2003 KT KTF Premier League

[e][h]2003 KT KTF Premier League
League Information
South Korea South Korea
Prize pool:
Start Date:
October 05, 2003
End Date:
January 13, 2004
Liquipedia Tier:
South Korea  NaDa
South Korea  BoxeR
South Korea  Sync
South Korea  XellOs
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The 2003 KT KTF Premier League was held from October 05, 2003 to January 13, 2004 in South Korea. It was composed of 20 of the top players at the time the tournament was held, as selected by the KPGA (predecessor to the KeSPA). The tournament series was sponsored and created by KT KTF, a South Korean telecommunication company, as a complement to the OGN Starleague (OSL) and MBCGame StarCraft League (MSL).[1]

The KT KTF Premier League distributed to 20 players across two separate leagues, the KT Bigi Premier League, which was broadcast on GameTV, and the KTF MegaPass Nestop Premier League, which was broadcast on MBCGame. Matches were generally played on a weekly basis on each of the two gaming networks, with participants competing against both those in their own and their counterpart leagues. The top finishers, one from each league, then advanced to a playoff format competition to crown the grand champion.

The tournament was the first of the series and was followed by the 2004 KT KTF Premier League.

Tournament Information[edit]

The matches were played as a best of one format in the Group Stage, while the Elimination Stage bracket was a best of three format, until the best of five championship round. The Group Stage, which was played as ten-person round robins, enabled the selection of the top three finishers in each league. The Elimination Stage then followed as single-elimination brackets.

Prize Pool[edit]

₩121,900,000+ (~$103,000+) was awarded to the players, with ₩300,000 (~$250) per victory and a bonus of ₩1,000,000 (~$850) for each consecutive victory.[2] The winners of each league earned an additional ₩10,000,000 (~$8,500), with the grand champion earning the remainder of the purse.[3][4][5][6]

The prize pool distribution was as follows:

+: These players were rewarded additional bonuses for playoff victories, but their exact amounts are not clear.
Converted USD amounts calculated on January 13, 2004 with a currency rate of 0.0008471 USD per KRW provided by XE.com.


KT Bigi
Protoss Protoss (3) Terran Terran (3) Zerg Zerg (4)
South Korea Kingdom South Korea NaDa South Korea ChoJJa
South Korea Nal_rA South Korea XellOs South Korea Junwi
South Korea Zeus South Korea JoyO South Korea SoNiC)BlacK
 —  — South Korea MuMyung
KTF MegaPass Nespot
Protoss Protoss (3) Terran Terran (3) Zerg Zerg (4)
South Korea Reach South Korea TheMarine South Korea YellOw
South Korea fOru South Korea BoxeR South Korea JinSu
South Korea Autumn South Korea Sync South Korea JinNam
 —  — South Korea TheWinD


2003 KT KTF Premier League
Enter the Dragon Plains to Hill D Lost Temple Jim Raynor's Memory J
Enter the Dragon Plains to Hill D Lost Temple Jim Raynor's Memory J


The Group Stage enabled the top three finishers to advance to the Elimination Stage.[7][8][9][10] The Group Stage was composed of a series of 1v1 round-robin matches within each league (KT Bigi and KTF MegaPass Nespot), in addition to interleague play between the two leagues, with participants competing against players in the other league.[11][12][13]

KT Bigi — KTF MegaPass Nespot

Interleague Play[edit]

Participants from each of the two leagues competed against players in the opposing league during this phase of the Group Stage. Each participant generally played two games against members of the counterpart league.

NaDa  1 0  TheWinD
BoxeR  1 0  Zeus
Junwi  1 0  fOru
XellOs  1 0  Autumn
YellOw  1 0  JoyO

ChoJJa  1 0  Sync
Nal_rA  1 0  TheMarine
SoNiC)BlacK  1 0  Reach
Kingdom  1 0  JinNam
JinSu  1 0  MuMyung

Kingdom  1 0  Sync
Nal_rA  1 0  BoxeR
YellOw  1 0  Zeus
XellOs  1 0  JinNam
NaDa  1 0  JinSu
ChoJJa  1 0  Reach
MuMyung  1 0  TheMarine
Junwi  1 0  Autumn
SoNiC)BlacK  1 0  TheWinD
fOru  1 0  JoyO

Final Group Standings[edit]

The cumulative Group Stage records, totaling the individual league and interleague results, were:

KT Bigi Final Standings
1. South Korea  NaDa    ► Advanced 11-0
2. South Korea  XellOs    ► Advanced 9-2
3. South Korea  ChoJJa    ► Advanced 8-3
4. South Korea  Kingdom    --Eliminated 8-3
5. South Korea  Junwi    --Eliminated 7-4
6. South Korea  Nal_rA    --Eliminated 6-5
7. South Korea  Zeus    --Eliminated 5-6
8. South Korea  MuMyung    --Eliminated 3-8
9. South Korea  SoNiC)BlacK    --Eliminated 3-8
10. South Korea  JoyO    --Eliminated 0-11
KTF MegaPass Nespot Final Standings
1. South Korea  Sync    ► Advanced 8-3
2. South Korea  YellOw    ► Advanced 8-3
3. South Korea  BoxeR    ► Advanced 7-4
4. South Korea  TheMarine    --Eliminated 6-5
5. South Korea  TheWinD    --Eliminated 5-6
6. South Korea  fOru    --Eliminated 5-6
7. South Korea  Reach    --Eliminated 4-7
8. South Korea  Jinsu    --Eliminated 4-7
9. South Korea  Autumn    --Eliminated 2-9
10. South Korea  Jinnam    --Eliminated 1-10

The top three finishers in each league advanced to the Elimination Stage.

Results: Elimination Stage[edit]

The two leagues played in independent single-elimination brackets with the winners of each playing in the championship match. The league brackets were a best of three format, while the championship was best of five.

Playoffs: KT Bigi[edit]

KT Bigi Semifinals
 South Korea NaDa
 South Korea ChoJJa
December 25, 2003
 South Korea XellOs
KT Bigi Finals
 South Korea NaDa
January 4, 2004
 South Korea XellOs

Playoffs: KTF MegaPass Nespot[edit]

KTF MegaPass Semifinals
 South Korea Sync
 South Korea YellOw
December 25, 2003
 South Korea BoxeR
KTF MegaPass Finals
 South Korea Sync
January 4, 2004
 South Korea BoxeR


The championship match brought together the winners of each respective league. With players largely competing against members of their own league, this was the first time the two finalists, South Korea  NaDa and South Korea  BoxeR, faced each other in the KT KTF Premier League.

 South Korea NaDa
 South Korea BoxeR

The Finals[edit]

South Korea  NaDa defeated South Korea  BoxeR to win the tournament in four games in the finals.

Racial Distribution[edit]

  Protoss TerranZergRandom
Group Stage
Elimination Stage