2008 Incruit OSL

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[e][h]2008 Incruit OSL
League Information
South Korea South Korea
Prize pool:
₩ 100,000,000 KRW
(≃ $76,566 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
South Korea  Stork
South Korea  Fantasy
South Korea  GGPlay
South Korea  BeSt
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


The 2008 Incruit OSL was held from August through November, 2008.

The overriding storyline of the 2008 Incruit OSL was that of Stork, whose many second place finishes had cemented his reputation as a potential champion-level player who tended to choke at the finals.[1]

To contemporaries, Stork's push to the finals was largely overlooked because of the array of S-class players, potential Royal Roaders, and fan favorites that had made it to the round of 16: Flash, Mind, Bisu, GGPlay, Fantasy, BeSt, and Sea. At the time, BeSt's re-appearance at the OnGameNet Starleague (OSL) garnered the most attention. His push to the finals of the 2008 EVER OSL along with his subsequent 0-3 loss to July left him seemingly hungry for a Starleague victory.

After his strong performance at the 2008 EVER OSL, BeSt was among the favorites. Other contenders at the 2008 Incruit OSL were Bisu, who was hunting for his first OSL gold, GGPlay, who had faded from prominence after his 2007 Daum OSL victory, and Flash, who was searching for his second OSL victory. The newcomers Thezerg and Fantasy sought to make a name for themselves in their first OSL.

The 2008 Incruit OSL is also notable because of series played between GGPlay and Fantasy, a series that profoundly influenced the way TvZ would be played in the future because of the innovative builds developed by Fantasy that introduced a new Mech strategy that caught veteran GGPlay off guard and sent Fantasy to the Finals.[2]

Tournament Details[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

₩72,000,000 (~$55,800) was awarded to the top finishers per the below:[3][4][5][6] The total amount distributed was most likely just over ₩100,000,000, so as to be more in line with the purses from the neighboring OSLs. For example, the OSL that recently preceded the 2008 Incruit OSL, the 2007 EVER OSL, had a total prize pool of ₩104,000,000, while the 2009 Batoo OSL, which immediately followed the 2008 Incruit OSL, had a prize pool of ₩108,000,000. Nonetheless, from the available sources, only the below cash awards can be confirmed.

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on 2008-11-01: 1 KRW ≃ 0.0008 USD.)

The fifth through eighth place finishers were each awarded ₩3,000,000.[7] Information concerning further cash prizes for other top finishers is not readily available.


Protoss Protoss (17) Terran Terran (13) Zerg Zerg (10)
South Korea BackHo
South Korea Dongrae
South Korea EffOrt
South Korea BeSt
South Korea Fantasy
South Korea GGPlay
South Korea BestGod
South Korea Flash
South Korea Hyuk
South Korea Bisu
South Korea ForGG
South Korea JoJoBa
South Korea HerO_V_
South Korea go.go
South Korea July
South Korea JangBi
South Korea Hwasin
South Korea Luxury
South Korea Kal
South Korea Iris
South Korea Rumble
South Korea Much
South Korea Justin
South Korea Shark
South Korea Pure
South Korea Light
South Korea Thezerg
South Korea Pusan
South Korea Midas
South Korea YellOw(ArnC)
South Korea Rock
South Korea Mind
South Korea SoO
South Korea NaDa
South Korea Stork
South Korea Sea
South Korea SangHo
 —  —
South Korea TesteR
 —  —
South Korea Tyson
 —  —
South Korea Violet
 —  —


  • Offline Preliminaries
  • 204 players are placed into 24 groups. A single player from each group advances to Ro36.
  • Ro36 (aka ODT)
  • 24 players from the offline prelims, eight players eliminated from 2008 Ever OSL Ro16, and the four players eliminated from 2008 EVER OSL Ro8 are placed into 12 groups. Each group is composed of two players from the prelims and one player seeded from the previous OSL. The former are matched, and the winner meets the seeded player for a chance to qualify to the Ro16.
  • Ro16
  • 12 players from the previous round join the four players seeded from 2008 Ever OSL and are placed into four groups. Round robin group play where the first two advance to the single-elimination and the last two are eliminated and going to the next ODT.
  • Ro8
  • Single-elimination best of three.
  • Losers eliminated and going to the ODT.
  • Semifinals
  • Single-elimination best of five.
  • Finals
  • Single-elimination best of five.


Andromeda was replaced by Chupung-Ryeong after the qualifiers.

