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10-10-10 FD (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Terran10-10-10 FD (vs. Protoss)
Strategy Information
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The 10-10-10 FD optimizes resources in order to build a Factory as soon as possible. The name of the build order comes from the fact that your first Depot, Barracks, and Refinery are all built while still at only 10 supply. With well-executed production, this build allows an early attack of 8 Marines and 2 Siege Tanks to begin pushing out of your base at about 4:45, as you expand to your natural simultaneously. The attack can be strengthened by bringing a couple of SCV's to repair and create aggressive Bunkers. It is a strong build against early expand attempts from Protoss but does not delay a natural expansion too significantly.

An English-subtitled video guide from Flash can be found here:

Build Order[edit]

"Flash 10-10-10 FD"
  • 10/10 - Supply Depot
  • @ 250 Minerals
    • 10/10 - Barracks
    • 10/10 - Refinery
  • 13/18 - Scout
  • 14/18 - Factory; remove two SCVs from Gas
  • 15/18 - Supply Depot
  • 15/18 - Begin Marine Production
  • 19/26 - Supply Depot
  • @ 100% Factory
    • Machine Shop
    • Resume full Gas mining
  • @ 100% Machine Shop
    • Spider Mine Upgrade
    • Begin Tank Production
  • 28/34 - Supply Depot
  • @ Second Siege Tank - Push; Rally Vultures
  • @ 100% Spider Mines - Siege Mode Upgrade
  • @ 400 minerals - Command Center at Natural Expansion
  • @ 100% CC - Factory, Engineering Bay

Example Games[edit]

Beltway South Korea Terran FlaSh 2010-2011 Shinhan Bank Proleague vs. 1-gate Expand
South Korea Protoss Movie
Date: 2011-05-01
Patch: VOD