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The Six Dragons that had risen to dominate the scene in 2008 continued their dominance through the first quarter of 2009 with Stork and Bisu at the top of the KeSPA Ranking in January and February/march respectively.

Former progamer Khan died in a car-accident while on the way to 1st Presidential National Amateur E-Sports Tournament. This was the first time an e-sports related person died while doing his job.[1]

KeSPA controvercies[edit]

The year 2009 was marked by more strict regulations from KeSPA, leading to a significant increase of disqualifications and causing a lot of debate about if KeSPA's regulations were too strict or not. The most notable and controversial of the changes was the stricter typing rules.[2] They also included a ban on offensive ceremonies.[3]

Another hot topic during this year was the GOMTV/KeSPA controversy where Blizzard came in conflict with KeSPA when Blizzard chose to sponsor GOM TV's StarCraft tournaments. KeSPA responded by making some of the proteams to refuse to sign up for GOM events.[4] The future of GOM and weather or not there would be an Averatec-Intel Classic Season 4 were subjects debated and speculated in due to this controversy.[5]

On a less controversial topic, 2009 also marked the year that KeSPA released their homepage in English.[6]



New progamers on the scene[edit]


Maps released[edit]


The following maps belonged to the 09/10 Proleague map draft (tested in the Shinhan Proleague Maptest[18][19]) but were eventually discarded: