1 Factory Starport (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]TerranOne Factory Starport
Strategy Information
Opening Build Strategy

1 Factory Starport is a fast Science Vessel opening effective against Mutalisk builds. It allows the Terran player to end the Mutalisk harass phase and pressure the Zerg's expansions more quickly than the 1 rax FE, but is weaker against aggressive lurker-ling builds due to a lower marine count and delayed Academy.

Build Order[edit]

Vs 2 hatch mutalisks[edit]

  • 8 Depot
  • 11 Barracks, wall if possible
  • 13 Gas
  • 18 CC
  • 18 Depot
  • 18 Factory
  • Starport after Factory finishes
  • Start Ebay, 2nd Barracks, and Science Facility when Starport finishes
  • Add turrets immediately after Ebay
  • First vessel, Irradiate and Academy when Science Facility finishes


Keep the element of surprise as long as possible; use a marine to check for an overlord scout, and reconsider using the build if the opponent gets an early drone scout in your main. The build leaves very little room for error, especially vs 2 hatch muta; note in the VOD that the mutalisks are hatching right when Really's turrets start. Unlike the 1 rax fe you will have no medics and no stim when the Mutalisks arrive, so good turret placement and simcity is key. This build makes the assumption your opponent is going mutalisks. Because your academy is delayed, you will not have scan in time to detect whether your opponent is opening lurker or muta; again, this makes it riskier than 1 rax fe.


After the vessel with Irradiate is out, the Zerg loses map control and the Terran player will be able to put pre-hive pressure on Zerg's expansions faster than 1 rax FE. Given that you have the fast starport, SK terran or even 3 port wraith are also viable followups.

Countered By[edit]

Soft Counters[edit]

Lurker openings

Notable Maps[edit]


Maps where you can take a natural safe from early Zergling pressure such as Triathlon or Fortress.


Maps where lurker openings are more popular, or where securing the natural against Zergling pressure may be difficult.


Really vs Hyun on Fortress Really uses the unique architecture of Fortress by taking the corner island as his natural and defends 2h muta with the fast vessel.