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2006 Winter OnGameNet Dual Tournament Offline Preliminaries

[e][h]2006 Winter OnGameNet Dual Tournament Offline Preliminaries
League Information
South Korea South Korea
1v1, Single-elimination bracket
Start Date:
End Date:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

The 2006 Winter OnGameNet Dual Tournament Offline Preliminaries was a one day event held by KeSPA and OnGameNet. The event was a qualifier for the 2006 2nd OnGameNet Dual Tournament.


19 players managed to advance through a 160 player pool, the players who advanced were aQua, Child, Clon, DarkElf, Dongrae, fOrGG, free, Hwasin, iloveoov, Jaedong, JJando, keke, Much, sAviOr, ShinHwA, Stork, UpMaGiC, YellOw(ArnC), and Yooi. To be able to participate you needed a progaming license. A wildcard spot was made due to Canata not attending the 2006 2nd OnGameNet Dual Tournament.


Map Pool[edit]

Arcadia 2 Shin Peaks of Baekdu Tau Cross
Arcadia Peaks of Bakedu.jpg Tau Cross

Single-elimination Bracket[edit]

  • 12 brackets, maximum of 16 players per bracket.
  • Best of 3.
  • The winner of each bracket qualifies for the 2006 2nd OnGameNet Dual Tournament.
  • The runner-up of each bracket plays a best of 3 against a runner-up of another bracket. The winner qualifies for the 2006 2nd OnGameNet Dual Tournament.
  • The loser of the runner-up match will be placed in two groups of three. The player that wins against the other two players in his group advances and plays a best of 3 against the other group-winner. The player that wins the best of 3 gets the wildcard spot and qualifies for the 2006 2nd OnGameNet Dual Tournament.


Protoss Protoss (54) Terran Terran (48) Zerg Zerg (58)
South Korea AmourEx
South Korea Oops
South Korea 910
South Korea Major
South Korea 815
South Korea keke
South Korea ASuka-Jr
China Pj
South Korea aTtacK
South Korea Memory
South Korea AnomiA
South Korea Kosiro
South Korea Backho
South Korea PokJu
South Korea Bassen
South Korea Mind
South Korea aQua
South Korea Kwanro
South Korea BeSt
South Korea Pure
South Korea Center
South Korea Miracle
South Korea ArtOfZerg
South Korea LaKe(Name)
South Korea BestGod
South Korea Pusan
South Korea ChRh
South Korea Orange
South Korea bOy
South Korea Luxury
South Korea Chalrenge
South Korea Rage
South Korea Control
South Korea pepe
South Korea Calm
South Korea maGma
South Korea CupiD
South Korea RainBOw
South Korea CuteBOy
South Korea Rhythm
South Korea CCoMa
South Korea Max
South Korea DaezanG
South Korea Reach
South Korea DarkElf
South Korea RuBy
South Korea Child
South Korea MinGui
South Korea Doctor.K
South Korea SangHo
South Korea DoGGi
South Korea Sheis
South Korea Chise
South Korea ZergBong
Poland Draco
South Korea Shuttle
South Korea Dongrae
South Korea Shudder
South Korea Clon
South Korea oDin
South Korea FanTastic
South Korea Sia
South Korea Dove
South Korea Sunny
South Korea CryStal
South Korea OriOn
South Korea fOru
South Korea Soha
South Korea Eavan
South Korea Suny
South Korea dOkSa
South Korea OversKy
South Korea free
South Korea SONJJANG
South Korea Enfury
South Korea Sync
South Korea ELIZA
South Korea Siva
South Korea GGon
South Korea SoO
South Korea fOrGG
South Korea ToSsGirL
South Korea Ever)Z(Herb
South Korea Rumble
South Korea GGurim
South Korea Spear
South Korea Freedom
South Korea U-238
South Korea Ever)Z(Maru
South Korea SaferZerg
South Korea GoZip
South Korea SSoja
South Korea FrOzen
South Korea UpMaGiC
South Korea FireFist
South Korea Saint
South Korea HerO(Shield)
South Korea SsuN
South Korea GanZi
South Korea XellOs
South Korea First
South Korea sAviOr
South Korea HerO_V_
South Korea Stork
South Korea go.go
South Korea Yooi
South Korea Cool
South Korea Shark
South Korea HoOny
South Korea SSoja
South Korea Hery
South Korea Special
South Korea Gon
South Korea ShinHwA
South Korea Jaehoon
South Korea Superman
South Korea HiyA
South Korea HaZin
South Korea sigamari
South Korea JangBi
South Korea Ever
South Korea Ho
South Korea HoGiL
South Korea Silver
South Korea Junitoss
South Korea TerAtO
South Korea Hwasin
South Korea Hyuk
South Korea Stay
South Korea Kal
South Korea TesteR
South Korea iloveoov
South Korea HyuN
South Korea Terror
China Lx
South Korea Vical
South Korea JJando
South Korea Jaedong
South Korea TheWinD
South Korea Much
South Korea Zeus
South Korea JSL
South Korea JiMin
South Korea Thezerg
South Korea MuJuK
South Korea Kingdom
South Korea Justin
South Korea JungHoon
South Korea ToSky
South Korea Nal_rA
South Korea Kuni
South Korea Juni
South Korea YellOw(ArnC)
South Korea Nbs
South Korea Leta
South Korea Junwi
South Korea HyunJun
South Korea Oasis
South Korea Lomo
South Korea Kai
South Korea )(Min)(Gu)(


Bracket A-F[edit]

Bracket G-L[edit]

Runner-Up Matches[edit]

Wildcard Matches[edit]

Wildcard Group 1
1. South Korea  Yooi ► Advances 2-0
3. South Korea  Chalrenge -- Eliminated 0-1
3. South Korea  Hyuk -- Eliminated 0-1

Wildcard Group 2
1. South Korea  TesteR ► Advances 2-0
2. South Korea  Pusan -- Eliminated 1-1
3. South Korea  Rumble -- Eliminated 0-2

Racial Distribution[edit]