2006 Sandlot tournament

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[e][h]Sandlot Tournament
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Blizzard Entertainment
US West, Europe
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General Information[edit]

The Sandlot Tournament was hosted by Blizzard Entertainment from July to October 2006 and had a prize pool of around $20,000. Sandlot was a very unique event, that actively supported both players and "ordinary" users of the international scene. The eight biggest community pages were invited to join this competition, along with 64 non professional players from all over the world.

All players had been listed on Battle.net's homepage. All users could vote for their favourite players of each race. Those votes were the basis of an artificial ranking that should represent a player's "worth" or "skill". This ranking was afterwards transformed into a prize index for the player pool. This way, every single vote had a direct impact on the later stages of the event.

Every community page's staff was given a limited amount of virtual currency (minerals), which they could use to recruit a number of players. In addition, all pages could gain advantages for the following tournament by winning a logo contest. The team with the best designed logo (chosen by Blizzard) would get to pick the first player in an upcoming draft, held on the Europe server.

Furthermore, all teams had to nominate an organizer from their staff or user basis. This team leader had to manage the team in the upcoming wars against other pages, was responsible for the line ups and the strategy during the player drafts.


After the teams were formed, two groups with four teams each were generated. The winners of each division advanced into the finals. Five 1on1s were played per war, regardless of a team winning before every set was finished. Additional rules did apply to give the teams more incentive to really use all their players. Every player had to at least play in one war, before the players could be used again. This rule should avoid team leaders putting up their most valuable players every time, while having their worst players sit on the bench. This rule was known before the drafts, which made the choices more interesting to the community members.

To avoid the danger of players leaving during the tournament more prizes were added. The two players of the best overall game would receive money. The most valuable players (MVP) of every team also won a bonus. The community page to win the event was allowed to host their banner in public Battle.net.

Prize Distribution[edit]

1st Place:

  • 1500 USD per player
  • 1000 USD for the page

2nd Place:

  • 1000 USD per player
  • 500 USD for the page

Bonus Prizes:

  • 500 USD for every MVP
  • 200 USD for players of the "Best Game"
  • winning team could host their banner in B.net

Map Pool[edit]

Preparation Phase[edit]

All participating community pages were able to create logos before the tournament started, parallel to community votings to determine the worth of each invited player. Both influenced the following drafts, as the team with the best logos would be able to pick first, while the results of the votings were calculated into a mineral value, which needed to be payed in order to recruit a player.

Logo Contest Results[edit]


Invited Player and Values[edit]

Protoss Protoss (20) Terran Terran (20) Zerg Zerg (24)
Poland Draco (500) South Korea In_Dove (440) Germany Mondragon (480)
Canada Testie (400) South Korea Finepix (358) Taiwan SEn (460)
China Pj (394) Russia Advokate (346) South Korea keke (376)
Australia Legionnaire (388) South Korea Jang (340) Poland Suncow (328)
Germany FiSheYe (382) South Korea Paris (310) United Kingdom Midian (296)
South Korea o.ov (370) South Korea Only (300) South Korea CrayOn (288)
China Legend (364) South Korea Fantasy (292) South Korea Zergstory_Namoo (284)
Ukraine White-Ra (352) China Super (268) South Korea s2 (280)
South Korea Tempest (334) China Phoenix66 (252) South Korea cOzy (276)
South Korea Pie (322) Russia Ex (248) South Korea Kosiro (272)
South Korea KimTaeRang (316) South Korea Polaris (244) South Korea Active (260)
South Korea HitEmUp (264) Sweden DaZe (220) United States iNcontrol (256)
Spain ZelotITO (240) Ukraine Strelok (200) Spain Squall (236)
Germany Selector (158) China ChinaTTT (188) Sweden KaaZ (232)
Canada Fayth (152) Spain SuKeR (176) Germany Schnibl0r (228)
Canada Oldy (134) Brazil Odin (170) Poland Hullah (224)
Sweden FrozenArbiter (128) France SarenS (164) United States day(9) (216)
Bulgaria Gorky (122) United States IdrA (116) Netherlands ret (212)
Mexico Darki (110) United States TheOgnis (80) Poland gOsia (208)
Russia Pomi (100) Peru Fenix (60) Russia Notforu (194)
United States lastgosu (182)
Brazil Reason (146)
Finland Ovvi (140)
Portugal Quirion (40)


Draft Results[edit]

At the start of the Draftings each team started with 2,100 Minerals. Theoretically, it was up to the teams to figure out a strategy which players to buy. However, eventually Reps.ru and Fighterforum ended up with too less minerals to purchase anyone. Ovvi and Selector were given to them in the last drafting round "for free".

Team Rosters[edit]


Group Standings[edit]

Group A preview lrthread
1. YGClanYGClan YGClan ► Tie Breaker 3-0
1. FighterForumFighterForum FighterForum ► Tie Breaker 2-1
3. Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid --Eliminated 1-2
3. Reps.ruReps.ru Reps.ru --Eliminated 0-2
Group B preview lrthread
1. GosuGamersGosuGamers GosuGamers ► Advances 3-0
2. Broodwar.deBroodwar.de Broodwar.de --Eliminated 2-1
3. PGR21PGR21 PGR21 --Eliminated 1-2
4. SCLSCL SCL --Eliminated 0-2

Week 1[edit]

YGClan YGClanYGClan 3 2 Reps.ruReps.ru Reps.ru
September 23, 2006
Broodwar.de Broodwar.deBroodwar.de 2 3 GosuGamersGosuGamers GosuGamers
September 23, 2006

Team Liquid Team LiquidTeam Liquid 1 4 FighterForumFighterForum FighterForum
September 23, 2006
September 23, 2006

Week 2[edit]

YGClan YGClanYGClan 3 2 FighterForumFighterForum FighterForum
September 30, 2006
GosuGamers GosuGamersGosuGamers 4 0 SCLSCL SCL
September 30, 2006

Team Liquid Team LiquidTeam Liquid 3 2 Reps.ruReps.ru Reps.ru
September 30, 2006
PGR21 PGR21PGR21 2 3 Broodwar.deBroodwar.de Broodwar.de
September 30, 2006

Week 3[edit]

Reps.ru Reps.ruReps.ru 1 4 FighterForumFighterForum FighterForum
October 7, 2006
Broodwar.de Broodwar.deBroodwar.de 4 1 SCLSCL SCL
October 7, 2006

Team Liquid Team LiquidTeam Liquid 1 4 YGClanYGClan YGClan
October 7, 2006
GosuGamers GosuGamersGosuGamers 3 2 PGR21PGR21 PGR21

Tie Breaker[edit]

YGClan YGClanYGClan 3 0 FighterForumFighterForum FighterForum


GosuGamers GosuGamersGosuGamers 2 3 YGClanYGClan YGClan
October 10, 2006


  • In the war between TeamLiquid and FighterForum from Week 1 Kosiro played drunk against Draco. He then switched places with another Pro Gamer from Pantech. After this has been discovered a walk over for Draco was given.[1]

Notable Games[edit]

Arcadia South Korea  Jang Awarded as "Best overall Replay" of the Sandlot Tournament by the community. Players received $ 100 each for their performance.
Canada  Testie
Date: 2006-09-23
Patch: 1.14 Replay


Sandlot Tournament Replay Pack
Description: Contains almost all games of each Week, the Tie Breakers and the Finals.
Featuring: South Korea  In_Dove, South Korea  s2, South Korea  Fantasy, ...
Date:  September 2006 Patch:  1.14 Size:  18.4 MB Download

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