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2004 Swedish Racewar

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

The Swedish Racewars were organized by the gaming fan page Gamingeye in October 2004. This has been the fourth edition of such an event in the Nordic scene and was generally received as one of the more popular fun events.

Every user of Gamingeye's homepage could vote on different suggested players as captain for the respective teams. These captains afterwards formed a line-up of players, that would participate in the main event.

The main event had three play days, so every race could play each other race in an All-Kill Format, using a best of nine mode.


Team Protoss
Sweden  Dealer (Captain)
Sweden  Gurram
Sweden  Willet
Sweden  Whiz
Sweden  FrozenArbiter
Sweden  SaFT (Reserve)
Team Zerg
Sweden  Brejk (Captain)
Sweden  KaXe (Captain)
Sweden  TreK
Sweden  JessE
Sweden  KaaZ
Sweden  ZeuS
Sweden  Outmatch (Reserve)
Sweden  Summer (Reserve)
Team Terran
Sweden  DaZe (Captain)
Sweden  Xodiac (Captain)
Sweden  KeNKa
Sweden  Fox
Sweden  Chaso
Sweden  Mireille (Reserve)
Sweden  Dez (Reserve)


Team Terran Map Team Protoss
Sweden  Chaso Nostalgia Sweden  Gurram
Sweden  Chaso Lost Temple Sweden  Whiz
Sweden  Fox Lost Temple Sweden  Whiz
Sweden  Xodiac Dahlia of Jungle Sweden  Whiz
Sweden  Xodiac Lost Temple Sweden  Dealer
Sweden  KeNKa Dahlia of Jungle Sweden  Dealer
Sweden  KeNKa Requiem Sweden  FrozenArbiter
Sweden  DaZe Lost Temple Sweden  FrozenArbiter
Sweden  DaZe Nostalgia Sweden  SaFT
Team Terran 5 - 4 Team Protoss
Team Zerg Map Team Protoss
Sweden  JessE Dahlia of Jungle Sweden  FrozenArbiter
Sweden  JessE Dahlia of Jungle Sweden  Whiz
Sweden  JessE Lost Temple Sweden  ZpuX
Sweden  JessE Lost Temple Sweden  Dealer
Sweden  JessE Lost Temple Sweden  Gurram
Team Zerg 5 - 0 Team Protoss
Team Zerg Map Team Terran
Sweden  Trek Dahlia of Jungle Sweden  Fox
Sweden  Trek Lost Temple Sweden  DaZe
Sweden  KaaZ Lost Temple Sweden  DaZe
Sweden  KaaZ Lost Temple Sweden  Xodiac
Sweden  JessE Lost Temple Sweden  Xodiac
Sweden  JessE Lost Temple Sweden  Dez
Sweden  JessE Nostalgia Sweden  Chaso
Team Zerg 5 - 2 Team Terran