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1 Hatch Lurker

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
[e][h]Zerg1 Hatch Lurker
Strategy Information

Build Order[edit]

  • 9 Pool
  • 8 Drone
  • 9 Gas
  • 8 Overlord
  • 8 Drone
  • 6-8 Zerglings
  • Lair @ 100 Gas and after you have kill the first scout
  • 2 Drones
  • Hydra Den @ 50% Lair
  • @100% Den Lurker Aspect
  • Overlord
  • Create 4 Hydras and hide them to a spot in the center of the map
  • @100% Lurker Aspect Morph Lurkers
  • Transition to 2 Hatch Lurker

Countered By[edit]

Hard Counters[edit]

  • 2 Port Wraith
  • Missile Turret and Bunker at the choke and/or ramp.
  • Failure to kill early scout

Soft Counters[edit]

Counter To[edit]

Hard Counters[edit]

Soft Counters[edit]

Notable Maps[edit]




1 Hatch Lurker is a very aggressive and old style ZvT build. It's strength is its aggression and tech comes so early, that the Zerg does not need to charge blindly into defenses and hope for the best. The Terran will likely not have them up in time. The Terran must adapt to the Zerg very carefully, delaying their economy and SCV production in order to survive. Because of the lack of scans this early into the game, and the possibility to rush past stationary defenses, a Zerg must keep an aggressive but cautious mentality, always looking for the weak spot. It is not an all in, but significant damage is required to have a chance to return to a standard game, so it becomes semi-all ins.