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2008-2009 Batoo OSL

[e][h]2008-2009 Batoo OSL
League Information
South Korea South Korea
Prize pool:
₩ 108,000,000 KRW
(≃ $80,684 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Korea (South)  Jaedong
Korea (South)  Fantasy
Korea (South)  Bisu
Korea (South)  by.hero
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


The 2008-2009 Batoo OSL was held from December 2008 through April 2009.

It was the first OnGameNet Starleague (OSL) of 2009, and the first OSL to not have a Protoss in the championship match since the 2007 Daum OSL. After winning the 2007 EVER OSL, Jaedong finished worse and worse in each successive OSL until finally failing to qualify for the 2008 Incruit OSL. Rising all the way from the offline qualifiers, Jaedong emerged as the champion at the end of the tournament after a close 3-2 victory over returning finalist FanTaSy. The 2008-2009 Batoo OSL is Jaedong's second OSL title win. Jaedong awed fans in the finals by making a comeback after being down 0-2 to FanTaSy, which many say demonstrated his will and determination which were unmatched in the scene. Notably, Jaedong's use of the 2-hatch muta build in every set of the final helped solidify an already popular build vs. Terran as the new standard build for Zerg players, especially against an opponent that opts for Mech TvZ strategies.

The other big story in the 2008-2009 Batoo OSL involved Bisu and FanTaSy. After losing in the Round of 36 to rookie STX Zerg by.hero and dropping out of the tournament, Bisu caught a break when BackHo dropped his spot in the Ro16 due to a back injury. Emerging from the wildcard tournament undefeated, Bisu qualified over 10 other players to reach the Ro16. Many considered this second chance a sign and said that the 2008-2009 Batoo OSL was Bisu's to lose. After emerging from his Ro16 group undefeated, Bisu beat his teammate BeSt in the Ro8 and reached the semifinals where he was to face his other teammate FanTaSy. At this point, with 11 consecutive wins, Bisu was extremely close to breaking the record for longest win streak in the OSL.

FanTaSy, after suffering a hard loss to Stork in the previous OSL finals, went into the Ro16 hoping to prove he wasn't a one-hit-wonder. After emerging from a tight group in the Ro16 where he went through tie-breakers with Leta and by.hero, FanTaSy faced the strong Zerg opponent Luxury in the Ro8. FanTaSy managed to defeat Luxury 2-1 by introducing a new "valk-onic" build, which involved quickly teching to Valkyries after fast-expanding to negate Mutalisk harass and then transitioning to a more standard Medic/Marine army. In the semifinals FanTaSy shocked the world when he defeated Bisu in with a one-sided 3-0 victory, which many considered to be the biggest upset of the tournament. After the conclusion of the Batoo OSL, FanTaSy went on to prove that his success vs. Bisu was no fluke by going on an 8-game winstreak vs. Protoss and becoming the most feared TvP master in the scene.

Other tidbits about the Batoo OSL include the fact that it was the last Starleague that GGPlay ever qualified for, and after failing to qualify for the following OSL, GGplay retired from professional StarCraft. Newcomer by.hero managed to reach the semifinals of the 2008-2009 Batoo OSL where he was defeated by Jaedong 0-3. Although by.hero failed to make it out of the Ro16 in the following OSL (and in fact did not qualify for the 2009 EVER OSL either), by.hero became a prominent member of his team's lineup and has seen some success in the MSL as well. By.hero's biggest claim to fame remains his large upset over Bisu in the Ro36 and reaching the semifinals of the tournament. The 2008-2009 Batoo OSL was also eSTRO Protoss Tester's last Starleague appearance.[1]

Tournament Details[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

₩108,000,000 (~$81,200) was awarded to the top finishers per the below distribution:[2][3][4][5][6]

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Apr 4, 2009: 1 KRW ≃ 0.00075 USD.)

Note: Players who reached the Ro16 were also awarded an additional ₩250,000(~$200) to their later tournament winnings.


