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2000 KBK Masters Season 1

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[e][h]2000 KBK Masters Season 1
League Information
South Korea South Korea
1v1, 3v3, Women's 1v1
Prize Pool:
₩31,300,000 KRW
(≃ $27,949 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Players:


The 2000 KBK Masters was a larger international tournament organized by Knight Bridges Korea, or KBK, in early 2000 and consisted of the 128 top-ranked players after an online ladder competition.[1] KBK had organized previous tournaments within South Korea, but the 2000 KBK Masters would be the first to include foreign participants. Approximately 100,000 participants competed for spots in the final offline championship, which included divisions for individual 1v1, team 3v3, and women.[2][3]

Reminiscent of a BlizzCon event, Blizzard Entertainment representatives were on hand to provide previews of the forthcoming Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3.[3] Several matches from the tournament were broadcast on Korean television broadcasts, marking one of the earliest documented instances StarCraft being publicly broadcast.[3]

Tournament Information[edit]

The matches in the tournament were played in a best of three format on the "Fastest" speed.[3] Individuals played on a custom KBK-made map for both the qualifiers and finals, while the team and women's division used The Hunters for the qualifiers before switching to a custom KBK-made map for the finals.[4]

Prize Pool[edit]

₩31,300,000 was awarded among the top placing players according to the following distribution:[5][6][7]

Men's 1v1[edit]

Women's 1v1[edit]

Team 3v3[edit]


Top 128 Qualifiers
Rank Player
1 th@nk:)
2 BenTiz
3 ROoKie(20)
4 BiRyong._.v
5 United States Protoss Pillars
6 (P.sD):LuRkEr:
7 South Korea Terran Lee
8 South Korea Zerg `Star)_Boy._.v
9 Canada Protoss Thor
10 Canada Protoss Grrrr...
11 GuN)(sA
12 besisi
13 (Pro)Young-Min
14 South Korea Protoss )(V)(II)(V)(II
15 (G.RiL)ScouT
16 South Korea Zerg Bassy
17 Germany Zerg Kosh
18 Bulgaria Zerg (BG)Mr.X
19 (episode)x-x-x
20 South Korea Zerg H.O.T-Forever
21 United Kingdom Protoss TillerMan
23 (A)irforce-'1'
24 United States Terran Kev-The-Feared
25 United States Zerg ~jolly~
26 Ba_Boong_E
27 (PrO)GunS..
28 MaTeria(FF7)
29 Valkyrie_(^^)_
30 )DL(m@rch
31 United States Terran TF-Geno
32 France Terran EvilMetal
33 Shoo'
34 Clan-Of-Eva
35 South Korea Zerg KIMWANCHUL
36 (pro)finalace^^
37 Norway Zerg Slayer
38 dmsruddldkQk
39 CIMA~cCiDeNg
40 1st~random
41 `Zasz)_simi._.v
42 Zerg St_RedRocK..!!
43 (B&G)'gr@pe
44 South Korea Protoss RinG
45 Sweden Terran Daaman
46 (In.G)ShElaK
47 Psioni(~StoRm
48 (SrsN)-SexyBoy)
49 Altema(FF7)
50 Sun(N.O.X)
51 (i.s.i.t)_asura
52 Sad..Life..
53 ForeverKissing
54 South Korea (NaN)Unknow
55 ~)N(~
56 ~Impossible~-
57 OI-.7l-.OI~
58 (@@@)Dragon
59 brave_froggy
60 )(z)(zerg
61 Mos_guNy
62 (Meto)-J.M.H^^.
63 I'mUr_Gisado
64 (BLUE)-PoWer
65 ^zo_diac^
66 MarineDance
67 Mos_SexyBoy..!!
68 (~BlueDay~)
69 ~80star~-love~
70 GoodPl@yer~
71 South Korea Zerg I.Love_Star
72 South Korea Terran Knight_SEAL
73 (~1st~)
74 (Na'G)OnDaLYaHo
75 KimTeaSik('.')
76 )K(Dae_Wan
77 SilverStar`
78 (ACe)OverMind
79 South Korea Zerg TheBOy
80 (Sp-G)Striker
81 (Eliminater)
82 I'm_X
83 South Korea Protoss IntoTheRain
84 South Korea Zerg Salmosa
85 1162714
86 (G2m)_K@TTI
87 (~FireDay~)
88 _NPGL_Noname
89 (
90 god)_asura
91 South Korea Terran DoGGi
92 U.J.CLUB-HeHe
93 1St)(Protoss
94 (master)_v_
95 (Color)(R)yong$
96 (MulTi)_FOr..mE
97 EverGreeN
98 ZetPlane
99 (JoypoP)_K@s@
100 (orky)~Soul~
101 Mos_Desire
102 (~FilaDay~)
103 ~ATtaCk~YouNg
104 bundaegy
105 ^love^-lOvE
106 KissOf1004
107 Lemonade
108 South Korea Terran TheMarine
109 God)_ZEOUS
110 SuperRandomUser
111 @_mOmO_@
112 seven__up
113 Su_Bin_Hye_JuNg
114 South Korea Zerg KIMDONGWOO
115 beretta_ar
116 Mos_SwiRi~
117 ToSs~aRtiSt
118 South Korea Protoss Sinji_NT
119 (AOS)Kingdom
120 kbkplayer
121 South Korea Terran BoxeR
122 ~StaR~sOnY~
123 I'm_Final
124 (~kiki~)BiNDi
125 South Korea Random ChRh
126 I'M_KyEDo..
127 South Korea Protoss )(Arang)(_V_
128 (pro)kyo

Note: Due to limited availability of information about the participants, race and nationality is not presented for many players. Known player aliases such as TheMarine were used when available.[8]


Due to the limited availability of records, the elimination brackets is largely unavailable.

Limited tournament recaps note that South Korea  TheMarine defeated South Korea  I.Love_Star 2-0 to win the championship match.[3]

Non-Korean player performances included Round of 16 finishes for United States  ~jolly~ and Bulgaria  (BG)Mr.X, Round of 32 finishes for Canada  Grrrr... and United States  Pillars, and a fourth place overall finish for female player United States  TheGirl, who was later interviewed about her experiences.[9][3]