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2009 Avalon MSL

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[e][h]Avalon MSL
League Information
Avalon Online
South Korea South Korea
1v1, Single-elimination
Prize Pool:
₩116,000,000 KRW
(≃ $94,978 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Players:
Protoss 9
Terran 16
Zerg 7


On 30 April 2009, MBCGame announced that Avalon Online, an MMO from WeMade, would be sponsoring the 17th MSL, a follow up to the Lost Saga MSL. [1]


  • The Avalon MSL was the 17th MSL.
  • The Avalon MSL is only one of 2 MSLs out of the last 12 (spanning from GOMTV MSL Season 1 to ABCMart MSL) to not feature one of Taek-Bang-Lee-Ssang in the finals.

Tournament Info[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (9)
Terran Terran (16)
Zerg Zerg (7)
Seeded from the previous MSL (8)
Qualified through MST Survivor (24)
South KoreaSea 

1 Terran go.go qualified through the MST wildcard tournament to take Terran RuBy's place after he departed for the Air Force.


Group Selection Ceremony[edit]

Initial Procedure[edit]

The first eight seeds are placed into groups A through H, with the first seed in Group A and the eighth seed in Group H. The first eight seeds may never be moved by any player, they remain in the groups in which they are seeded. Seeds nine through sixteen are determined by previous MSL appearances and performance, with more obviously being better. Seeds nine through sixteen are placed into the other pair in groups A through H, but in reverse order. Seeds eight and nine would be in the same group, then seven and ten, six and eleven and so on up until the first and sixteenth. Once players are placed into the groups, the remaining players are also ranked based upon previous MSL appearance and performances. Starting with the seventeenth, and ending with the thirty-second, each player takes his own name and places it in an open spot next to the player he wishes to play against

Changes By Seeds[edit]

After everyone has been placed upon the board, the stealing begins. It starts in ascending order at the sixteenth seed and moves all the way up to the first. Seed three through sixteen are allowed three options: (1) Exchange himself with another player, (2) Exchange his current opponent with another player, or (3) Pass the turn and exchange no one. Seed 2 is able to pick two moves on the same turn from the following: (1) Exchange a player in their group with another player, (2) Exchange any two other players with each other, or (3) Pass the turn and exchange no one. Seed one earns an extra decision. He is able to switch any player with another player and may do so up to three times or until they wish to pass, but cannot use all 3 decisions in the same turn. At the latest, the #1 player must choose after the #3 player, if he wants to use all three turns.

Initial Brackets[edit]

Group A
Luxury A2
A3 Flash
Group B
JangBi B2
B3 Jaedong
Group C
Stork C2
C3 firebathero
Group D
ZerO D2
D3 Sea
Group E
NaDa E2
E3 Canata
Group F
Leta F2
F3 free
Group G
sAviOr G2
G3 Hwasin
Group H
fOrGG H2
H3 Bisu

Brackets after seeds 17-32[edit]

Group A
Luxury Fantasy
Movie Flash
Group B
JangBi EffOrt
Horang2 Jaedong
Group C
Stork Calm
Kwanro firebathero
Group D
ZerO sKyHigh
Shine(Name) Sea
Group E
NaDa Much
UpMaGiC Canata
Group F
Leta Iris
Kal free
Group G
sAviOr PianO
Pure Hwasin
Group H
fOrGG go.go
HiyA Bisu

Final Brackets[edit]

Group A
Luxury Hwasin
HiyA EffOrt
Group B
JangBi Bisu
free Kal
Group C
Stork Shine(Name)
PianO Kwanro
Group D
ZerO sKyHigh
Sea Calm
Group E
NaDa Iris
Horang2 UpMaGiC
Group F
Leta Fantasy
Jaedong Movie
Group G
sAviOr Canata
Flash go.go
Group H
fOrGG Much
firebathero Pure

Racial Distribution[edit]

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