Out[edit]

The ideal time to move out is when you have 16 - 20 Marines and 4-5 Medics. If timed correctly, his Mutas should be about to pop. This is when you move out. Note that you can skimp on turrets because you are making his Mutas defend his third base. You can move out sooner with 12 marines + 3 medics and add on reinforcements to there, but it is dangerous if you are in the dark. Only do this if you counted his drones, took into account any creep colonies, and you know he did not make many Zerglings. At that point, you can move out with 12 marines rather than the 16+ and reinforce the group from there.

Your goal is to make the Zerg worry about your Marines and Medics in the field to prevent him from harassing your main and keeping you pinned down in your base. Before lurkers have popped, your group of units is more than capable of taking out the Zerg's third base, and this should be a priority. Be VERY active with your scouting for hidden bases. Do not allow him to take another third if you take his planned one down!

If his Lurkers came out in time and you were unable to kill his third base, you have nothing to fear, just move around the map with an increasing ball of MnM and pose a threat with them and avoid getting contained. However, be careful of hold Lurkers. At this point, your factory should be up. You need to pose a threat with your units, and be aggressive, especially early in the game. Pick off any stray Lurkers you see, burrowed or unburrowed. You can reinforce quickly off of a quick 5 barracks, and he is locked into making units.

At this point, the phase of +1 5 Rax is over; his hive has started, and it's time to transition. Also, when transitioning into the midgame, build two bunkers or so at the front of your natural just to be safe from Lurker/Ling backstabs. It's just a precaution, you can choose not to if you have terrific scouting and are prepared in advance for it in some other way.


Tank + Vessel Push[edit]

Very similar to the look and feel of the 9min push, you pressure the Zerg's natural with your first vessel, a few tanks and MnM. If you were able to kill the Zerg's 3rd then this has the potential of ending the game. If you didn't take out his third, the push is significantly later than what you will be used to so it will unlikely work against any competent Zerg. It is not worth using it since it will not strike in time because his Defiler tech will be finished by the time you're at his front door, but if you want to make a few tanks and attempt it, you can. Don't expect it to win the game.

SK Terran + 3rd base + 2-3 Fac mines[edit]

This is probably the build most people will be used to. While your marines were pressuring him, you should have been adding tech buildings. By tech buildings, I mean two factories and two starports. Don't forget upgrades as well. And yes, two factories. Stream vultures with speed + mines out of them, use them to secure a third base, and pose a threat/gain map control. Add barracks as necessary and pump vessels from 2 Starports. Play this style as a standard SK terran + mines - Establish map control, and take a 4th/whatever and slowly transition into mech if you can't end the game here.

Pure SK Terran[edit]

See SK Terran

3 Fac into Mech[edit]

While you're pressuring the Zerg during his Lair tech, you add three Factories and two Armories after they finish, and upgrade from them. You will be pumping Vultures out of three Factories, which is more than enough at this stage of the game to secure a third. When the third is up, start making Tanks, lift all 5 of your Rax and put them at key points to scout. You will have leftover MnM to be pressuring with and you can bring your Mech army up to establish a defensive line in front of the Zerg's bases while you take your half of the map. One of the primary strengths of this build is that the Zerg shouldn't really know what's up until he notices the absurd amount of Vultures. At an early point in the game before most Zergs sunken their third, you can run by with Vultures. Be extremely annoying with the Vultures you are making from 3 Factories. It's hard to describe what exactly you should be doing after the full on Mech switch has happened; all I can say is pressure him. There are just too many variables that could have occurred up to late game scenarios that I can't tell you; you have to play on feel at this point.

Vultures are the most important unit to the mech switch. Be smart where mines are placed across the map. The primary locations should be outside the Zerg's natural and their 3rd/4th base to contain them. After you have the initial mines down, you should be mining the paths between the Zerg and your extra bases. This way, when he starts flooding Zerglings, you'll be able to react in time to where the Zerglings are going. Remember that mines have 2 functions: Vision, and delaying the Zerg units.

Note that you do not go beyond +1/+1 infantry upgrades with this build, and you can choose whether or not to get Vessels (Getting Vessels means you will have less tanks). Add your Starport and Science Facility when the Mech upgrades are approaching halfway done if you do not get Vessels. You can choose to lift your Starport out to act as a scout or make Dropships with it for vulture harass. Your ultimate goal is to make the Zerg leave from pressure or to get into an un-killable spot in a split map situation.

Flash Style[edit]

Flash often practiced the 3 Fact into Mech transition. With his extremely high APM, he's often able to be everywhere on the map with his initial vultures and mines while also pressuring with his left over MnM while he adds on more factories. Flash's style involves double-expanding behind the pressure to make sure the Zerg can never move out of their bases until they have all their upgrades. Flash style involves out-expanding the Zerg while slowly building up his tank ball and upgrades. Once you reach critical mass of tanks (close to 20), you can push out and try to end the game. Flash also adds more factories at his extra expansions to keep up with tank production and help defend his satellite bases. For example: On 4 player maps, his 4th base will usually be at another main base. He grabs 2 factories there to defend with tanks on the high ground.

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  • Fast 3rd Base

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Almost all of this article was taken from 1004's great guide on Teamliquid. Check it out here: https://tl.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=291203


  • Flash vs Jaedong:

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