2009-2010 Shinhan Bank Proleague/2010 Shinhan Bank Winners League

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The third round of the 2009-2010 Proleague was held in the All-Kill Format and is considered the 2010 Shinhan Bank Winners League. Due to the change in format, the Winners League is considered almost separate league in itself, with an additional playoff structure. However, only the results from each team's 11 regular matches count towards overall Proleague standings.

Playoff Format[edit]

Based upon the results of each team's 11 Winners League matches, the top four entered a playoff similar to the larger overall Proleague playoff. The top team is again seeded directly into the finals, while the second team earns a seed to the semi-finals.


Going into the 2010 Winner's League all eyes were on KT Rolster's Flash, who entered with an overall 22-3 record in his games during the first two rounds, including 4-0 in game-deciding Ace Matches. While he continued his dominance, going 19-3, the most wins went handily to MBCGame HERO's Light, going 27-9 (11-0 vs. Zerg) including 3 All-Kills. Terrans overall did quite well during Winner's League, playing on a map pool that included several considered Terran favored, most obviously Moon Glaive.