2006-2007 CJ SuperFight

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The 2006-2007 CJ SuperFight was created by CJ Media (the sponsor behind CJ Entus) as a series of show matches. The series were broadcast live over a number of their channels: XTM (action movie channel), Xsports (sports), Mnet (music MTV-style); and internet streams: GOMTV (online streaming broadcasting) and Naver (internet portal broadcasting). CJ Media created elaborate introductions for players and featured lucrative prize pools, among the highest for a one-day event. Each broadcast also included First Person views of each participant and some matches branched into popular games aside from StarCraft.

The SuperFight show matches were held once approximately every month from October 2006 to May 2007. These show matches featured invited progamer with themes, such as New & Old and the Race Wars.


May 5, 2007
5 entrants
South Korea South Korea
 South Korea  sAviOr
 South Korea  BoxeR
Mar 31, 2007
9 entrants
South Korea South Korea
Jan 27, 2007
South Korea South Korea
Dec 1, 2006
4 entrants
South Korea South Korea
 South Korea  JJu
 South Korea  ToSsGirL
Nov 10, 2006
4 entrants
South Korea South Korea
 South Korea  Canata
 South Korea  Sea
Oct 3, 2006
3 entrants
South Korea South Korea
 South Korea  BoxeR
 South Korea  BoxeR