Protoss Protoss (13) Terran Terran (15) Zerg Zerg (12)
South Korea BackHo
South Korea 910
South Korea by.hero
South Korea BeSt
South Korea Fantasy
South Korea FireFist
South Korea BestGod
South Korea Flash
South Korea GGPlay
South Korea Bisu
South Korea go.go
South Korea HoeJJa
South Korea Kal
South Korea HiyA
South Korea HyuN
South Korea Much
South Korea Hwasin
South Korea Jaedong
South Korea MuJuK
South Korea Leta
South Korea July
South Korea Rock
South Korea Light
South Korea Luxury
South Korea Shuttle
South Korea Midas
South Korea maGma
South Korea SoO
South Korea Mind
South Korea Shine
South Korea Stork
South Korea Miracle
South Korea Thezerg
South Korea Tazza
South Korea Really
South Korea YellOw(ArnC)
South Korea TesteR
South Korea RuBy
South Korea Sea
South Korea UpMaGiC


  • Offline Preliminaries
  • 24 groups of seven or eight players played in elimination brackets until a single player from each group advanced to the Ro36.
  • Ro36
  • 24 players from the offline prelims and 12 players eliminated from the previous OSL were placed into 12 groups. Each group was composed of two players from the prelims and one player seeded from the previous OSL. The former were matched, and the winner met the seeded player for a chance to qualify for the Ro16.
  • Ro16
  • 12 players from the previous round joined the four players seeded from the previous OSL and were placed into four groups. A round-robin format was used, with the top two players in each group advancing to the single-elimination Ro8 and the last two were eliminated and going to the next ODT.
  • Ro8
  • Single-elimination best of three.
  • Losers eliminated and going to the ODT.
  • semifinals
  • Single-elimination best of five.
  • Finals
  • Single-elimination best of five.


Results: Group Stage[edit]

See also: 2008-2009 Batoo OSL Round of 36 and 2008-2009 Batoo OSL Group Stage

Group A[edit]

Group A
1. South Korea  Bisu ► Advances 3-0
2. South Korea  Stork ► Advances 1-2
3. South Korea  YellOw -- Eliminated 1-2
3. South Korea  July -- Eliminated 1-2

Group B[edit]

Group B
1. South Korea  Fantasy ► Advances 2-1
2. South Korea  by.hero ► Advances 2-1
3. South Korea  Leta -- Eliminated 2-1
4. South Korea  TesteR -- Eliminated 0-3

Group C[edit]

Group C
1. South Korea  Hwasin ► Advances 2-1
1. South Korea  BeSt ► Advances 2-1
3. South Korea  UpMagic -- Eliminated 1-2
3. South Korea  Flash -- Eliminated 1-2

Group D[edit]

Group D
1. South Korea  Jaedong ► Advances 2-1
1. South Korea  Luxury ► Advances 2-1
3. South Korea  Kal -- Eliminated 1-2
3. South Korea  GGPlay -- Eliminated 1-2

Results: Elimination Bracket[edit]

 South Korea Bisu
6th March 2009
13th March 2009
 South Korea BeSt
 South Korea Fantasy
6th March 2009
13th March 2009
 South Korea Luxury
 South Korea Hwasin
6th March 2009
13th March 2009
 South Korea by.hero
 South Korea Jaedong
 South Korea Stork
 South Korea Bisu
 South Korea Fantasy
 South Korea by.hero
 South Korea Jaedong
 South Korea Fantasy
 South Korea Jaedong

Maps Statistics[edit]

Terran vs. Zerg Zerg vs. Protoss Protoss vs. Terran Mirrors
Map # Σ Terran Zerg Terran % Σ Zerg Protoss Zerg % Σ Protoss Terran Protoss % Terran Zerg Protoss
MedusaMedusa    12 5 2 3 40% 3 0 3 0% 2 1 1 50% 1 - 1
Return of the KingReturn of the King    16 4 3 1 75% 6 2 4 33% 3 0 3 0% - 3 -
Sin Chupung-RyeongSin Chupung-Ryeong    12 2 1 1 50% 3 2 1 67% 1 0 1 0% 3 2 1
Tears of the MoonTears of the Moon    13 4 1 3 25% 3 3 0 100% 2 1 1 50% 1 2 1
Total Sum (Σ) 54 15 7 8 47% 15 7 8 47% 8 2 6 25% 5 8 3

Notable Games[edit]

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  • Nickelback - Something in your mouth
  • Nickelback - Dark horse
  • Alien Ant Farm - Drifting apart
  • Disturbed - Liberate
  • Mudvayne - Fish out of water
  • Mudvayne - Have It Your Way
  • Nightwish - Cadence of her last breath
  • Thursday - As he climbed the dark mountain


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