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The "10/15 Gateway" opening is a relatively aggressive Build Order, which tries to punish Terran players expanding early on. It enables Protoss to train Dragoons off two Gateways with a faster Dragoon Range Upgrade. The strategy is primarily used on maps without a ramp and is a milder variation of the Bulldog opening.

Build Order[edit]

The Build Order has three different variations, which allow earlier Dragoons, earlier Dragoon Range or a stronger economy.

"Basic Build Variations"
  • 8/9 — Pylon
  • 10/17 — Gateway
  • 11/17 — Assimilator
  • 13/17 — Cybernetics Core [1]
  • 15/17 — Gateway [2]

Basic Build
  • 15/17 — Dragoon Range
  • 15/17 — Dragoon
  • 17/17 — Pylon

Faster Dragoon Variation
  • 15/17 — Pylon
  • 15/17 — Dragoon
  • 17/17 — Dragoon Range

Compromise Variation
  • 15/17 — Pylon
  • 15/17 — Dragoon Range
  • 17/17 — Dragoon

  • 17/25 — 2 Dragoons[3]
  • 21/25 — Pylon
  1. Probe is used to scout; alternatively the Probe building the Gateway at 15 Supply can be used as scout
  2. Probe production is being stopped (Probe cut)
  3. when the first 3 Dragoons are finished, the Terran's expansion should be attacked immediately

The transitions out of the initial opening, as well as the point when the Probe production has to be resumed depends on the outcome of the attack.

"Transition Schemes"
  • 21/25 — Pylon[1]

Option 1 - Dark Templar Tech
  • @3 Dragoons - Citadel of Adun
  • @100% Citadel of Adun - Templar Archives
  • @100% Templar Archives - 2 Dark Templars

Option 2 - Reaver Tech
  • @3 Dragoons - Robotics Facility
  • @100% Robotics Facility - Support Bay
  • @100% Robotics Facility - Shuttle
  • @100% Support Bay - Reaver
  • optional - 2 Zealots

Option 3 - More Pressure

Option 4 - Bulldog

Option 5 - Expansion

Option 6 - Greedy Expanding
  • 21/25 - 2 Dragoons
  • 25/32 - Nexus at Natural Expansion[3]
  • second Nexus at 400 Minerals[4]
  • Robotics Facility
  • two more Gateways
  • Observatory

  1. Attack begun at Terran's Natural
  2. 2.0 2.1 Resume Probe Production
  3. Resume Probe Production, stop Dragoon Production
  4. Resume Dragoon Production


In order to utilize the 10/15 Gateway opening, a player must understand, that the strategy was designed to make up for 14 Command Center Fast Expansions. The Dragoon Range Upgrade is timed in a way, that Protoss can attack the defending Bunker as early as possible. Sieging the Bunker and thus forcing Terran to spend minerals on defense rather than raising more Factories has the highest priority. Depending on the Terran's reaction, the Protoss then has to make a decision which of the suggested follow-ups he uses.

However, the 10/15 Gateway opening does work against a greater number of other Terran openings, such as an FD Push or a Siege Expand. The rate of successfully delaying the Terran from defending his Natural Expansion might be smaller in cases. It does depend on the damage the initial three Dragoons can deal.

Regardless of the Terran's opening, Protoss will sacrifice his worker count for a larger attack force early on. First and foremost, Protoss must not sacrifice Dragoons or trade them against a smaller number of Marines or SCVs. Passively forcing the Terran to spend minerals is more important. Therefore, the decision which transition to use depends on the outcome of the first pressure of Protoss.

If Protoss is convinced he could take down Terran with his pressure, he can chose one of the first four options described in the Build Order Transition Schemes. Each one aims to kill Terran right away and puts Protoss with his back against the wall, as a failed attack will most likely result in a big disadvantage.

The third option is a way out, if both sides attack and defend somewhat well. The following minutes will be harder for Protoss, as he is in more danger to have to defend against a well timed Siege Tank / Vulture attack response by Terran.

The fifth option is related to the third, as Protoss will be able to expand. However, his economy will be built up sooner in this scenario, allowing him to train more units, making a direct counter by Terran less dangerous.

The sixth option aims to exploit Terran's inability to directly counter with a Siege Tank / Vulture attack. However, playing greedy (taking a second expansion before adding units again) enables the Terran to use a wider time window for attacks.


The 10/15 Gateway opening directly soft counters a 14 Command Center Fast Expansion by Terran. Terran will be forced to defend, thus even the economical situation for both players in an ideal scenario.

The 10/15 Gateway opening might be soft countered by a well performed Siege Expansion, as Terran will be level on terms of high tech units, as well as being able to spend more money from his stronger economy (SCV count is greater than the Protoss').

One Base Build Orders, such as Two Factories or a faster Drop might also directly counter the 10/15 Gateway opening if performed well.

Notable Maps[edit]

Good on maps with no ramp up to the Main, short rush distances, or ones with ledges near the Terran choke support the strategy.

Maps with long rush distances or a ramp to the Terran's wall decrease the efficiency of the opening.

Example Games[edit]

Strategy Example Game
Medusa Norway  Oystein
World  www.002
Date: 2009-03-11
Patch: Replay

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