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11 Gas 10 Pool (vs. Zerg)

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
[e][h]Zerg11 Gas 10 Pool
Strategy Information

11 Gas 10 Pool is an aggressive 1 Hatchery build that aims to get Mutalisks quickly while maintaining healthy Drone and Zergling numbers early on. A popular choice amongst top-tier players, its effectiveness relies heavily on the player's micro to capitalize on the fast Mutalisks.

Build Order[edit]

Build Order Clarification[edit]

Drone Scout?[edit]

Depending on the map, you may wish to scout your opponent with a Drone, although this is usually not necessary or advisable given the fast Pool and low number of Drones mining minerals.

Zerglings or Drones?[edit]

After your initial Zerglings, you should react depending on what your opponent is doing. If your opponent is extremely greedy, you can try to kill him outright by attacking and rallying Zerglings to his base. Otherwise, you want just enough Zerglings to fend off any possible attacks while you tech to Mutalisks.

Sunken Colonies[edit]

It's often necessary to build a Sunken Colony if your opponent is making Zerglings non-stop. Against 12 Hatch builds, an additional Sunken is sometimes required. You are particularly vulnerable while saving for Mutalisks.


If you replenished Drones after your initial Zerglings, you can get your second Hatchery as early as when you're building your Spire. Otherwise, add a second Hatchery when it's safe and you have the minerals. Continue to build Mutalisks and Scourge, maintaining air superiority with your early Mutalisks. Neutralize any economic advantage your opponent may have and harass when possible.

Counter To[edit]

9 Pool

Countered By[edit]

Hard Counters[edit]

Soft Counters[edit]