+1 Sair/Speedlot (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]Protoss +1 Sair Speedlot
The Zerg, after your first attack
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General Overview[edit]

The "+1 Corsair/Speezealot" Build Order or Neo Bisu Build refers to a strategy, which aims to soft counter 3 Base Spire into 5 Hatch Hydra openings or related 5 Hatchery Hydralisk Openings. It enables a Protoss to regain map control in between the early and the mid game with the help of Speedzealots and Corsairs with a +1 Weapon Upgrade. In modern Protoss vs. Zerg this strategy has proven relatively effective.


The "+1 Corsair/Speedzealot" was popularized by Bisu around 2010 and 2011. After his win against sAviOr in the 2006 GOMTV MSL Season 1 the original Bisu Build was countered by 3 Base Spire into 5 Hatch Hydra openings. Due to better wall-ins by Zerg most of the timings of the original Build were rendered relatively ineffective, thus enabling the Zerg to gain advantages in the mid-game, eventually causing major problems for Protoss to keep up with the Zerg in the Korean professional scene. Different strategies were tested to overcome the new popular builds. This Build Order by Bisu has proven to be one of the more successful responses.

Build order[edit]

Armies, which can efficiently deal with masses of Hydralisks, need bigger amounts of Vespene Gas. Consequently, a Fast Expansion opening is required. The example Build Order lists a Forge Fast Expansion.

+1 Corsair/Speedzealot
  • 8 - Pylon at Natural Expansion[1]
  • 10 - Forge at Natural Expansion[2]
  • @100% Forge - one Cannon [3]
  • 15 - Pylon
  • 18 - Nexus
  • 19 - Gateway
  • 19 - Assimilator
  • @100% Gateway - one Zealot
  • @100% Gateway - Cybernetics Core[4]
  • @100% Cybernetics Core - Stargate
  • @100% Cybernetics Core - second Assimilator
  • @100 Gas - Citadel of Adun
  • @100 Gas - +1 Air Weapons Upgrade
  • @100% Stargate - Corsair[5]
  • @100 Gas - +1 Ground Weapons Upgrade
  • @100% Citadel - Leg Enhancements (Speed upgrade for Zealots)
  • @200 Gas - Templar Archives
  • @100% +1 Air Weapons - Dragoon Range Upgrade
  • @100% Templar Archives - Psionic Storm Upgrade
  • @100% Templar Archives - High Templar[6]
    • @100% Templar Archives - Dark Templar (optional)[7]
  • Add Gateways to a total of Four
  • Robotics Facility
  • @100% Robotics Facility - Observatory
  • Add Gateways to a total of six
  • Expansion at third base
  1. Probe is used to scout
  2. Building placement should be done carefully. More information is available in the Protoss Fast Expand Forge Walling article
  3. Amount of Photon cannons can vary depending on the gathered scouting information
  4. Zealots are trained constantly from here on and Pylons are added accordingly
  5. Corsairs are trained constantly until at least six Corsairs are done
  6. continue to produce a number of High Templars
  7. Dark Templars can be added if the Zerg does not cover the map with Overlords well enough


This Section describes the underlying goal of the Build Order. Adaptions might be necessary and the overall idea might not work out perfectly if performed poorly

The first Corsair is used to obtain information and primarily serves as scout. Usually, a single Overlord can be killed before Zerg is able to build Scourge. The initial Corsair might not be lost, as it is a crucial unit to scout for possible All-Ins or related aggressive counters. Furthermore, the Corsairs will later be used to fight larger numbers of Mutalisks and Scourges. The ultimate goal is to at least gain six Corsairs with the +1 Air Weapon Upgrade. Six Corsairs with the upgrade or seven without can kill a Scourge before it reaches the Corsairs and can deal damage. In the mid game the Corsairs are used to kill stray Overlords or take out relatively unprotected clumps of Overlords. The harassment can be continued while reaching a greater number of Corsairs, as long as needless losses are avoided.

While the Corsairs roam the map, the amount of Zealots should be increased. By the time the Leg Enhancement Upgrade (Speed Upgrade) is finished six to eight Zealots should be trained. Protoss will try to use these Zealots to regain control of the map. The timing offered by the Neo Bisu Build enables Protoss to attack poorly walled off Zerg Expansions. However, in modern Protoss vs. Zerg, most Zerg will be able to defend rather easily. The Zealots must not be lost in a fight in which they can't deal heavy damage to a Zerg economy. Instead, the increasing amount of Speed Zealots should be used in a way that Zerg is not able to combine Hydralisks in the open map. Usually, Zerg will have a hard time to unite the Hydralisk groups spread on two bases. Smaller numbers should be attacked, larger clumps not.

The constant Zealot and Corsair pressure aims to put stress on the Zerg's economy and thus delay him reaching the crucial Hydralisk / Mutalisk combination. While harassing, the Protoss builds up a large army and is left with two choices. In the first, he will try to obtain a large army consisting of Ranged Dragoons, High Templars with Storm, Speedzealots and Corsairs, as well as Observers to detect burrowed Lurkers. If the Protoss gained a bigger economical edge, he might be able to try to break the Zerg completely. The other choice offers the Protoss to take a third base with a comparatively late timing. However, he will be able to defend his base easily, while not having to sacrifice control over the map.

For harassment Shuttles and Dark Templar drops can be used in many games. Zerg will have problems to have detection on all his bases. The cloaked units can often take out Drones or even Hatcheries in seemingly well defended main bases.


Since the Neo Bisu Build is based on Fast Expansion openings, it can be hard countered by strong all-ins. If a Zerg attempts to break a Protoss' Natural Expansion the build order has to be changed in order to defend. This generally delays the timing, the overall idea still might work.

The 3 Base Spire into 5 Hatch Hydralisk build enabled the Zerg to counter the timings of the original Bisu Build. In almost all games the Zerg tried to attack the Protoss forces with Mutalisks, sniping High Templars and kill off the remaining forces with pure Hydralisks. If the Neo Bisu Build is performed correctly, Mutalisks will not be able to challenge the Protoss anymore. Therefore, the Neo Bisu Build is a soft counter for the 3 Base Spire opening. However, poorly performed micro- or macro management punishes the Protoss and a Zerg might still win with the seemingly outdated build.

In modern Brood War Zerg adapted their timing slightly. However, the new timings offered by 6 Hatch Hydralisk openings or similar strategies are more of a response than a counter.

Notable Maps[edit]

This build does not depend on special maps. On older maps with larger Natural Expansion entrances the Fast Expansions might be harder to defend against all-ins.

Notable Games[edit]