2009 GOMTV Averatec Intel Classic Season 3

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[e][h]GOMTV Averatec Intel Classic Season 3
League Information
Averatec, Intel
South Korea South Korea
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Player breakdown
Number of players:
Protoss 40
Terran 42
Zerg 42


Player Tiers[edit]

The field of 124 players was broken into three tiers.

  • Lower Tier (56 players) - These players had to face each other in Round 1 of the tournament.
  • Middle Tier (36 players) - These players were seeded into Round 2 of the tournament, where they faced either a Round 1 winner or another Middle Tier seed.
  • Upper Tier (32 players) - These players were seeded into the Round of 64 bracket, where they faced the winners of Round 2 matches.

These tiers were seeded according to the March 2009 KeSPA Rankings of participating players.

  • Highest Ranked Upper Tier Player - Flash (KeSPA Rank 2)
  • Lowest Ranked Upper Tier Player - Reach (KeSPA Rank 50)
  • Highest Ranked Middle Tier Player - Pure (KeSPA Rank 52)
  • Lowest Ranked Middle Tier Player - MVP (KeSPA Rank 101)
  • Highest Ranked Lower Tier Player - Bogus (KeSPA Rank 104)
  • Lowest Ranked Lower Tier Player - ASuka-Jr (KeSPA Rank 241)

Match Rules[edit]

  • All rounds until semi-finals: Best of 3 games.
  • Semi-finals and finals: Best of 5 games.



Prize Pool[edit]


The prize pool of ₩115,000,000 was divided as follows:

Converted prizes calculated on 2008-08-10 with a currency rate of 0.0008066 provided by xe.com.

Blizzard Sponsorship[edit]

On June 16, 2009, Blizzard announced a partnership with GOMTV which included adding an additional ₩50,000,000 to the prize pool of the Averatec Intel Classic Season 3.[1]


Not all of South Korea's progaming teams chose to participate. The following teams have representatives in Season 3:

Seeded Players[edit]

The following 32 players were seeded into the round of 64

Flash, Iris, Hwasin, Mind, Lomo, NaDa, Hiya, Frozean, firebathero, fOrGG (10)
EffOrt, July, Jaedong, ZerO, Kwanro, Luxury, Calm, by.hero, GGPlay, sAviOr, great, RorO (12)
Stork, Tempest, Much, Kal, Reach, BackHo, Free, Rock, Anytime, JangBi (10)

Racial Distribution[edit]

Recommended Games[edit]

  •  Organ(3.33) vs  BackHo on Destination
  •  Much vs  Sacsri on God's Garden - Epic nearly mined out PvZ
  •  Falcon vs  NaDa on Destination - OHMYGODHEKILLEDTHEPANDABEARGUY
  •  Hero vs  Kal on Neo Medusa
  •  Luxury vs  Violet on Neo Medusa
  •  Modesty vs  Baby on God's Garden
  •  JangBi vs  BaBy on Destination
  •  JangBi vs  BaBy on Neo Medusa