2007 GOMTV MSL Season 3

[e][h]2007 GOMTV MSL Season 3
League Information
South Korea South Korea
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
South Korea  Mind
South Korea  Bisu
South Korea  sAviOr
South Korea  XellOs


The third GOMTV season was won by Mind, a total dark horse at that time. He went through one of the hardest brackets ever, defeating two bonjwas, in iloveoov and sAviOr along the way as well as the dominating player of the time, Bisu, in the finals.

It also marked the "last hoorah" for two veterans: Xellos made it to the semifinals, while Nal_Ra managed to reach the quarterfinals. Both were past their prime and would never get this far in individual leagues again.

Tournament Information[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]


Protoss Protoss (7) Terran Terran (18) Zerg Zerg (7)
South Korea Nal_rA
South Korea RuBy
South Korea OversKy
South Korea MuJuK
South Korea Flash
South Korea Orion
South Korea free
South Korea Hery
South Korea Kwanro
South Korea LuCifer
South Korea TheManiaMST
South Korea YellOw(ArnC)
South Korea SangHo
South Korea NaDa
South Korea Canata
South Korea Mind
South Korea Shine(Name)
South Korea Shudder
South Korea fOrGG
South Korea Sea
South Korea Lomo
South Korea iloveoov
South Korea Light
South Korea XellOs
South Korea Bisu
South Korea firebathero
South Korea GoRush
South Korea Stork
South Korea Hwasin
South Korea sAviOr
South Korea 910
South Korea July


  • Ro32: Dual Tournament format.
  • The 4 players of each group are split into two pairs and play each other.
  • The losers of these matches will then face each other in the Losers match.
  • The loser places fourth in the group and will be out.
  • The winners of the initial matches face each other in the Winner’s match.
  • The victor places first in the group and advances to the next group play (Ro8).
  • The loser of the Winner’s match and the winner of the Loser’s match will face each other in a fifth match.
  • The winner gets second place in the group and advances.
  • The loser places third in the group and will be out.
  • Single elimination
  • Ro16: Best of 3
  • The players who finished first out of their groups last round will be paired against a player that finished in second.
  • Higher ranked player can veto 1 map.
  • Winner earns a seed into the following MSL and advances to the next round.
  • Ro8: Best of 5
  • From this point onwards both players will pick a map that they do not want to be repeated in the event of a fifth set.
  • Semi Finals: Best of 5.
  • Finals: Best of 5.
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