Results: Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A
1. South Korea  Flash    Advanced 3-0
2. South Korea  Bisu*    Advanced 1-2
3. South Korea  Much    Eliminated to next ODT 1-2
4. South Korea  July    Eliminated to next ODT 1-2

Group B[edit]

Group B
1. South Korea  BeSt    Advanced 3-0
2. South Korea  GGPlay    Advanced 2-1
3. South Korea  Light    Eliminated to next ODT 1-2
4. South Korea  Rock    Eliminated to next ODT 0-3

Group C[edit]

Group C
1. South Korea  Mind    Advanced 2-1
2. South Korea  Midas    Advanced 2-1
3. South Korea  Luxury    Eliminated to next ODT 1-2
4. South Korea  Thezerg    Eliminated to next ODT 1-2

Group D[edit]

Group D
1. South Korea  Stork    Advanced 3-0
2. South Korea  Fantasy    Advanced 2-1
3. South Korea  Sea    Eliminated to next ODT 1-2
4. South Korea  BackHo    Eliminated to next ODT 0-3

Results: Elimination Bracket[edit]

The Quarterfinals saw GGPlay eliminate Flash, a major upset that heralded GGPlay's run in the 2007 Daum OSL and brought tears from Flash. Fantasy upended Mind, who saw his glory days since his 2007 GOMTV MSL Season 3 win dissipate. BeSt overran his teammate Midas, an unfortunate and decidedly one-sided match-up. And in possibly the biggest upset of the tournament at that point, Stork defeated Bisu 2-1.

The semifinals were then set: the tremendous GGPlay versus newcomer Fantasy; king of Silver Stork versus the unstoppable BeSt. GGPlay's match seemed a forgone conclusion: Fantasy did not stand a chance. Coming out of a 2-1 victory over the Ultimate Weapon, Flash, GGPlay's ZvT seemed to be too much for newcomer Fantasy to handle. Stork, despite his victory over Bisu, was predicted to fall to BeSt, whose PvP record up to that point was a logic-defying 27-4. The two playdays that ensued defied all expectations.

Fantasy vs GGPlay saw a Royal Road candidate, Fantasy, go up against the old veteran GGPlay, who already had won a title, the 2007 Daum OSL. This series is notable because of the Mechanical strategy Fantasy used in his victories, as opposed to the traditional Bionic. The one game that Fantasy played the then standard SK Terran, GGPlay soundly defeated him. Game 1 on Plasma would be considered to be more of a cheese build than a mechanic build. In the games on Medusa and Chupung-Ryeong Fantasy blindsided GGPlay with the infamous Fantasy build which involved a quick Vulture drop into Valkyrie play. Many Terrans started using mech vs Zerg after this series.

BeSt vs Stork pitted a red hot BeSt against Stork. At the time of the series, BeSt boasted a 27-4 record in Protoss vs Protoss, 2 of those losses were at the hands of Stork himself. BeSt was held to have the best PvP in the game back then, however Stork had always been known for his superb PvP and was the only Protoss player who had any noteworthy success in the past against BeSt. The entire series is a must watch as Stork proved to everyone that he still had it in him, winning the series 3-1. Since this series, BeSt hasn't been the same. His chance at redemption ended at the hands of the newly crowned King of Protoss.

The stage of the Finals was set: Stork versus Fantasy. Would Stork's silver curse once again strike and crown Fantasy a Royal Roader?

Stork replied with a resounding 'no' in five highly suspenseful sets. Despite Stork gaining a two game lead, Fantasy evened the field in their matches on Return of the King and Plasma. With the final game returning to Chupung-Ryeong, Stork played at his fullest and finally earned his OSL gold.

 South Korea Flash
October 3, 2008
October 10, 2008
 South Korea GGPlay
 South Korea Fantasy
October 3, 2008
October 10, 2008
 South Korea Mind
 South Korea Midas
October 3, 2008
October 10, 2008
 South Korea BeSt
 South Korea Bisu
October 3, 2008
October 10, 2008
 South Korea Stork
 South Korea GGPlay
 South Korea Fantasy
 South Korea BeSt
 South Korea Stork
 South Korea Fantasy
 South Korea Stork

Race distribution[edit]

  Protoss Terran Zerg Random

Maps Statistics[edit]

Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
Return of the King1142250.0%110100.0%21150.0%1-3
Total Sum (Σ)50138561.5%52340.0%156940.0%5111

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