2009–2010 Shinhan Bank Proleague

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[e][h]2009–2010 Shinhan Bank Proleague
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Shinhan Bank
South Korea South Korea
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The 2009–2010 Shinhan Bank Proleague is the 6th Proleague broadcasted jointly by OnGameNet and MBCGame. It is notable for being the season during which the Match Fixing Scandal was revealed, leading to the banning of major players from several teams and a revision of the Proleague format in order to prevent future issues of integrity.


Map Pool[edit]

In total, the 2009–2010 season used 11 maps, with many of them being revised or cycled in and out between rounds.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Fighting Spirit 1.1 Fighting Spirit 1.3 Fighting Spirit 1.3 Fighting Spirit 1.3 Fighting Spirit 1.3
Heartbreak Ridge 1.2 Match Point 1.2 Judgement Day 1.1 Grand Line 1.0 Fortress 1.0
Moon Glaive 1.1 Neo Moon Glaive 2.1 Match Point 1.2 Judgement Day 1.2 Grand Line SE 2.0
Match Point 1.1 New Tornado 2.2 Neo Moon Glaive 2.1 Match Point 1.3 Judgement Day 1.2
Outsider SE 2.0 New Heartbreak Ridge 2.1 Roadrunner 1.0 Polaris Rhapsody 1.0 Match Point 1.3
Tornado 1.0 Outsider SE 2.2 New Tornado 2.2 Roadrunner 1.2 Polaris Rhapsody 1.0


Participating Teams
KT Rolster SK Telecom T1 MBCGame HERO STX SouL
WeMade FOX CJ Entus Woongjin Stars Hwaseung OZ
Samsung KHAN Air Force ACE Hite SPARKYZ eSTRO


Round 1 & 2[edit]

Before each match the maps were made known to the teams, five maps to satisfy the best-of-five format. Since the map pool consisted of six maps in total, the maps were similar between most matches, however their order varies.

After knowing the map pool, the teams placed their players independently of each other onto those maps, trying to anticipate specific choices from the opposing team and gaining favorable match-ups. All teams were required to field at least one player representing each of the three races, with no restrictions on the remaining two players' races.

Players are known to practice specifically for the Ace Match that takes place if the score after four matches is tied at 2-2. If the opposing team has a predominant Ace player, such as (in the 08–09 season) Leta for hite, or Jaedong for Hwaseung, or Flash for KT, the opposing team will sometimes have a player prepare exactly for that Ace player’s style and will be considered a Sniper.

Round 3[edit]

Round 3 was played in Winners League, or All-Kill format. Thus, only the very first seed was known beforehand, and the winner of any set would remain seated until the opposing team managed to overthrow him.

Rounds 4&5[edit]

From Round 4 onward, the teams still submitted their line-ups, but they were kept secret until right before the game. Match-ups were then revealed gradually throughout the match, at first (if team 1 = A and team 2 = B) A1 vs. B1, then A2 vs. B2, etc. The requirement of sending all three races had also been scrapped, allowing things like the all-Terran lineup that WeMade FOX played on the first day of Round 4, or an all-Zerg team such as Woongjin in Week 4 of Round 5.


After the conclusion of all five rounds, the top 6 teams entered the playoffs to determine the champion. Seeding was very important, as the top finishing team was seeded directly into the Grand Finals, and the second place team directly into the Semifinals. All playoff matches before the Grand Finals were Best-of-three Best-of-sevens.


  • Shinhan Bank Proleague 09–10 MVP: Flash
  • Shinhan Bank Proleague 09–10 Best Coach: Lee Ji Hoon
  • Shinhan Bank Proleague 09–10 Rookie: Snow

Playoff Bracket[edit]

  Round 1 Round 2 Semifinals Finals
 SKT 2
 KT 1
 CJ 1  STX 0
 SKT 2  SKT 0
 SKT 2
 FOX 0
 MBC 1
 FOX 2