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1 Factory Tanks (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]TerranTwo Factory Tanks Vs Zerg
Strategy Information

This uncommon pre-defiler push is an alternative to the 3 tank, 1 vessel push. Its goal is to kill the Zerg before hive tech, faster and with almost twice the tanks as the standard vessel push. However if the Zerg delays or breaks the push, the Terran will be at a greater disadvantage than the 9 minute push because of his later upgrades and vessels. Because of the dangers of stop lurkers and the reliability of the vessel push, this strategy is almost never seen anymore in Korean professional games.

Build Order[edit]

1 Fact Tanks
Open with the 2 Rax FE (vs. Zerg)
  • @100% Stim - Factory
  • @100% Factory - Machine Shop
  • Begin constant tank production
  • @100% Machine Shop - 2nd Factory
  • @100% 2nd Factory - 2nd Machine Shop
  • 3rd Barracks
  • @2 Siege Tanks - Siege Mode
  • Push to the Zerg natural at 3 tanks, constantly reinforcing additional bionic units and tanks.

Build Order Clarification[edit]

Before lair, contain the Zerg with your m&m outside his natural. This will hopefully delay his drone from taking a 3rd. If Zerg opens lurkers, maintain the contain and add your tanks. If he opens mutas, then you should retreat your initial m&m back to your natural to defend the harass. Executing the push is similar to the 9 minute push as you must quickly leapfrog your tanks into his natural, albeit you must make every scan count. Again, beware of stop lurkers traps cutting off your reinforcements.


If Terran doesn't kill the natural before defilers are ready, the Zerg will have the advantage since irradiate and infantry upgrades will be delayed.

Counter To[edit]

Soft Counters[edit]

Notable Maps[edit]


Close positions on maps with no unusual features.


Long rush distance with lurker friendly features such as ridges and chokes.



Winner of the tournament uses this strategy successfully vs 3 hatch muta.